Why Study a Medical Lab Technician Course (MLT) After Plus Two Exams?

Medical Lab Technicians are professionals with particular skills, and with specialty in medical sciences.  Medical lab technology happens to be a part of the bigger allied health services that are involved with microscopic, pathological and biochemical exam of body fluids, tissues and cells with the help of various kinds of equipment, methods and processes. A Medical Lab Technician or Medical Lab Technologist is a health care professional specializing in this domain. Find out why you should study a Medical Lab Technician Course (MLT) after your Plus Two exams.

High job demand

The demand for paramedic professionals and medical lab technicians has grown a lot in the last few years, especially after the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic. Thus, there are plenty of  job opportunities for medical lab technologists in Hospital laboratories, Clinical research laboratories, Physicians’ laboratories (within clinic), Forensic labs as well as in NGOs, Veterinary hospitals, Applications specialist centers, Educational institutions, Blood banks, Government health service centers, International health services (Red Cross Society) and even with outsourced service providers and Private ventures (Entrepreneurship).

Safe jobs available

If you thought that these jobs need you to be in contact with patients and therefore, the risk of contracting viruses would be higher, you will be assured to know that is not the case always. Not every MLT needs to be in direct contact with patients. While you have to help medical professionals, in most cases, you will be expected to work behind-the-scenes. You might not even come in contact with any patient at all.

Job security and fast employment scope

You can find a lot of MLT jobs available and can also enter the workforce easily and quickly, due to the high demand and huge rates of employability. Medical Lab Technicians are indispensable to the healthcare sector, and there is a constant rise in demand for such professionals. As a laboratory technician, you can work with senior lab technicians at any time that you wish, and be able to give a boost to your skills, knowledge and quality of work with collaborations and discussions with them.

Job satisfaction

When you work as a Medical Lab Technician, it can be immensely satisfying, especially in these uncertain times – to know that you too are making an immense contribution in the healthcare sector. You can find it reassuring to know that you will also be regarded as a healthcare ‘warrior’ or a ‘Covid warrior’ once you enter the workforce as an MLT. This can give you immense spiritual and intellectual satisfaction. You can enjoy stability and growth, draw a decent salary, switch to another job or a medical institution whenever you want, and always be able to serve the humanity. Few people, even in many high-paying jobs, can have such freedom and satisfaction.

Why Should You Study MBA in Operations Management?

With e-commerce activities booming and lots of advancements in production and manufacturing processes and technologies, there is a need for an improved and new type of operations management for businesses. Due to this reason, MBA in Operations management program came to the fore. MBA specializations in operations are offered by a few business schools whereas related programs are offered by others in domains like supply chain and logistics management. Read and find out why you should study an MBA in Operations management, and what is the scope after undergoing this program.

Getting important business skills

With such a course, you can apply the skills that you are acquired newly across many associated roles and functions. Be it product design, development or implementation, or supply chain management, data analysis in logistics or technological functions, you can handle many things. Well-rounded preparation is offered in all MBA programs in this domain. After you undergo an MBA in operations management program, and turn out as a graduate, you can equip yourself with lots of core business skills. These can help you a lot in the management of business operations and in leading others.

Dealing with varied business aspects

Once you pass an MBA in Operations Management, you can get the ability to deal with varied aspects of a business, like production, manufacturing, planning or offering services, with a lucrative salary package. For the best B schools in operations management, the average salary is in the range of $60,000 – $135,000.  Operation management, when put simply, means executing the corporate strategy that is on the floor.

A good salary is part of this job because you have to deal with various business challenges. As an MBA in operations management, you have to be responsible for supervising the operations of the company and ensure that they are effective and efficient. You have to be the backbone of the daily operations of the company, and offer assistance in the delivery of services or products right on schedule and at the right price.

Global perspective on industry trends

This is what you can get after pursuing an MBA in operations management, and such a program can help you to satisfy client demands very well. This change is understood by a few of the best business schools, and specialization is offered in operations or any associated domain – like logistics. Generally, a Master of Business Administration program in operations management is for 2 years.

The main function of operations is to ensure the delivery of predictable and reliable products and services. That indicates, as an operations manager, you have to minimize all the variations in the services and products that you are producing. This can help customers understand that they can depend on your product’s consistency.

How BBA Program Launches Your Career at Global Market

Every human being wishes to acquire power and become the manager of the economy, society and business. Students completing high school education in any stream, dream to become a crucial part of a firm and get involve into commercial, scientific, artistic or technical activity. Students these days want to acquire a prestigious position in the market even before acquiring a Masters degree. Students if this contemporary age desires to play a role in global leadership for technical or commercial organizations.

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is an ideal way to launch such career in global market. Unlike other disciplines, globalization has attained its peak level in Business Administration. It is because a strong commercial and technical economy stands on a perfect organizational management dynamic. Colleges offer industry-centric curriculum with both practical and theoretical learning that helps students to build career and contribute effectively to global platform.

How BBA program reach global level?

A crucial feature of BBA program is that it does not only provide knowledge about management but also enables a student to experience the power that is capable of changing the future of socio- economic environment. A proper business management certainly has a positive impact on economy, society and governance architecture. The subjects of a BBA program and their approach are formulated in accordance with international standards. As a result of this, students get practical exposure of the way organizations and business function in the global market. This creates an impact in governance framework, economy and society.

Renowned BBA institutes also include seminars and workshops with international entrepreneurs and business leaders, case study of global industry and corporate internship in their curriculum to give students international exposure of the business market. BBA is one of the professional degrees that students can acquire from some of the reputed universities. There is not much difference between BBA and MBA program in global organizational industry. MBA only gives the scope for specialized learning.

In fact, a BBA degree helps to understand the actual nature of organizational administration. Its curriculum gives exposure to various subjects relevant for the development and growth of economy, technology and society. Thus, it is seen that a BBA degree can help a student have a career at international level.

Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in Modern World

Mechanical engineering has relevance in our everyday life. The building where you stay, the car you drive, everything are examples of mechanical engineering. Thus, this is a challenging career option that has applicability in everyday life. The field of mechanical engineering include lots of problem-solving. The engineers use science and maths for finding solutions to different problems. They also try to build new things on past accomplishments to embrace innovation and improve efficiency.

With advancement of technology, a mechanical engineer incorporates new programs and processes into problem-solving. Thus, need for such engineers will always be in demand with the growth and change in technology. Mechanical engineering is a broad field and so, an aspirant with a degree of mechanical engineering can have job opportunity in biomedical, manufacturing, construction and automotive industry. These engineers have to work with manufacturing and designing of almost everything – from medical devices to elevators and engines.


Aspirants acquiring a master’s or bachelor’s degree in the field of mechanical engineering have job openings in diverse industries as they can fill up different job titles.

  • Construction Engineer

Mechanical engineers working in construction field think about how a building or home operates. They work various systems like ventilation, cooling, and heating of a building to make sure that it is safe for the inhabitants.

  • Automotive Engineer

Mechanical engineers in automotive industry works with production and designing of vehicles. They are usually specialized in consumer vehicles or with military. They introduce new safety features and alternative fuels and aerodynamics.

  • Robotic Engineer

Do you know that many robots are currently being used in manufacturing process? They are no longer a thing of the future. Mechanical engineers in robotics build, plan, maintain and use robots. These robots are effectively used in design and technology and also in healthcare and medical devices.

  • Process Engineer

A person who is a logical thinker and who has the zeal to know how something is accomplished, must opt for process engineering after completion of mechanical engineering. The task of a process engineer is to improve the way things are accomplished. They try to promote efficiency and safety in a procedure. These engineers work in water and power supply, pharmaceuticals and drug manufacturing industry.

  • Manufacturing Engineer

A manufacturing engineer designs machines that generate products. A manufacturing engineer is responsible for producing anything or any parts by a machine. Mechanical engineers in manufacturing industry work with various kinds of products from appliances to food.

Thus, earning a mechanical engineering degree can open up different fields for an aspirant.

What is the Earning Scope in Paramedical Courses in India?

Paramedical courses are quite popular as an academic stream. These are job oriented medical training programs that help train a person to be a competent worker in the health care sector. There is a growing need for such health care professionals today, especially in accident and trauma care. These happen to be quite training-specific courses and can provide students with the knowledge and training needed to deal with real-life medical situations.

Paramedical Courses – What is the Earning Scope in India?

The Paramedical sector is a fast-growing one, and you can find lots of positions which come with the prospect of high payment. When it comes to career option, paramedics and allied health care happens to be in a lot of demand. But the salary often depends on a lot of other factors – such as hiring organization, experience of the person and so on.

Based on the type of job that one seeks, there is a difference in the salary package. For example, radiology technicians can earn as much as 10,000 INR every month as starting salary. With time and experience, this can be as high as 50,000 INR per month. In the healthcare sector, assistant workers can earn an average monthly salary of 5,000 – to 15,000 INR. Dialysis technicians can earn 20,000 initially, and go on to earn as much as 50,000 INR in the later stages. Lab technicians can earn as much as about 70,000 INR per month with time and experience.

What are the Salary Prospects for Different Paramedical Jobs?

The following are some of the examples:

X-Ray technician

You have to learn about the various kinds of X-Rays that are used, the imaging technologies that are implemented, how to read an x-ray, the kind of x-ray to be used in some specific situation etc. You have to pursue a course such as B.Sc in X-ray technology, or Certificate in X-ray technician, Diploma in X-ray technology, Bachelor of radiation technology or B.Sc in Medical Imaging Technology. Approximately 5.5 lakhs INR is the monthly salary that you can draw as an X-ray technician. Those having diploma or certificate can take home an annual salary of around 360000 INR. The salary in the US can be much higher.

Anesthetic Specialist

To induce numbness or unconsciousness for medical procedures or operations, Anesthetics are needed. You have to pursue courses like PG Diploma in Anesthesia, Diploma in Anesthesia or B.Sc in Anesthesia Technology to be able to become an Anesthetic. As an Entry-level Anesthetic, you can earn approx 1 lakh INR per annum. If you get to be a specialist, such as a Cardiac Anesthetic Specialist, you can earn much more. With time, you can earn as much as 12 lakh INR. The payment is thrice more in the USA than in India.


You have to treat patients with movement training, exercise, electrotherapy etc, and need to pursue programs like Diploma in Physiotherapy or Bachelor of Physiotherapy for that. You can earn approx INR 15000 – 70000 every month. As a personal physiotherapist or sports physiotherapist, you can draw approximately 50000 INR per month.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

What Makes MBA in Marketing Courses So Important?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is among the most popular degrees across the globe these days. This is a 2-year program and lets you specialize in a specific subject, like human resource management, operations management, marketing and finance. In the last few years, such types of courses have become very popular among MBA aspirants due to the many employment opportunities that they offer. Get an idea why MBA in marketing courses are so important.


This type of program has a student-oriented focus and its learning and teaching philosophy ensures that the industry can get the most talented and skilled MBA professionals. Students can have the best graphic communication, oral and written skills. Students can get enough knowledge as well as understanding of the suitable mathematical and scientific basics that are needed for the development of all the professional skills.

When you pursue an MBA program, you can broaden your career prospects as well as improve your salary potential. This is also a holistic learning experience, which can let you develop your soft skills as well as technical abilities. You can establish solid professional connections right in the B-school   which can last all through your own life and give your career a direction at each stage.

Growth scope

They can get the intellectual maturity and professional competence that is needed for achieving personal growth as well as a commitment to have ethical growth. MBA courses have a design-driven curriculum, project-based approach and student centric pedagogy that can help students in learning, innovation, designing and complex problem solving.

When you enroll for an MBA in marketing course, it can be easier for you to work as Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, Media Planner, Brand Manager, Sales Manager or Digital Marketing Manager. After completing such a program, you can get the skills, knowledge and qualification necessary for working in multiple industries – such as academics, hospitality, retail, banking, advertising, consultancy, IT and FMCG sectors. You can choose from many varied job opportunities available in private as well as public sectors.


It is possible for students to have proficiency in the integration of knowledge as well as using their own understanding in spotting all the issues and giving the most effective solutions for the same. They can get an understanding and awareness of various social conditions and cultures. This is what makes it desirable for employers and a preferred choice for students out there.

Standard MBA in marketing courses are structured in such a way that these can make you ready for the coursework of ‘core’ business as well as offer marketing-specific electives which can add to that understanding. The core subjects concentrate on organizational behavior, corporate management, accounting, human resources and finance.

High Salary

Top technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Facebook and IBM hire talented MBA professionals for various marketing positions. The employment responsibilities come with attractive pay scales which can be widely varied and diverse. It is possible to draw a high salary when you complete an MBA degree course and take up work in some top organization.

How to Give Your Tech Career a Good Start This Year?

A career in technology can be quite promising, such as in the domain of network engineering, and it comes with great prestige and salary. Here are some tips that will help you to give a fantastic start to your career in 2021, and have it flourish beyond.

Go through tech blogs

Start reading blogs on tech topics, which have relevance to the particular domain in tech that you have little knowledge about. Whether you are an expert in security, virtualization, cloud, programming, networking etc, you need to look for the best blogs in the topic and subscribe to those. The best of the tech blogs have content that is updated. You can get more knowledge about your field.

Boost your online presence

Many more small business owners, HR managers and recruiting managers are checking the web for screening resumes and finding suitable candidates for their company. They also check the social networking profiles of the candidates on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, or even their personal website. When you have a robust online presence, you can have taken much more seriously by prospective employers in the tech industry.

Know the Public Cloud

The Public cloud is another aspect of being an engineer. You need to familiarize yourself with a few public cloud providers, such as Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure and AWS. In case you are not focusing on any other thing at the moment, obtain some training in Azure and AWS.

Set up a blog

You can share your own ideas and experiences through your own blog. It can be a great way for you to share glimpses into your personality and expand your ideas. When you research about the topic, you can learn even more about the subject that you are writing about. It can ingrain lessons into your mind, the same that you have picked up during your own journey in networking. There is no need to be concerned about writing amazing pieces that might win you awards.

Simply share your thoughts online. Maintain your own personality, and restrict the length of your blog posts to a certain length, such as fewer than 1000 words. Before you publish, have someone go through it once.

Try new things

Do not let your worries come in the way of your success. Take risks and try new things. Do not turn down from a job fearing that you have low skills for a specific tech job. If you get the chance to participate in a conference on tech topics, or hold a presentation on some field of technology etc, grab it. The experiences that you can gather from those events and occasions can come in handy for you.

Keep in mind that such opportunities do not come knocking at the doorstep every now and then. Thus, when you get a chance to prove yourself, grab it with both hands and do your best to show what you are made of. You might just catch the eyes of a hiring manager out there.

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