Objectives Of Centurion

The course is designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge, technical expertise and hands-on experience in the mobile application sector. The course instils in you the skills to independently analyze, design, develop, deploy, and troubleshoot mobile applications and services.

How innovative and enterprising M.S.-Mobile Application program is?

India produces over a million engineering graduates annually but only 17.45% are employable by the industry. (Source: National Employability Report) Absence of relevant, current curriculum and training in sync with industry needs is a significant reason for this. In specialized and growing areas such as mobile technologies, there is a significant skill-set gap for which IT companies today resort to in-house training programs. The average cost of creating and delivering in-house training is around ~ Rs. 1.5-2L per person. IT sector traditionally relies on in-house training for campus recruits. Typical training period ranges between 3 and 6 months. There is clearly a need for engineers with Mobile IT Skills courses that deliver the equivalent of industry in-house training for Mobile Application development having a concrete value proposition. Mobile Application is considered one of the top 3 must have IT competencies today.

What world offers on "............."program?

The course provides comprehensive knowledge, technical expertise and hands-on experience in the mobile application sector. The course also provides skills to independently analyze, design, develop, deploy, and troubleshoot mobile applications and services. It also provides valuable industry inputs and insights into the process of developing cutting edge mobile applications.

Courses are designed keeping Industry inputs in mind; therefore content is always kept current. We ensure that the curriculum is revised annually so that latest technology knowledge is available to students.

Example: Our teaching is based on latest version of IOS and Android technologies, we are evaluating introduction of courses on newer platforms such Windows 8 and Blackberry 10.

Emphasis on "doing": Computer Labs equipped with required PCs and phones and high percentage of LAB exercises where student practice learned skills and gain confidence through and practical exercises and challenges .

The key differentiators of the M. Sc. Mobile Application program are:

  • High quality course content that stays current and relevant
  • Lots of programming exposure
  • Industry inputs
  • Online E-Learning System
  • Guest Lectures
  • Virtual Lab
  • Compute infrastructure

The course covers all aspects of Mobile Apps technology:

  • Infrastructure and Ecosystem of Telecom and Mobile technologies
  • Coverage of programming in Java, Android and Objective C
  • Value added services and Enterprises Application Services
  • Includes all application blocks such as Mail, Video, Camera
  • 6 months internship with an organization

Opportunity in "Mobile Apps Economy":

Mobile Applications have spawned a new industry aptly called the "Mobile Apps Economy" which continues to grow at a rapid pace.

  • Number of Apps in Android Market-Google Play: 7,00,000
  • Number of Apps in Apps Store- Apple: 6,50,000
  • Estimated Size of the Mobile Apps Industry by 2013: $25 Billion
  • Revenue Growth of Mobile Apps Industry between 2011 & 2012: 197 %

Advantage India

The sector's exponential growth bodes well for India. With huge investments provided for developing both consumer and enterprise apps, the sector in India will open up challenging opportunities-for both outsourced and indigenous app development.

Employment Opportunity

  • Small, Medium and Large Professional Services IT Companies
  • Enterprise Application Product and Service Companies
  • Mobile Application Product and Service Companies
  • VAS providers
  • e-Commerce, m-Commerce companies
  • Internet companies

Placement and Career opportunities for our students

All our students get access to placement opportunities. Our track record on placement has been very good, and the Jobs / students ratio has been in the ratio of 150 %;We have a dedicated placement cell which profiles the students, and provides inputs in all areas including personality development, communication skills and interview handling. We also work with the industry and ensure that our students have maximum opportunity for getting placement



"The Choice Based Credit System(CBCS) is made available to all Engineering students from the academic Year 2015-16.
The student has a choice of picking a list of courses from a basket of choices. This gives student the flexibility to choose his subjects.
Similarly, student can also pace his academic planning as per his capacity"


The Entire syllabus is divided in to Baskets of subjects comprising, Foundation Courses in Sciences Humanities & Management, Foundation Courses in Engineering, Core Engineering Courses andOpen Electives.

Arrow A Student can choose any subject of interest from any basket.

There is no limitation on the number of courses to be registered in any semester. For the award of degree a student has to complete the requisite grades from each basket during 4 years of study.

Arrow A Student can pursue any number of Practice / Theory Courses. The student can obtain a certificate of Skills competency for most of the Practice Courses.
Arrow Number of minor projects can be carried out apart from industry internships which are accounted for the credits.

Open On-line Courses (MOOCS) offered by any Premier Institute Globally can be opted by any student.




His Excellency Dr S C Jamir (Governor of Odisha) launches Centurion Learning Tab


The faculty of Centurion University have put together their courseware to create the Centurion Learning Tab, possibly the first ever course-specific learning tablet developed by any University in the country. The courseware contains presentations (for each lecture), lecture notes, assignments and question bank, useful links, flash cards, relevant to each course being taught to the Centurion University student. The tablet and the contents have been custom-packaged for Centurion students in an easy to learn format by the Qlurn team.

Centurion University is proud to have in our presence, our Governor, His Excellency Dr S C Jamir, who appreciated the relevance of our tablet in making engineering education more fun and more accessible to all students.

The presence of all courseware in an easy, accessible format will ensure students come prepared in class – they will now know what will be taught, so they come prepared with questions, and the dynamics of the classroom changes – the student does not remain a passive learner any more. The teacher, too, does not have the pressure to just transfer information – that is already in the hands of the student, so it leaves her time for more engaging discussions. The weak student also finds it easy – all material is in the tablet, including questions and answers, and flash cards that can act as examination aids. Centurion’s students have also created answers for most of the questions in the bank – so this is going to be a dynamic environment and this is only the beginning.

Centurion University is a young university, focused on innovating effective learning systems for the future, for its own students, and to be openly shared with students and faculty anywhere. For more questions on this topic, please click here




Centurion Learning Tab (Presentation)

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