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The journey of Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM) began in the year 2005 by a group of ambitious academics with aspirations to provide high quality education both nationally and internationally. The first step in this direction was to take over an ailing engineering Institute, the Jagannath Institute for Technology and Management (JITM) in one of the most challenging tribal districts of Odisha and one which was considered to be a left-wing extremist affected area. Subsequently, JITM was transformed into Centurion University of Technology and Management in August 2010, through an act of Odisha Legislative Assembly. It became the First Multi-Sector State Private University in Odisha.

Our founders during their earlier stint as teachers realized that education is one of the most powerful tool for empowerment, was in reality designed for the elite. In response, they embarked on this ambitious journey with the aim to bring employment-linked education within the reach of those who needed it the most. As a result, Centurion University has skilled, trained and linked 80,000+ “poor, more poor and ultra poor” youth to find gainful employment. Through five Social Enterprises established under the University, Teaching, Training, Production and Community engagement is converged into mainstream education thus enabling the University to ensure hands-on knowledge, experiential learning and practice-linked pedagogy with the flexibility of horizontal and vertical mobility.

Their vision was to build Centurion University brick by brick not only as a home for research and education but as an institution which provides opportunities for growth to all students from across the social canvas and they have succeeded in consolidating Centurion University as a truly remarkable place, with expertise across a wide range of disciplines and a superb academic atmosphere. As a student in Centurion University, you will be working with academic staff who are well recognized in their fields of study; academics who are committed to seeing you succeed and will help you develop your ideas, knowledge and understanding.


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