School of Fisheries


School of Fisheries

The curriculum of the course is consistent with that of the other fisheries colleges in India, it is based on
the recommendation of the Dean’s Committee Report organized by ICAR based on the needs of the
fisheries industry of the country. Currently the school is offering various courses related Fisheries which
are taught in 5 departments. A total of 180 credit hours are presently offered to the students, out of
which 140 credits hours is covered from 1 st to 6 th Semester the remaining 0 + 20 credit hour and 0 + 20
credit hours are offered to students during the 7 th and 8 th semesters under Experiential Learning and In-
plant Training respectively. The school also invites visiting faculties from research institutes, academics
and industries in order to familiarize the students to the latest developments in the field of fisheries.

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