What are the Skills and Qualities that You Need to Be a Mechanical Engineer?

You can develop a wide range of hard skills, including computer design, simulation, and testing, with the help of mechanical engineering skills and education. You also need extensive basic training, which is considered a requirement in the field and also some soft skills in addition to hard skills. While reading and responding to job postings, it is just as crucial to be aware of these requirements as it is to possess hard skills. It is challenging to succeed at the highest level without having good qualifications in both fields. These are the skills and qualities needed to succeed as a mechanical engineer:


An unquenchable thirst for insight and knowledge is possibly the most crucial success factor for mechanical engineers. The most effective engineers are always looking to expand their knowledge and sharpen their abilities. Even after you leave college, you can continue to learn. Mechanical engineering is so broad that it cannot be understood fully in just 4 years of study in the classroom. The best engineers are cognizant of this and work daily to enhance it.

Management of time

The daily schedule of a mechanical engineer includes appointments and deadlines. You must be able to complete the requested amount of work in the allotted time. Your chances of success increase if you manage your tasks effectively.


Engineers must be able to collaborate effectively. Since most engineers work in teams, your ability to communicate and cooperate with other employees and engineers of your organization will be crucial to your success there. If you want to be an engineer in future, you should give joining a project team like Formula SAE or Baja serious consideration. This can help you build your resume and give you the chance to collaborate on significant projects.


Writing abilities are also crucial in this context, but this is related to communication skills. Engineers frequently produce analysis reports, test protocols, manuals, presentations, emails, and other written materials.


A mechanical engineer’s success also depends on his or her ability to communicate. Engineers must communicate with clients, supervisors, and fellow engineers. It is critical to have the ability to speak professionally, logically, and with clarity. Additionally, engineers should feel at ease speaking before an audience. Design reviews are frequent, and the engineer in charge of the design typically presents.


All mechanical engineers need to be creative, but those who work in mechanical design especially need it. Engineers frequently have to create original mechanical system designs or think of creative ways to use time-tested principles to solve brand-new issues.

Understanding of Basic Principles

A mechanical design engineer must be knowledgeable about design principles, manufacturing procedures, geometric dimensioning, and tolerances (GD&T).

Practical expertise

For mechanical engineers, practical knowledge entails being able to use first principles to address practical issues. Applying knowledge is just as crucial as having the knowledge itself, and it takes years of experience to develop and perfect.

Understanding of software programs

Mechanical engineers ought to be familiar with the various software programs available. Depending on your position as an engineer, different skill levels are needed for different software packages.

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What Are the Career Opportunities to Explore after B.Sc. Forensic Science?

To prepare students to work as forensic scientists, many colleges in India offer degree programs in this subject. The scope of this domain is expanding exponentially as a result of the rise in crime and criminals. There are many job openings in this industry. Worldwide, especially in India, there is a great need for professionals in this field.

Career Opportunities after B.Sc. Forensic Science Courses

Following a B.Sc., students can consider a variety of career options in this area, including the following:

Forensic analysts

They are in high demand because they work occasionally in civil cells. For instance, the cyber police might ask analysts to gather call logs or triangulate suspects’ locations at a specific moment. Because these analysts are a crucial component of many investigative processes, skilled analysts are frequently in high demand.

Forensic scientists

These experts are responsible for gathering, analyzing, and putting to the test the evidence used in criminal investigations and civil lawsuits. They work for private companies or for the government. They might also provide advice to private clients and work with private institutions. They play a significant role in this field and their work is essential for the advancement of this science as a discipline. Students in B.Sc. forensic science programs receive reliable and effective scientific training.

Forensic Science Technician

After completing a B.Sc. in forensic science, students can also pursue a position as a forensic science technician. To look into frauds and illegal activities, these technicians work at crime scenes. This work in and of itself is intriguing and difficult. The technician in this line of work documents and takes pictures of the investigation. These technicians work for police departments, medical examiner offices, and crime labs. Top forensic science colleges are the best places for students to learn a fundamental degree in this field and then specialize in their area of interest.


Pathologists have the option of specializing in this area. For the purpose of determining the cause of death, pathologists conduct autopsies on bodies. They also conduct investigations into crimes like murders and assess the results of autopsies. This specialization necessitates specialized instruction. Following completion of their B.Sc. in Forensic Science, students may pursue a master’s degree in this specialized domain. Numerous prestigious forensics science colleges offer this degree.

Private Investigator

Many of the top forensic science universities have developed cutting-edge curricula that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the student population in the workplace. Students receive training to work for investigative agencies as well as for starting their own businesses. On behalf of their clients, private investigators look into both civil and criminal cases. They hardly ever need the assistance of technicians or local law enforcement.


Since forensic science is a highly specialized field of study, students also get the option to pursue research in this area to delve further into the subject. As a result, there is a lot of room for this field in both industry and research. It is among the most sought-after degrees today because students can choose from a wide variety of specializations.

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In a call to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030, the United Nations adopted The Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) in 2015. It was recognised early on, that unlike the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the implementation of the SDGs cannot be left to Governments alone; local institutions have to take a lead to embed SDGs in all that they do.


Centurion University, in a bid to address the SDGs, tries to find local and appropriate solutions to difficult problems with the use of advanced technologies. We work with students and communities surrounding our campuses to contribute to 9 SDGs. Our endeavours include:

  • Reducing poverty through training, gainful employment and entrepreneurship; enabling financial inclusion for the poorest; providing entrepreneurship support to urban slum dwellers.

  • Providing subsidised meals to those who cannot afford; convert food waste to compost; training to local farmers to double their incomes which enables them to improve the nutritional levels of their families.

  • Tracking and improving health and wellbeing outcomes; generating awareness in the neighbouring communities; providing basic services to nearby communities in terms of free health check ups, medicines, spectacles and subsidised laboratory tests.

  • Providing quality education through skill integrated higher education; community action learning programs; and, hands on, practice oriented, experience based entrepreneurship training.

  • Providing an environment that facilitates gender equality; ensuring accessibility and affordability for all genders; providing scholarships to women especially in streams where they are underrepresented.

  • Promoting industry, innovation and infrastructure; through research and consultancy; promoting waste to wealth.

  • Ensuring sustainable aquaculture practices through farmers training; promoting sustainable harvesting measures.

  • Protecting and promote sustainable use of ecosystems through smart agriculture practices and promoting alternate energy sources; and 

  • Nurturing partnerships for development in collaboration with national and international partners.


1. No Poverty

2. Zero Hunger

3. Good Health and Wellbeing

4. Quality Education

5. Gender Equality

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

14. Life Below Water

15. Life on Land

17. Partnership for the Goals

Top Career Paths & Opportunities in Business Analytics

As we enter the technological era, data is the foundation of any business. This may be due to the production of massive volumes of data. Making wise decisions is essential for every business or organization. Any choice must be backed up by facts to be wise and right. The use of business analytics or data analytics in this situation is crucial. Businesses today rely on business analytics experts to analyze data to make more informed decisions.

Business analytics is experiencing a surge right now. After reading this article’s discussion of some of the most promising business analytics occupations, you will be motivated to pursue this subject.

  1. Business Analyst

A business analyst’s duties include enhancing a company’s processes, offerings, and systems. They point out the areas that might want better. They must research technological and economic choices that are workable for their firm. Business analysts work with a variety of departments, including the IT and finance teams, so they need to be good communicators in addition to researchers.

  1. Data Analyst

A data analyst’s job is to use data to get information about specific topics. They need to conduct polls and collect information for the analysis. The task of presenting the data in a way that is simple to grasp is within the purview of data analysts. They employ several programs, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and SQL. Other qualifications needed for this post include statistical analysis, data management, and reporting.

  1. HR Analyst

An HR analyst uses computer tools and techniques to analyze human resources data. They gather, look into, analyze, and apply data to find and provide management with critical business information. The organization may use this information to discover better candidates, inspire current workers, and address staffing difficulties.

  1. Financial Analyst

Every company needs to figure out how to spend its income as efficiently as possible. They consult with financial professionals to assist them in determining how to utilize their money in the most effective way. Financial analysts must look at current market trends, assess microeconomic and macroeconomic factors, and consider demographics to help the organization make suitable investments. They must be aware of the corporation’s investment strategy and the security of the underlying assets. These experts offer guidance on maintaining and increasing the company’s present worth during trying times.

  1. Marketing Expert

Assisting businesses in acquiring marketing data about their goods and services is the responsibility of a marketing analyst. They use customer profiling, data analysis, and predictive statistics to assess marketing plans and market trends. Marketing analysts work with different business units within a corporation to develop and convey findings to clients. They look for potential new marketing campaign ideas and offer sales projections. Their results help firms draw in more clients, keep hold of their current ones, and boost revenue.

  1. Data Scientist

It is a data scientist’s responsibility to glean relevant information from vast volumes of data to aid their company in making better decisions. They use various tools, algorithms, and scientific procedures to extract insights from organized and unstructured data. The data is organized, purified, and filtered so that analysis may be done on it.

One has to learn Python, Tableau, Predictive Modelling, Statistics, and other skills to pursue a career in analytics. Business analytics will be helpful if somebody wishes to pursue a management career because it focuses on gathering insights for decision-making. A person will find it much simpler to lead a business if they have this expertise.

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Importance of B.Tech in the Present Era

Every aspirant engineering student wishes to study a B. Tech. from the top university in India. The privileges and perks this degree offers are why hundreds of thousands of students enroll each year, yet not everyone can attend a school like IIT. For B. Tech. Students, India has several reputable colleges. Additionally, enrolling in this four-year undergraduate program at a private college will produce better results because the faculty there is superior to that at a government college and because the private college offers placements in reputable businesses that give students the opportunity to find employment before they complete their program.

Over the past three decades, the undergraduate engineering degree program known as B. Tech, or Bachelor of Technology, has seen tremendous growth. Students can pursue a B. Tech in various engineering specialties that will allow them to advance in the industry. One of the top private engineering colleges in Bhubaneswar, Centurion University provides B. Tech in the following streams:

  • Engineering, Civil
  • Computer science & Engineering
  • Engineering in Electrical and Electronics
  • Engineering in Electronics and Communication
  • Engineering, mechanical

The finest institution in Odisha for B. Tech programs will help you achieve great success if you pursue a B. Tech in one of the subjects mentioned above. One must strive for the ability to flourish in a world where market dynamics are ever-changing and developing. MNCs or the corporate culture does not tolerate poor or inefficient performance, and termination is always possible. Let’s talk about how valuable a B. Tech degree is today.

  • You may overcome obstacles that stand in the way of a company with the knowledge and abilities that come with a B. Tech degree. Finding strategies to overcome obstacles and discover solutions is essential to any business development or setup. Only talent and expertise can save a candidate in these situations.
  • Individuals with a B. Tech degree have the employment security and stability they require when the going gets tough. An effective employee adds value to the company. Education of high caliber leads to efficiency.
  • Engineers’ expertise and skills are needed in almost every industry. Processes must be established to launch a business, grow an existing one, or make it operate smoothly and effectively. We all require an engineer’s support at every stage.
  • A B.Tech graduate never experiences unemployment. All around the world, there is a tremendous need for engineers.
  • A B.Tech graduate with the proper credentials can go on to earn an MBA and find management and senior-level employment with better job profiles and more excellent pay.

Any area you seek a B. Tech in has value. Your future will be guaranteed if you pursue it from the most extraordinary private B.Tech College in Odisha or another top-tier private university. The premier B. Tech College in Bhubaneswar, Centurion University offers a good and organized curriculum across four years to produce accomplished and qualified workers. Any student who has finished the 12th grade in science is eligible to enroll in this course. Additionally, students who have taken the JEE test can enroll themselves.

Centurion University, affiliated with the Bhubaneswar Technical University and recognized by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), offers instruction that incorporates a good amount of real-world experience and on-the-job training to help students better understand their subjects. The instructors at Centurion University give the students the complete training they need to succeed in the workplace and create a promising future. The labs are well-equipped with tangible tools and models for conducting both solo and group experiments/projects. For the benefit of the students, several seminars, workshops, and guest lectures are also being planned.

Reasons to Consider a Career in Media and Animation technology

At this point, technology is evolving at an unfathomable pace, and the rate is getting faster and faster. Today, there is no area of ​​human activity that the latest and most efficient technology has not revolutionized. Animation is no exception.

With the animated film market breaking all records, people are indeed looking for a higher level of realism and realistic visuals in animated films. Technological advances in animation help unlock the vast potential of computer-generated images. Several recent developments have wholly changed animation technology.

  1. Virtual Reality

Until recently, animation was a visual experience. But now, it is animated by his virtual Reality. This is something people can feel and experience. Virtual Reality creates a virtual world using animation that can be accessed by a person wearing a virtual reality headset or similar device. People can now attend concerts and take virtual tours to their favorite destinations.

  1. Augmented Reality

AR is a little different than VR in terms of access and experience. AR can be easily experienced on smartphones and smart glasses. AR adds digital elements or objects to the real world we see. Pokemon GO is a classic example of a mobile game using AR technology.

If you want to learn more about  VR and AR applications in animation and game design, these AR VR courses can be a great way to stay current and build a career in a related field. To animation.

  1. Blockchain

The relevance of blockchain technology in animation is not apparent to most people. However, according to recent research, blockchain could be a game changer for design professionals. It democratizes the animation design process, makes information sharing much more efficient, and makes the complex and time-consuming animation process much more manageable.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Most of the work involved in making animated films is done by hand. However, as the application of artificial intelligence in the animation industry progresses, we expect many technically detailed tasks to be completed automatically.

  1. 5G network

The development of 5G telecom networks, expected to be widely deployed in 2022, could significantly speed up computer graphics creation and reduce latency. 5G will also allow him to stream content in 4K resolution. This is fantastic video quality when it comes to the anime viewing experience. High-speed networks will create an environment conducive to further innovation in this field.

 Reasons to pursue a career in animation

Diverse career prospects

An animator has many points of view. Due to their multifaceted character and increased career opportunities. This industry is growing due to increased demand for media and entertainment (including games) and digitization. Animators work not only in the media industry, but also in graphic design firms, educational institutions, and other advertising agencies. If you have an animation degree or completed an animation course, you can start your animation career. Of course, you also need the right skills and knowledge. These animation courses will give you the right training. There are several animation educational institutions that can help you achieve your ambition to work as an animator.

 Great place for creative people

If you are first looking for a place to showcase your creativity and originality, the animation sector is the perfect choice for you.This industry is built on several key factors: skills, ideas, talent, and creativity. It has been. Lots of space for creative people. However, it is up to you to use your imagination and exercise your ability to express visual effects. A good animator must be able to communicate and connect with their audience through their cartoons.

 Modern career alternative

Since the birth of the Internet and the advent of the technology-driven era, we have witnessed a transformation in our world. There was a wealth of career and job opportunities. There is alsoa clear change in the career choices of the modern generation. Animation aspirants have many job options to choose from. More importantly,  qualifications are almost never required in this industry. Above all, the level of skill an individual can develop depends entirely on the individual.

These rapid technological advances in animation guarantee a promising future for the animator and his visual artist. To boost your animation career, careers branching into animation, visual effects, multimedia, and AR-VR can give you a competitive edge and secure rewarding career opportunities.

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Future of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

In this ever-changing digital age, the way businesses operate is also dynamic and rapidly changing. Whether it is market disruption due to the introduction of new technologies, or automation of processes in production, sales, marketing, advertising, and customer service, data analytics, and artificial intelligence are helping companies stay relevant and gain a competitive advantage. It has become not only an option for creating. Anticipate future trends as you try to understand the scope and endless opportunities these areas offer your business.

Interesting facts and statistics about data analytics and artificial intelligence

By 2025, the value of the worldwide AI market is anticipated to be $190.61 billion. The annual growth rate of AI will get 33.2% between 2020 and 2027.  97.2% of businesses are spending money on AI and big data. The big data analytics market could grow to $103 billion by 2023. The above statistics and information suggest a bright future for data analytics and AI. Research shows that the number of companies adopting AI will increase by about 240% over the next four years.

Data analytics and artificial intelligence applications

From finance to marketing to human resources,  no industrial or commercial sector is immune to the growing demand for data science and AI. Banking has gone digital as more wealth management solutions harness the power of big data to make the right investment decisions. He also helps financial firms solve lifestyle management problems for high-value clients. AI plays a vital role in developing data protection solutions that are expanding their reach beyond finance. Razorpay, a leading fintech and payment solutions provider in India, uses AI to monitor losses due to return-to-order (RTO) fraud in e-commerce. These scams occur when someone exchanges a returned product for a defective one or refuses to accept the outcome. The AI ​​engine can flag orders as low and high risk and reject or approve them depending on the type of risk.

Marketing automation has always kept abreast of brands by aggregating data from various sources to enable micro-level insights into customer behavior and buying habits. This has taken the shopping and customer experience to the next level, allowing brands to build a strong base of loyal customers. AI chatbots have revolutionized keeping customers happy at all times by shortening the TAT for resolving queries. AI technology is also constantly used in HR to find suitable applications by setting specific parameters.

Research shows that Netflix’s exponential growth can be attributed to the rise of data analytics and AI technology in recent years. These cutting-edge solutions provide users with personalized movie and TV show recommendations, significantly increasing viewing time. Netflix also uses data analytics to personalize marketing content and improve production planning. Of course, the impact can be measured by analyzing the growth rate of Netflix’s global audience, which is expected to reach 670.7 million by 2024, making up 8.4% of the population.

Retail giants like Lenskart invest heavily in AI technology to improve customer satisfaction. Their “AI lens” captures customer steps without user involvement and transforms video data into valuable information to increase sales and productivity while increasing store security levels.

The list doesn’t end here. Other sectors such as automotive, agriculture, lifestyle, and gaming are also gaining popularity, using big data to power automation and virtual reality applications. What else? A combination of big data and AI technology helps farmers detect nutrient deficiencies in

the soil. Data analysis allows manufacturers to develop strategic demand and consensus plans. A data-driven approach to decision-making also helps organizations effectively manage risk, especially in finance and insurance.

Given the growing demand and wide range of applications, AI and data analytics will undoubtedly determine companies’ future decision-making processes. By increasing your knowledge of these technologies and improving your skills at the right time, you can shape your career and stay ahead of your game.

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10 Things You Learned in Preschool That’ll Help You with MLT Course

  1. Thorough hygiene management

In kindergarten, I learned the importance of washing hands before eating and after using the toilet. Similar rules apply to the training of clinical laboratory technologists, as it is essential to maintain a working environment free of infectious disease-causing germs and bacteria. 2. Listen and follow directions

2. In preschool,  you probably received a lot of instructions throughout the day, and they were protecting you, so you had to follow those instructions. The same is true when working as a medical laboratory technician. Proper procedures must be followed in any test or process to get accurate results.

  1. Tidy up

Medical laboratory technicians must keep accurate records of all tests performed and results obtained to be available to doctors and other health care professionals when needed. I don’t want to spend any more time looking for the item I need when I need it.

  1. sharing is caring

Working as a clinical laboratory technician often requires sharing equipment with others. Therefore, it is beneficial to know how to communicate. Medical laboratory technologists not only share pencils with the rest of the class but also share their knowledge of test results with doctors

so that patients can receive proper care.

  1. Social skills

Interacting with other people is another essential skill learned in kindergarten. You may not realize it, but your socialization skills will improve as you play with your classmates and talk to your teacher. Clinical laboratory technologists have daily contact with other medical personnel (doctors, nurses, other technicians, etc.), patients, and families, so clinical laboratory technologists need to acquire excellent social skills. important as

  1. Teamwork

Preschoolers learn to share their toys with others, which teaches them to be good teammates. This is an essential skill, as medical laboratory technicians are crucial medical team members. They perform a variety of tests that help doctors diagnose and treat patients. Teamwork is critical for success because the technician’s job is complex.

  1. The importance of routine

Routines are more critical to medical lab technicians than

most people. You must be able to feel comfortable at work and follow a

schedule set to maintain the high standards of quality and accuracy of the healthcare system.

  1. obey the rule

Cross-contamination should be avoided when handling chemicals, samples, and other materials. Additionally, it would help if you understood the risks associated with taking biohazardous materials. While working as a medical laboratory technician, you must follow safety protocols such as B. Wear protective clothing when working with chemicals or samples that may transmit disease.

  1. Hang out with other people

I learned from an early age that it is essential to play well with others. The same goes for the profession of clinical laboratory assistant! You will work closely with other technicians, doctors, nurses, and patients throughout your career, so you must be able to play well with others, even if they have all the toys!


  1. Draw lines

Line colors may seem small and insignificant, but they are not. It teaches focus and discipline while also requiring simple motor abilities.A large part of the MLT course is learning

to distinguish between different substances and cells in laboratory tests. The colors of modeling clay and other art supplies visually represent what is happening in actual lab tests. Therefore, it is ideal for this kind of training.


As a medical laboratory technician, you play an essential role in healthcare and diagnostics. You will have the opportunity to use some of the equipment’s available advanced medical skills and will also have the chance to collaborate with other medical professionals.

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Interesting Computer Science Trends in 2022

Here are seven of the fastest-growing IT trends today. And how these technologies are challenging the status quo in offices and college campuses. Here are the trends to watch whether you’re new to IT or an experienced IT manager.

1) Quantum computing is making waves

Quantum computing uses quantum mechanics such as entanglement and superposition to perform computations. We use quantum bits (qubits) in the same way that ordinary computers use bits.

Quantum computers have the potential to solve problems that would take millions of years for the world’s most powerful supercomputers to solve. Google, Microsoft, and IBM are among the businesses vying to develop dependable quantum computers. In September 2019, Google AI and NASA released a joint paper claiming they had achieved “quantum supremacy.”

This is when quantum computers outperform classical computers at specific tasks. Quantum computers have the potential to transform data science completely.

It also has the potential to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, deep learning, cryptography, medicine, and more.

The downside is that building a quantum computer is currently complicated and prone to failure.

Despite current limitations, it is reasonable to expect further advances from Google and others to help make quantum computing practical.

This positions quantum computing as one of the most crucial computing trends in the next few years.

 2) Zero Trust will become the norm

Most information security frameworks organizations use traditional trusted authentication methods (such as passwords).

These frameworks focus on securing network access.

We also believe that anyone with access to the network should be able to access the data and resources they choose.

This approach has significant drawbacks. Arbitrary Entry, An attacker, penetrating from her point, can move freely and access all data or delete it completely. The Zero Trust information security model is intended to prevent this potential vulnerability.

The Zero Trust model replaces the old assumption that everyone on an organization’s network can be trusted.

Instead, no one is trusted, inside or outside the network.

Anyone attempting to access resources on the network should verify.

This security architecture rapidly evolves from a simple IT concept to an industry best practice. No wonder. According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach to a corporation is $3.86 million.  And it takes an average of 280 days to recover fully.

We can see the demand for this technology will continue to grow the2022 and beyond as organizations adopt zero trust security to mitigate this risk.

3) Cloud computing has reached its limits

Gartner predicts that 80% of organizations will close their traditional data centers by 2025. This is primarily because conventional cloud computing relies on servers in central locations.

If the end user is in another country, they must wait until the data travels thousands of miles.

Latency issues like this can degrade your application’s performance, especially for high-bandwidth media like video.

Many companies are turning to edge IT service providers, instead.

Modern edge computing brings computing, storage, and data analytics close to the end user’s location.

Also, if the edge server hosts her web application, the response time improves dramatically. As a result, he predicts that the edge computing market will reach $61.14 billion by 2028. And content delivery networks like Cloudflare, which make edge computing easy and accessible, increasingly power the web.

4) Kotlin is better than Java

Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language that first hit the market in 2011.

It was designed to be a cleaner, more streamlined version of Java. It also works for JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Android development. There are now over 7 million Java programmers worldwide.

Kotlin offers advantages over Java, so we expect more and more programmers to switch to Java in 2022-2025.

Google even announced in 2019 that Kotlin had become the preferred language for his Android app developers.

5) The web is becoming more standardized

Representational State Transfer (REST) ​​web services power the internet and the data behind it. However, the structure of each REST API data source is very different.

It depends entirely on how the individual programmer behind it decides to design it.

OpenAPI Specification (OAS) changes that. It’s a description format for REST APIs.

Data sources that implement OAS are quickly learned and readable by humans and machines.

The OpenAPI file describes the entire API, including available endpoints, operations, and outputs. This standardization allows automation of previously time-consuming tasks.

6) No need for a digital twin

A digital twin is a software representation of a real-world entity or process from which simulation data can be generated and analyzed.

This allows you to improve efficiency and avoid problems before building and deploying devices.

GE is a big name in the industry and has developed an in-house digital twin technology to improve its jet engine manufacturing process. The technology was initially only available at the enterprise level using GE’s Predix Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

But now, its use has spread to other industries, such as retail warehousing, automotive manufacturing, and medical planning.

However, there are very few case studies of these real-world use cases, so the people who create them establish themselves as industry experts in their field.

7) Demand for cybersecurity expertise soars

According to CNET, at least 7.9 billion records (including credit card numbers, home addresses, and phone numbers) were subject to data breaches in 2019 alone. As such, many businesses are looking for cybersecurity expertise to protect themselves. Hack The Box is an online platform containing a wealth of educational information and hundreds of cybersecurity challenges.

Also, 290,000 active users have tested and improved their penetration testing skills.

It has become the go-to place for companies to recruit new talent to their cybersecurity teams. Also trending is software that helps determine if a data breach has compromised your credentials.


Here is his list of 7 IT trends to watch in the next 4-5 years. From machine learning to blockchain to AR, these are exciting times for IT. CS is always a fast-moving industry. However, with the growth of entirely new technologies (especially cloud computing and machine learning), the rate of change is expected to accelerate in 2022 and beyond.

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10 Reasons Why Engineers Can Be Successful Entrepreneurs

When we think about entrepreneurs, we usually think about MBA and BBA graduates, but the fact is, that several things can make engineering graduates outstanding entrepreneurs. The engineering field is not only limited to the IT sectors; nowadays, engineering graduates are also coming up with new ideas to run their own companies. If you are wondering what the extra advantages that make engineers better entrepreneurs are, here we will discuss some. Before moving further, let’s learn about some Indian engineers who have made their identities as successful entrepreneurs.


Famous engineers who are successful entrepreneurs in India!

  1. Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal | Co-Founders, Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in India that Sachin and Binny Bansal established. Both of them graduated in computer engineering from IIT Delhi.


  1. Vijay Shekhar Sharma | Founder, Paytm

Paytm is one of the most famous UPI platforms in India that is trusted by billions. This amazing application was developed by Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who completed his graduation from Delhi College of engineering, and now he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India.


  1. Bhavish Aggarwal & Ankit Bhati | Co-Founders, Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs have simplified the process of booking a cab, and Bhavish Agarwal and Ankit Bhati developed this idea. Bhavish pursued his BTech degree in computer science from IIT Bombay, and Ankit completed his B.Tech in mechanical engineering and his M-Tech in CAD and automation from IIT Bombay.


  1. Deepinder Goyal & Pankaj Chaddah | Co-Founders, Zomato

This is undoubtedly a platform that everyone knows about. This platform was developed by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chadda. Deepinder completed his integrated masters in mathematics and computing from IIT Delhi, and Pankaj also completed his studies at IIT Delhi.


Only a few of the entrepreneurs belong to engineering platforms, and if we look at the international level, we have examples like Bill gates and Elon Musk. Have you ever imagined why engineers are making the best entrepreneurs across the globe? It is something more than bouncing ideas. During the 4 years of engineering, they develop some amazing skills that will help them to make a business work in the future. Let’s look at the 10 reasons engineers can make great entrepreneurs.

  1. Engineers are great innovators

The first reason is the ability to bounce unique ideas that can be helpful to people. They can develop some logical and innovative ideas that make them great entrepreneurs.


  1. Engineers can grab the opportunities

Engineers can find out the opportunities and also have the ability to use them. Because of their practice of studying in a competitive environment, they know how to use the opportunities to succeed. This quality is needed in entrepreneurs.


  1. Engineers never give up easily

Engineers have the mindset to keep going without losing hope. Even if they face failure, they come up with new tactics in no time. This emotional strength is very much needed to run a business.


  1. Engineers know how to plan

They are experienced in working on several projects, and that’s why they know how to plan things properly. They also know how to stick to a plan besides having backup ideas.


  1. Engineers know how to work with a team

During their student life, they mostly work on projects as groups, which is how they can work in a team. To become a successful entrepreneur, one needs to know how to keep the team together and also, the person should know how to work with the team


  1. Engineers are trustworthy

Engineers who are experienced in working with their team members know how much trust matters. They are amazing team players as they know how to trust their team members and be truthful. They are usually excellent at building relationships with the customers or the clients, which is a necessary quality of an entrepreneur.


  1. Engineers can make practical decisions.

They are usually rational and can look at things from a practical point of view. It helps them to remain calm and think rationally in any critical situation. It is essential to calculate the feasibility in every single step to properly set up a business; in that case, rational thinking is highly needed. While setting up a business, it is crucial to think rationally more than emotionally.


  1. Engineers want to grow their knowledge

Knowledge is important in every field, and if you have enough knowledge, you can develop new strategies to reach your goals. They are always up to learn new things. That’s why they become successful entrepreneurs.

  1. Engineers have great problem-solving skills

They come with excellent problem-solving skills, and during their 4 years of engineering, they develop some crucial skills that are very much needed to start and run a business successfully. This is another reason why engineers can make great entrepreneurs.


  1. Engineers have a good technical knowledge 

In the era of technology, every field needs enough technical support, and this is where engineers have the privilege. Engineers have a good hand in the technical field. That’s why they know how to solve the technical issues of their businesses and how to make the business a success.


Ending words

Entrepreneurship is all about skills, and if we talk about engineering students, we can see that during the 4 years of engineering, they develop several crucial skills that can make them amazing entrepreneurs. You can also consider this career option if you are an aspiring engineer. CUTM is one of the top engineering colleges in Bhubaneswar that can offer you in-depth knowledge about this field so that you can build yourself in the future.