What are Some Promising Careers in Agriculture to Take Up?

Agriculture, till the other day, was thought to be a profession involving feeding livestock, Plowing fields, seed planting, harvesting crops etc. Not anymore. In the modern times, this profession has grown a lot – with constant innovations and cutting-edge research happening in the domain. The scope of this field has grown a lot in the recent years. Know about some of the promising careers that can be taken up in the field of agriculture.

Dairy Technology

This is a domain that is primarily involved with milk processing and production. Professionals in this domain manage milk production, which include storage and collection, as well as supervising the processing to ensure that it is ideal for consumption. They are also involved in other important activities – such as milk distribution, storage and packaging, and caring for the by-products as well. They can make sure that all the quality and nutritional standards are satisfied.

Once you pursue and successfully complete a course of B.Tech in Dairy Technology, you can supervise all the daily operations, dairy production etc.

Poultry Farming

The field is mainly involved with raising ducks, chickens etc to get their eggs and meat. Most of the poultry farms are engaged in chicken-raising, given that there is a demand for the meat of fowls as well as their eggs. When you work as a Poultry Farmer, you have to manage varied activities – such as feed supply, shed management, ensuring compliance of produce with nutritional standards, transporting the items etc.

Once you complete a course in this domain, you can get work in poultry farms as well as in feed analysis laboratories, veterinary hospitals, feed millers, pharmaceutical companies, hatcheries etc. There are various professions awaiting you – such as that of Processing Technologist, Poultry House Designer, Feeding Technologist, Production Technologist, Hatchery Assistant, Breeder and Poultry Farm Manager.

Fisheries Science

This domain deals with knowing all the principles of commercial fish harvesting and cultivation in any type of marine environment – whether in saline or in fresh water surroundings. This is also involved with the study of breeding, habits and life of fishes of different types. When students study this kind of field, they can learn all the new ways of fish rearing via artificial ways, as well as how the same can be conserved as well as transported in a safe way.

You can find work in fish farms, central and state government departments as well as in many academic institutions. There are professions like Fish Research Assistant, Biological Science Technician, Hatchery Technician, Shellfish Culturist, Aquaculture Farmer and more.


This is a branch of agricultural science which is involved with studying crops as well as their growing ambiance, such as the soil. As an Agronomist, you have to develop various techniques for improving soil usage as well as increasing crop production. Research has to be conducted in different areas – such as proper methods of insect and weed control, soil moisture management, proper ways of conservation, proper sowing dates, soil fertility restoration etc.

Some of the top career opportunities in Agronomy include Crop Consultant, District Sales Manager, chemical salesperson and fertilizer.

B.Tech. in AI Engineering and ML – What is the Scope?

The engineering career is quite a promising one, and comes with plenty of career opportunities. These days, more and more students are going beyond regular branches of engineering – such as civil engineering, computer sciences engineering and Mechanical engineering. Read and find out about the scope of B.Tech in AI Engineering and ML.

Precision in Intelligence

With AI, it is possible to get correct and unbiased information at all times, which can result in proper actions and decisions. AI works as per precise algorithm, and there is no scope of any errors – intentional or unintentional – unlike what the case is with humans. When AI is used, these chances can be improved by a significant measure. It can aid in getting precise results over and over again. There can be a guarantee of more precision.

Artificial Intelligence can aid computer enabled devices and computer systems to mimic the behavior that is similar to human intelligence. It includes interaction with surroundings with the aid of embedded AIs and self-learning abilities of Machine. In the coming years, artificial intelligence is expected to help with stock trading, facial recognition, speech recognition and many other important things.

Scope of automation

AI can be useful in automating all the processes, with decision making abilities similar to humans. It might still be in a very early stage, but it is anticipated that the thinking abilities of AI will be just like humans. This indicates that AI can help machines in the interpretation of various circumstances and offering a perfect solution, thus managing to automate the processes.

A major benefit of AI is that it can be used where humans cannot reach. Enormous success has already been achieved by humans in various areas with the help of AI, which were regarded as impossible even a few years back. As machine learning technology develops, it is expected that AI will learn, recommend and deliver quicker methods of processing different types of jobs.

High scope of employment

AI, it can be seen, has been used already in many amazing applications in actual life. It holds out a lot of promise for a country like India, which has already proved itself in the world as a soft power. It acts as a global center for knowledge process outsourcing and software development. In the coming years, the country is being anticipated to have an exponential growth. By 2031, it is set to be among the 3 biggest economies in the world.

In India, the Domestic Consumer market has already started attracting many international corporations. The country is expected to have a rapid pace of development in the future. The growth in economy will allow people to spend more money – thus making it more profitable for AI. Indians have managed to prove their worth already in the domains of computer sciences engineering and research. In the field of computer technology, Artificial intelligence is poised to be the next big thing. If you intend to pursue B. Tech. in artificial intelligence, you are doing the right thing.

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Physiotherapy – Can It be a Rewarding Career Option of Today?

Life means action and movement but, for performing this movement you need to be in good physical condition. You must have heard about physiotherapy. It is one of the streams of medical fraternity that deals with physical ailments and their cure. Its main aim is to give relief from physical impairment with the help of physical and mechanical guidelines and techniques. Physiotherapy can do a lot in a less time span.

Physiotherapy Training in an Institute

Centurion University of Technology and Management is the institute that offers DPT (Diploma in Physiotherapy), BPT (Bachelors in Physiotherapy) and MPT (Master’s in Physiotherapy) in Physiotherapy programme.In MPT, this University has 4 specializations – Sports physiotherapy, Cardio respiratory, Neurosciences and Ortho-physiotherapy. The institute gives ample exposure to practical world for better knowledge of the field.

Physiotherapy students at CUTM get the privilege of visiting physiotherapy OPD of hospitals everyday. For enhancing their learning process, the college provides its students with demonstration labs that is well equipped with all necessary equipment and mechanical tools used in hospital industry. Third year and fourth year students get the chance to offer service to patients and assist in various training agendas at physiotherapy unit of a hospital. This enables the students to become more vigilant and get the opportunity to implement their theoretical knowledge into practical application.

Practical exposure together with bookish learning makes students more judgmental and provides fruitful treatment in an accurate manner. Fourth year students and master’s students can practice under the supervision of their superiors.This facility in CUTM makes students familiar with hospital culture and environment. Again, students doing specialization in Sports Physiotherapy can assist national level and state level players. This one-to-one mode of treatment to player students gives students an insight to the actual atmosphere they have to face. This also educates students to apply their skills perfectly in sports physiotherapy sector.

Modern lifestyle has given rise to different kinds of physical problems like trouble in spinal cord and neck, slip disc, paralysis, frozen shoulder and similar other health hazards. Such disorders have now become quite common. But, how to heal them? The only way to treat such disorders is through physiotherapy. Spa’s, resorts, wellness centers and hospitals always have high demand for physiotherapy services. Hence, professionals trained in physiotherapy have great job openings and handsome salary package.

Employment Options for Physiotherapists

An individual having relevant degree in physiotherapy can apply in various organizations and industries.

  • Hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Healthcare centers
  • Corporate houses
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Universities
  • Defense establishments
  • Orthopedic clinics
  • Sports and fitness centers

Pros of Aspiring a Career in Physiotherapy

Firstly, physiotherapists are well paid than others in healthcare industry. Moreover, with changing lifestyle and health conditions of people, need for physiotherapyservices has increased and so has the demand and future of physiotherapists. This job sector is such that professionals do not have to necessarily associate with some institution or organization. He can start his own practice and open up his own clinic. In other words, he can start his job anywhere. Thus, physiotherapy is a prospective career option.

Cyber Security Analyst – A Demanding Career Choice You Must Know

In this era of digitalization, almost all businesses are required to create an online platform for interacting with prospective customers. Online presence has become a necessity for surviving in this competitive world. However, it is also the responsibility of the businesses to keep financial and private information of their customers safe since cyberattacks have now become quite common. With increasing cyber-crime, need for cybersecurity analysts has also risen in every industry worldwide. Unfortunately, despite the increasing demand, there is lack of professionals specialized in cybersecurity.

This is a booming field indeed. Are you willing to know about cybersecurity field? Have a look right here…

Cyber Security Analyst – Who is he?

Digital economy has increased the demand for cybersecurity professionals and it is like to create huge vacancy globally by the end of this year, 2021. Cyber security analyst is the professional who protects network, software and hardware of a computer system against any kind of cybercrime.Primary role of these analysts is to understand the IT structure of a company, monitor it all the time and keep an eye on any kind of threat that can breach their network security. Further, a cyber security analyst also has other responsibilities like –

  • Reporting

Cyber security analysts are responsible for creating a detailed report of the current happenings on a company’s network and evaluating them for weaknesses and strengths.They should carefully look for any sort of unusual activities over the network.

  • Evaluating weakness

A cyber security analyst should consistently check all networks of a company and search for weaknesses, if there is any, so that they can deal with it before any external threat.

  • Configuration tools

Cyber security analysts have to evaluate the need of a company’s system and use diverse tools like vulnerability management software, password protection and virus software for protecting the data of the company.

Essential Qualities Required for Becoming Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber security analysts should have the expertise to detect any kind of cyber threat and malware and prevent security breaches.

  • Hacking

For understanding hacking process, a cyber security analyst has to think like hackers. In this way, he can foresee any cyber attack and prevent it from occurring.

  • Scripting

They should have basic knowledge of computer scripts and programming languages for understanding encoded threats and rewriting software if required.

  • Networking

A cyber security analyst should have the expertise to work with different networks understand their impact on the security of a company.

  • Operating Systems

A cyber security analyst should be able to work on various operating systems like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and so on.

Career Path of Cyber Security Analysts

There is not one particular path for becoming cyber security analyst. However, one should have an IT background to have a successful career in cyber security field. Many colleges offer course on cyber security but, if a person receives on-the-job training, then he can acquire a certification by additional education and training. Specialization in specific cyber security fields creates an attractive career. Once a person enters this field, he has to be updated with all kinds of latest innovations and acquire industry relevant certifications.

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School of Maritime Technology and Management

UPCOMING – School of Maritime Technology and Management for the academic session 2022-23 under the able leadership of Capt Vikas Chandra.


Marine Engineering is a concurrent and futuristic field with enormous scope for career building and advancement. The Shipping Industry offers a vast number of career opportunities that are highly lucrative and stable. Skilled marine engineers enjoy a growing demand in the national and global markets. Studies indicate that there is a steady 12% growth in the employment rate marine engineering through 2026, which is higher than average growth compared to other occupations.

Centurion University, as a leading Skill University and Centre of Excellence in Skilling, intends to commission the School of Maritime Technology and Management, to cater to this niche. The learning will have a clear trajectory and destination. The traceability of learning shall base on Competency Assessment and Quantification System both online and offline.

The various courses under Marine Engineering and Management are to be launched from the academic session 2022-23 with best-of-the-class learning labs and simulators and the pedagogy and delivery of the programs will be experiential, practice-linked and hands-on, which is anyway the USP of Centurion University.

Dairy Farming – A Career to Contribute to Indian Revenue

Amul is a prominentname in Corporate Diary Sector of India. Do you remember that TV commercial of Amul? – Amul doodh pita hai India…It is a very popular commercial. The company is globally recognized for producing top quality milk and other related products. This company, in fact, inspires many individuals to pursue a career in dairy farming. India is amongst the leading milk producers across the globe and so, Dairy Farming plays a significant role in its Economy.

Who are Qualified for Dairy Farming Career?

Many people,these days, are willing to pursue a career in Dairy Farming. But who are eligible for opting for this industry? There are certain requisites that individual must comply to, in order to get admission to this course. Those who wish to study abroad must have an attractive profile. The qualifications required for a person to study in abroad universities are –

  • Must undergo formal schooling of 10+2 with BiPC and MPC subjects.
  • Must be proficient in English Language and should qualify competitive examinations like TOEFL, IELTS and so on.
  • Having SOP or Statement of Purpose and LORs or Letters of Recommendation can be beneficial.

On the contrary, for the same program in India, one should have formal schooling of 10+2 with BiPC subjects or MPC subjects with minimum of 55% marks. If anyone is willing to pursue master’s degree in Dairy Farming then he is required to have bachelor’s degree in Dairy Technology or similar other degrees with 1 or 2 years work experience in this field.

Courses Offered in Dairy Farming

In our country, Dairy Farming offers various master’s and bachelor’s courses. Aspirants willing to enter undergraduate level of this field, should select from a range of BE, BTech and BSc degree course. They provide a firm foundation for Dairy Farming study. Afterwards, a post-graduate course furnishes the knowledge further making an individual expert in the field. Aspirants in post-graduate level learn the intricacies of the field that might arise in their job. Both in abroad and in our country, one can find a unique blend in Dairy Farming courses.

Career Prospects of Dairy Farming

As you all know, India is the epicenter of Agribusiness. Hence, there is numerous job openings for trained professionals in this country. Here are some work profiles offering job options for aspirants having completed Dairy Farming course –

Employment Sectors                     –                             Job Profiles

  • Milk Product Processing Plants Production Executive, Dairy Extension Officer
  • Dairy Boards Professors
  • Milk Unions Dairy Pharmacist
  • Dairy Equipment Manufactures Dairy Consultants
  • Quality Control Dept Dairy Engineers
  • Dairy Farms Dairy Technologies and Dairy Scientist
  • R & D Agencies Dairy Researchers

Responsibilities and Duties of Dairy Farmers

Dairy farmers have to shoulder a number of responsibilities –

  • Administer, medicate and feed cows and other cattle.
  • Properly maintain essential equipment for milking and farming.
  • Operate milk equipment to milk cows.
  • Look after the health management of the cattle and optimize veterinary treatment and vaccination.

Therefore, it is seen that Dairy Farming has now become a renowned course of study.

Common Questions an Aspirant Face in a Data Science Interview

Have you ever thought of becoming a data scientist? It is one of the prestigious jobs and is also considered to be the second best job in America this year. However, getting this prestigious job is not that easy. An aspirant has to undergo rigorous interviews to get employed in this field. Questions asked on data science can be complex and broad. It is because a data scientist has role to play in various sectors. You have to review questions under different categories to prepare yourself for data science jobs better.

Through expert analysis we have listed different categories from which interview questions are asked in data science. They are –

  • Coding
  • Algorithms
  • Probability
  • Business case
  • Technical
  • Modelling
  • Statistics
  • Product
  • System design

Analysis has shown that majority of the interview questions are asked from ‘coding’ and ‘modelling’categories, they are the most dominant ones.In fact, these two are the most crucial skills for a data scientist. Though coding questions consist of 1/3 of the questions, other categories like statistics and algorithms are also significant.

The Categories of Data Science


Coding is the most important segment of data science. These questions need a kind of data manipulation with the help of code. The questions are formulated to test thecreativity, problem-solving ability and coding skill of the aspirant. One should write the codes in SQL since it is the most popular tool in data science. There is one concept that is unavoidable in interviews – joins. So, one should have clear understanding of the different joins and their way of use.


Modeling is the second importantsector in data science. Here the questions are framed to test the knowledge of an aspirant in building statistical models. Regression is the most commonly asked question in an interview of data science.


Questions in algorithms require students to solve mathematical problems with the help of code and one programming language. The questions need to be answered in a step-by-step process which usually require computation or adjustment to get the right answer. Questions in algorithm assess the basic knowledge of an individual about data manipulation and problem solving. This capability is required for complex problems in real life work.


Interview questions on statistics test the knowledge of the student about statistical theory as well as other associated principles. These questionsjudge how much familiar a student is with theoretical principles of data science. Therefore, one should have complete knowledge of mathematical and theoretical background of analyses. When taking preparation for job interview, a student should learn the topics like Bayesian statistics, hypothesis testing, median and mean, the p-value, correlation and covariance, standard deviation and variance.

Asides these categories, there are other sectors which test students about technical concepts, design of technology systems, general business ideas and his ability to evaluate a service or product. Thus, in an interview of data science, all kinds of questions are asked but, some of them have greater importance.

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Why Diploma engineering in Computer Science course is best after 12th

Are you wondering which course you can sign up with once you have appeared for the 12th class examinations? If so, then you should focus on going for the Diploma engineering in Computer Science course as it can open up many career opportunities for you. The Diploma engineering in Computer Science course has been designed for all students looking to go for a computer science course once they have completed their class 12 studies. This course is meant to provide the students with a basic and comprehensive understanding of various concepts associated with computer science. It also covers multiple mathematical techniques and engineering concepts that are associated with computer science.

Benefits of enrolling for the Diploma engineering in Computer Science course

One of the best things about going for the diploma engineering in Computer Science course is that it can enable you to have the knowledge and the skills that you must have when you are looking to before a professional IT expert in the future. The duration of the course is 3 years and it is offered by numerous academic institutions all across the country. The diploma engineering course in Computer Science combines the numerous theoretical concepts of Information Technology with of the practical ones so that they can be effectively implemented within the IT industry. The lessons covered in the course can also have applications in the research and development sector, communication industry and medical field as well as many other sciences.

Prospects for Diploma engineering in Computer Science course

The course is ideal for anyone who is keen on being a part of the IT and computer sector. It can also suit people who are looking to become professional computer engineers with less expenses and time. The course can provide students with higher education as well as job opportunities in the fast expanding IT sector. If you sign up for the diploma engineering in Computer Science course, you will be introduced to studies on software and hardware. The course will introduce you to various topics associated with web designing, web development, application development and software testing just to name a few. Coding is an essential aspect for all these subjects and this is something that you can learn when you join this course. The course will let you know everything about coding languages such as HTML, C, C++, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and Java. You will also learn in great detail about topics like .Net technology, ecommerce,online safety and cybersecurity as well as other associated subjects.

Career opportunities

As you complete the diploma engineering in Computer Science course, you can choose from a wide range of career opportunities with the private sector as well as all types of small and large companies. Some of the professional responsibilities that you can choose from are programmer, web developer, software engineer, graphic designer, data analyst and software tester. You can also find work as computer director and IT professional in government sector. All these types of jobs can provide you with substantial financial success with job satisfaction.

5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Paramedic Career in India

The shortage of trained and qualified paramedical staff across the globe has been revealed by the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19, and these are trying times when the world is battling a seemingly incurable health problem as well as a lack of skilled paramedical professionals who can help a lot and make a difference to the lives of millions of people. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Pursuing a Paramedic Career in India.

Fast training, fast job

If you do not want to wait for a long time to join the workforce, and make a difference to the society alongside, there is probably no better career awaiting you than that of a paramedic. Following the completion of a basic one-year paramedical course, you can be employable. You can get eligible for such courses after finishing your Plus 2 exams. For some paramedical courses, there is no need to have a biology background either.

Many career options

Once you complete this course, you can find many career paths open for you to choose from. These include:

  • Emergency medical technicians
  • X-ray technicians
  • Dialysis technicians
  • Hospital administration healthcare professionals
  • Operation Theatre Technicians
  • Medical lab technicians

You can take up any of these career paths, obtain certification and training in the necessary soft skills and technical skills, and begin your journey as a healthcare service provider. Other than these direct jobs, you can also find other ancillary options – such as that of a Research assistant, Sales representative, Medical content writer or Medical trainer. Due to the availability of such wide range of career options, paramedics can be among the best career options for you to choose from, after completing your 12th standard studies.

High salary

This career comes with the promise of good payment. Once you are done completing a DMLT Course or a similar paramedical course, as a fresher you can earn an average income of 10,000 – 20,000 INR. There is a lot of demand for trained paramedics across India as well as in other countries, and this has become a more in-demand profession due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The salaries of paramedic professionals have witnessed a huge increase in the last two years. In times of high demand, you can draw as much as 35,000 INR per month.

Job stability

Paramedics will always stay important for the healthcare industry, and the healthcare system of any nation depends on them. As a paramedic, your job, salary or growth prospects will not be affected by anything – whether it comes to recession, fluctuations in the stock market or any other factor.

Working for the greater good

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the countries watched with happiness and wonder how paramedics became Covid-Warriors and took the front line in battling the disease. They went beyond their duty to ensure the safekeeping of patients and make sure that the infection is contained as much as possible. As a paramedic professional, you can get the chance to serve the community and your own country. Few things can be more satisfying than that.

What are Top Engineering Streams in 2021 and their Scope?

If you have completed your intermediate exams or happen to be in a similar situation, you might be confused in picking the most suitable course. In case you would like to take up an engineering stream, it is important to take into account all the possible options in engineering that are available, and pick one that is most suitable for your needs. Here are some of the top engineering streams in 2021, and the scope as well as career opportunities associated to the same.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

As a Electronics and Communication Engineer, you have to deal with all the digital transmission of data – like wave progression, microwave engineering and satellite communications, as well as the basic electronics systems. You can find work as a Service engineer, Technical director, Software Analyst, R&D Software engineer or Network planning engineer. There are plenty of useful job offers for engineering students, after their graduation, and they can find work in reputed organizations such as IES, NTPC, BSNL, BHEL, BEL HPCL, ISRO, DRDO and more.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the top options in engineering. This is a course which is aimed at helping learners know about how heavy machinery works. In this field of engineering, Materials science, Physics and Engineering are assessed in a proper way and applied. When you finish this engineering course, you can easily take up a good job at organizations like Royal Enfield, MRF etc. Upon getting a B. Tech Mechanical degree in engineering, you can get work as a Mechanical Engineer, Marine Engineer, Control and Instrumentation Engineer, Contracting Civil Engineer or CAD Technician.

Civil Engineering

When you pursue Civil Engineering, you take up the responsibility of designing, making and maintaining roads, bridges, dams, parks and other physical construction environments. It is easy to find rewarding jobs in organizations like BHEL, NTPC etc as Structural engineer, Site engineer, Contracting civil engineer, Consulting civil engineer, Building control surveyor, CAD technician, Design engineer, Rural and Urban Transport engineer, Water engineer and more.

IT Engineering/ Computer Science Engineering

In a situation where the Covid-19 pandemic is raging on and refusing to die down, it is being felt that computers, internet and digital communication will be the way of the future. Thus, there is a need for IR engineering and you can be assured of getting good jobs upon the completion of computer science engineering course. You can find work as Data Engineering, Process Engineer and more.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is certainly one of the most important branches of engineering study that is offered in India. Students who have enrolled for the course can learn about the ways to design, develop, produce, test and supervise the creation of many types of electrical and electronic products, machineries and equipments. Some of the products that electrical and electronic engineers can work on developing are power generation systems, broadcasting and telecommunication systems, lights and wiring components in building complexes, controls of machinery, electric motors, vehicles, navigation and radar systems, aircraft control systems and transmission devices along with IT based systems.