Scope and Importance of Paramedical Courses in India

Individuals completing paramedical courses become skilled healthcare professionals who offer treatment, direct patient care, diagnostics, rehabilitation, and health improvement interventions to reinstate nominal optimum functions in an individual.

There are three types of course models to opt from if you aim in joining the paramedical workforce:

  • Certificate courses in paramedical sciences
  • Diploma/ Advanced Diploma courses in paramedical sciences
  • Bachelor’s degree in paramedical sciences

Why Select Paramedics as a Career?

COVID revealed to mankind the significance of having accomplished and competent paramedics in the healthcare industry. The need for paramedical professionals is rising by the day, not just in India but overseas too.

On completing the basic course in one of the paramedical streams, one can get a job in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, government health departments, and even in universities or colleges as a lecturer. They can also open their own clinics or laboratories.

The growth and career opportunities as a paramedic are immense. It is a profitable career path to choose.

Scope of Paramedical Sector

The projected growth for healthcare occupations is about 16%; this field will add more jobs than any other occupation. Growing and ageing population, unanticipated pandemic, and increasing healthcare awareness have all led to an increase in the number of hospitals which in turn require skilled paramedics to provide premium medical care to their patients.

There will always be a requirement for qualified paramedics in the healthcare industry. After completing your Intermediate/HSC/12th, you must enrol yourself in a good institute offering paramedical courses which will help you gain the skills and training required to transform into a knowledgeable paramedic.

Scopes in Job Profiles of Paramedical Courses

Completing a paramedical course successfully will allow you access to various job profiles such as:

Scope in Operation Theatre Technician (OTT) Course

OTT or Operation theatre technicians ensure that all surgeries are executed flawlessly. Besides this, they are also responsible for:

  • transporting patients and preparing the patient
  • preparing the operating room for surgery
  • setting up, checking, connecting and adjusting all surgical equipment
  • offering technical assistance to surgeons
  • offering post-operation support to patients in the recovery room

Scope in Medical Lab Technician (MLT) Course

Medical Laboratory Technicians are health professionals who deal with diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases by performing clinical laboratory tests.

DMLT, or Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, is a short course that allows you to accomplish your career in less than three years. The job involves:

  • Collection, labelling, analysation of samples
  • Performing laboratory tests
  • Conducting experiments to authenticate a hypothesis
  • Organizing and storing all dangerous chemicals as per the safety standards
  • Dutifully/Responsibly recording all data precisely
  • Maintaining all laboratory equipment

During the pandemic, MLT’s have received a lot of attention, and the demand for accomplished professionals has peaked!

Scope in Hospital Administration (HA) Course

Certificate programs like Hospital Administration train students for various administrative positions in hospitals, health care centres, clinics, etc.

An effective team of Hospital Administrators is responsible for the efficient and smooth working of a hospital. A hospital administrator is responsible for:

  • Employee co-ordination
  • Policy compliance
  • Data management
  • Work processes and approaches for the betterment
  • Finances and more

Paramedical science, in the current days, has emerged as a significant branch of medical science. Paramedical courses present abundant opportunities for employment, especially as the healthcare industry seems to be expanding incessantly. Paramedics are the spine of the healthcare industry, and without them, it would be impossible for this industry to function.

At Centurion University, we offer a range of paramedical courses to our students. We offer certificate level, UG level, PG level, and Ph.D courses in various fields. To learn more about our admission criteria, visit our website or call us.

Scope and Career Opportunities after B.Tech Automobile/Automotive

Students of Automobile Engineering are bestowed with the opportunity to acquire necessary skills that allow them to partake in the race of innovation, scientific research, and development.

The course is largely centred on the management of concept development, research, look, manufacturing, operation, and servicing of both on-road and off-road vehicles. Automobile Engineering principally deals with the development and style of automobiles. The arrival of e-Bikes, Electric cars and similar vehicles has opened the door to a myriad of opportunities for young graduates who have just completed their B.Tech in Automobile Engineering. There lies a gigantic stretch of opportunities for all B.Tech graduates, especially in the automotive sector.

Besides opting to take up a job immediately after they have completed their course, an Automobile Graduate can also continue studying to enhance their skills and increase career prospects. Some courses those are available after B.Tech in Automobile Engineering:

  • Tech in Manufacturing Technology
  • Tech in Automobile Engineering
  • Tech in Automotive Engineering and e-Manufacturing

Individuals can also opt for a professional course after having completed B.Tech in Automobile Engineering:

  • MBA in Marketing and Operations Management

Top Indian Companies Hiring Automobile Engineers

There are several renowned and well-paying companies where a student who has completed B.Tech in Automobile can apply for a job. Here is a list of companies that hire B.Tech professionals:

  • TATA Motors
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI)
  • Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Ford
  • Hero Motors
  • Eicher Motors
  • Bajaj Auto Limited
  • Escorts
  • Maruti Udyog Limited

Top International Companies Hiring Automobile Engineers

Individuals interested in working abroad can also apply to international companies. Some overseas companies in which automobile graduates can make their careers in are:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Renault
  • Volkswagen
  • Ford

Salary/Wages of a B.Tech in Automobile/Automotive Engineer

While the salary of an automobile engineer may be affected by several factors, including their experience, place of education, company, etc., on an average, they may be paid anywhere between INR 64,000 and 2,00,000 a month. There are many vendors connected to Automotive colossuses such as Exide, Denso, Rane Steer, Continental, Amaron, Magna, MRF, Bosch, BKT, etc., where they can be offered lucrative salaries.

Job Profiles of an Automobile Engineer

The job profiles that Automobile Engineers are offered by Indian and International automotive companies are:

  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Senior Production Engineer
  • Automobile Designer
  • Driver Instrumentation Engineer
  • Automotive Sales Engineer
  • Automotive Developer
  • Executive and Managerial Positions
  • Service Engineer
  • Service Advisor and Works Manager in Dealerships
  • Dealer Account Manager
  • Regional Transport Officer
  • Marketing Expert
  • Automotive Technician
  • Service Station owner
  • Quality Engineer

The Government of India has recently started an initiative that allows automobile engineering graduates to select self-financed businesses. Some of these include:

  • Solar product manufacturing and distribution
  • Automobile Showroom or Service centre owner
  • Loss Assessor and Surveyor
  • Machine installation & distribution partner
  • On-the-spot Cleaning and maintenance Services
  • Consultants in car buy/sale
  • Accessories vendor
  • Generator Manufacturing and supplier
  • Automotive component manufacturing
  • Component Designing
  • Training Institute
  • Business Consultants and many more

Any individual, who is a critical thinker, determined, dedicated, spontaneous, knowledge seeker, and continuously looks to improve; can make a great career after having completed their B.Tech in Automobile Engineering.

Enrol for Automobile Engineering

At Centurion University, we give young and talented students an opportunity to hone their skills and furbish themselves with the in-depth knowledge that we provide to them during their course period. To learn more about the course we offer under the School of Engineering & Technology, call us today or visit our website.

14 Top Career Choices That A Microbiologist Can Opt For

Every person studying microbiology has a distinct skill set. Fortunately, there is a number of career choices in this field of study, letting you opt for any of these you prefer and be a part of the industry. Based on the education and experience that you have received, you can work for any position ranging from that of a laboratory assistant to the Director of research.

If you are a student pursuing a degree in microbiology but still unsure which career path you should opt for, here is a list of microbiology careers we have jotted down to help you make a choice and shine bright in your future ventures.

  1. Biotechnologists

Biotechnologies hold the responsibility of working in the agriculture, chemical, food, and environmental conservation industries. As a biotechnologist, you will enjoy the responsibility of manipulating the genes of selective microorganisms. While an environmental biotechnologist is trained and educated to develop powerful microorganisms capable of cleaning polluted water, medical biotechnologists are vested with the responsibility of producing medicines adhering to effective techniques like cell culture.

  1. Clinical Laboratory Scientists

Medical Technologists or Clinical Laboratory Scientists are employed in different areas, including veterinary, clinical, national, and state health laboratories. They are responsible for analyzing urine, blood, tissue, and other body specimens to determine the reason behind any infection present in the patient, followed by deciding on the antibiotics that will be effective to treat the infection. The field of clinical laboratory scientists is evolving as genetic, and mass spectrophotometry techniques are gaining popularity.

  1. Food Scientists and Technologists

As a food microbiologist, you will be responsible for testing various beverages and food products for pathogen detection like Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, and other spoilage microorganisms like lactic acid bacteria. Food scientists and technologists assist their firms to meet the food quality and product safety standards in the best possible way.

  1. Immunologists

An immunologist’s role is to investigate how a body takes up to protect itself against germs and diseases. The research areas here include biofilms, immunologic mechanisms, HIV/AIDS, biodefense, respiratory pathogens such as influenza, and vaccine development.

  1. Mycologists

The study of disease-causing and antibody-producing fungus is carried out by mycologists. AQs mycologists, you will be either working in a research, pharmaceutical, or clinical laboratory. Some mycologists also need to work in the environmental laboratories analyzing the indoor air to trace mold spores.

  1. Parasitologists

Parasitologists are responsible for investigating the manner in which parasitic microorganisms end up infecting the living hosts, as well as reproduce and spread diseases.

  1. Personal care cosmetic and product scientists and technologists

Personal care cosmetic and product scientists and technologists are vested with the responsibility to ensure product safety for products like shampoos, conditioners, baby wipes, eye shadows, and more. These products are tested to detect the presence of any disease-causing germs or microorganisms like Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

  1. Pharmaceutical Technologists and Scientists

As a pharmaceutical technologist and scientist, you will be responsible for looking after the safety of pharmaceutical products. While scientists carry out research work and develop new therapies and drugs, pharmaceutical technologists test the raw materials as well as the finished products to determine the presence of infection-causing microorganisms like Burkholderia cepacia and Staphylococcus aureus.

  1. Sales

Sales is a rewarding career that many microbiologists take up. Since they come from a strong science background, they are quite capable of helping customers select the best skin care or health products taking their situation into concern. A lot of microbiologist salespeople come with a microbiology degree or something related to it. The best part is that they get the scope to travel to different parts of the world to meet new distributors and customers.

  1. Science Writers

If you are from a microbiology background and love writing, you can consider taking up a career as a science writer. A strong connection with this field is required to enjoy this career scope with success. You can also become a blogger or science journalist to reach out to young readers.

  1. Professors and Teachers

Professors and teachers share their love and interest in microbiology by teaching and educating students at high school, university, and doctorate levels. They are even responsible for planning and executing the lesson plans to teach students the various topics in the field of microbiology, including different traits of microorganisms along with related developments.

  1. Technical Support Specialists

Technical support specialists are responsible for offering technical assistance to the customers who are using products of a manufacturer. They help the customers select different microorganism strains, guide them on how to use the products as well as to conduct distributor and customer training sessions.

  1. Virologists

As a virologist, you will be responsible to study different viruses affecting animals, humans, insects, plants, fungi, and bacteria within a natural, agricultural, clinical, and community environment. You will also hold a prominent role in developing vaccines for different types of diseases and the yearly influenza shots.

  1. Water Quality and Laboratory Technicians

Water treatment plants, municipalities, and local and state agencies require technicians to test the drinking water that is and will be supplied to different parts of the state. Water quality and laboratory technicians check treated and recreational water to find traces of germs and microorganisms if any. The laboratories are often testing water for E.coli, which is present indicates fecal contamination. It is also a sign indicating the presence of water-borne pathogens like Shigella and Salmonella.

So if you are interested in knowing more about different types of microorganisms and their effect on your life, take up a course in microbiology. And you are definitely going to shine in this field with any of the above-mentioned 14 career choices.

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Ways To Become A Cyber Security Engineer In Circa 2022

It is with no doubt that technology has made life easy, but unfortunately, it also paved the way for a list of cybercrime activities. This is one of the main reasons cyber security engineers play a prominent role in our lives today. They are vested with the role of protecting various sensitive data and information that you share online about yourself and your dear ones. With technology taking over the present generation and the future, there is a growing need for cyber security engineers who can assist with data protection. If you wish to become a cyber security engineer, the very first thing that you have to do is getting a bachelor’s degree in cyber security.

In this blog, we will discuss about cyber security engineering facts and how to earn it in the easiest way in 2022.

Who Is Referred To As A Cyber Security Engineer?

An engineer responsible for keeping the data and information of the company and the clients they are working for safe is referred to as a cyber security engineer. As a cyber security engineer, you will be responsible for building the company’s cyber security systems and monitoring security controls to keep your client’s sensitive data protected from any unauthorized users, cyber attacks, and more.

You will also be implementing and testing the new cyber security features, ensuring troubleshooting issues, responding to various security incidents, conducting network upgrades, and planning your course of action.

 What are the roles of a cyber security engineer?

 The responsibility and role of a cyber security engineer differ from one another based on the type of company they are working for, its size, the industry the company is serving, and the size of the security team they have. To be specific, the roles of a cyber security engineer include:

  • Evaluating the cyber security needs of the company and carrying out the functions required to meet them.
  • Proper designing, implementing, overseeing, maintaining, and upgrading different cyber security tools for a company to protect its data, networks, and systems.
  • Conducting cyber security assessments
  • Responding to different cyber security breakthroughs affecting the company network and the systems associated with it.
  • Planning and developing specific technical solutions to address cyber security insecurities.
  • Carrying out penetration testing.
  • Conducting various scans and tests to find out the vulnerabilities likely to be present in the networks and systems, if any.
  • Automating improvements in cyber security.
  • Playing a prominent role to alter the management process for good.
  • Troubleshooting all types of cyber security issues.
  • Coordinating proper incident response with various teams in the office.

How to begin a career as a cyber security engineer?

Before you start earning a bachelor’s degree in cyber security, it is essential to understand the prerequisites of cyber security first. The prerequisites for cyber security engineering are as follows:

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.
  • You need to have a good knowledge and understanding of firewalls and other endpoint security types.
  • It is even recommended to get concrete knowledge of languages/tools such as java, node, ruby, c++, Python, pore shell, go, and others. Knowledge of these languages will be a benefit in the long run.
  • Most essentially, you should be capable of working under real-time pressure without missing deadlines.
  • Update yourself with the latest trend and hacker threats in the field of cyber security.

Top skills required by cyber security engineers

There are different skill sets that you, as a cyber security engineer, need to possess. These skills are broadly categorized as soft skills and cyber security skills. Take a look below to learn more.

Cyber security skills

You will need to have a proper understanding and knowledge of different prominent cyber security technologies and tools to excel as a cyber security engineer. Some of these core skills are:

  • Network security and networking

Most security threats are present in the networks. Hence, it is highly essential for any cyber security engineer to learn the ways to secure network architecture properly. You need to be completely familiar with different routing protocols for serving this purpose, along with virtual private networks (VPN), secure network architectures, encryption, voice over IP (VoIP), network security technologies like firewalls, and other related technologies.

  • Good knowledge of Programming/Coding

It is important to learn the coding languages properly. This includes ideas about Java, Python, C++, Bash, Ruby, Assembly, PHP, PowerShell, shell scripting, JavaScript, SQL, and more. Of all these mentioned above, Python is considered one of the most used programming languages.

  • Database platforms

Data is a company’s most valued asset. As a cyber security engineer, you will be responsible for trying out all means to keep the data about the company stored safely. You need to have an idea about how the data is stored and structured as well as details about people who enjoy access to the data.

  • Good idea about the operating systems

In order to be capable of diagnosing and resolving all the vulnerabilities of the operating systems, it is essential to possess a good amount of knowledge about the operating system. According to the experts, some of the skills that companies want to have in their security engineers include:

  • Data science
  • Foundational coding such as C++, Java, Python, PHP/Hack, and Golang
  • Data structures
  • Network protocols
  • Browser security
  • Security of web application
  • Software architecture and system design
  • Security protocols
  • Penetration testing
  • Security assessments
  • Applied cryptography
  • Binary analysis
  • Project management
  • Authentication and access control
  • Forensics and incident response
  • Team management

Soft skills

  • Outstanding ability to solve problems
  • Ability to perform in risk-prone situations
  • Ability to work properly with the teams
  • Amazing verbal and written communication skills
  • The desire to learn and develop performance
  • Strong leadership potential
  • The ability to determine potential threats to cyber security.

Qualifications required by a cyber security engineer

To take up a career as a cyber security engineer, it is essential for a candidate to have a bachelor’s degree in cyber security. Further study opens up more scope for a better career.

  • Tech in CSE- cyber security

A B.Tech degree in CSE cyber security is a 4 years undergraduate degree course emphasizing the comprehensive knowledge of data structures, cyber crime, cryptography, network security, designing and analyzing algorithms, detecting crimes and adopting preventive measures and more, from a well-acclaimed board with physics, chemistry and math as compulsory subjects, along with securing at least 50% marks.

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  • D. in cyber security

If you want to continue further in this stream and get higher degrees, Ph.D. in cyber security is the next thing to check out. It is a 3-year doctoral program teaching the graduates process to discover the potential risks of cyber crimes and the ones already committed, followed by taking measures to safeguard essential confidential data in the servers and computers. Students would be able to master different aspects hutched to data collection, IT security, reverse engineering software development, and code analysis.

B.Tech in cyber security engineer at Centurion University

Centurion University is a prestigious private university in India. With campuses in West Bengal and Orissa, this university offers B.Tech cyber security courses and has received a top rank in the year 2021. The university’s curriculum for cyber security engineering has been properly framed by field experts keeping the prevailing market trends concerned. All these modules are designed in a manner to help the students stay ahead in the race of learning.

B.Tech in cyber security engineering is a 4 years degree program, with Centurion University bringing to the students a good self-developed network. This network assists the students to work on various live projects and get an idea of real-life situations through practical classes. Students getting enrolled with Centurion University will also get a certificate in Amazon web services with certain enrollment procedures. Faculties teaching the department of cyber security are highly qualified professionals from top most institutions around the world.

Prime research areas in the field of cyber security

  • Virtualization
  • Exploit development
  • Malware analysis
  • Core android/iOS

Final say

While this blog aims to answer most of your questions related to in cyber security engineering, remember a degree in this file in the present era and future will help you to earn a good and attractive salary.

Besides working for the private sector, you will also be able to work for the government sector, such as ISRO, DRDO, and more. Remember, with every advancement technology makes, the need for a cyber security engineer grows twice.

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How To Take Up A Career As An Anesthesia Technologist

Are you waiting to start a career in the field of medical science but confused about which option to opt for? Do you want to be a part of the healthcare team helping patients prepare for the surgery, or want to try out the nursing fraternity for the operation room? If you want to make your career choice highly demanding in this field, being an anesthesia technologist is certainly a good option to opt for. In this article, you will be getting an idea of how to become an anesthesia technologist and along with unfolding more facts hitched to it.

What Is The Role Of An Anesthesia Technologist?

Technologists are responsible for working in the operation theatre under a certified and registered nurse anesthesiologist or an anesthesiologist, often referred to as CRNA, to help them with administering anesthesia. In the words of WebMD, anesthesia is a measure used by anesthesiologists to manage and control pain to help the patients during surgery or medical procedure using the medicine. The application of anesthesia helps control the patient’s blood pressure, blood circulation, heart rate, and oxygen level.

As an anesthesia technologist, you will be preparing the patient and required surgical equipment along with the operation theatre for the anesthesiologist in charge. If you opt to take a career as an anesthesia technologist, a lot of your tasks will be lined up before and immediately after the surgery. Before the surgery, it is the responsibility of the technologist to stock the supplies in the OT, such as the intubation kits, laryngoscope blades, resuscitation bags, and more, as required during surgery. You will have to ensure that the equipment is properly placed in the room so that they are handy to the anesthesiologist. The anesthesia technologist will clean, sterilize, and also prepare the equipment. You will also assist the ward boy in transporting the patient to the operation room and back to the cabin.

After the surgery too, you need to clean and sterilize all the surgical equipment, break down the waste, and reassemble all the reusable equipment needed by the anesthesia team during the next surgeries. An anesthesia tech is also accountable for recalibrating the equipment and fixing the operation theatre for the upcoming surgeries in line. You will also be required to carry out a list of administrative tasks, which includes checking the inventory, ordering supplies needed, repairing the equipment, completing the patient charts and documents as required, training students and other fellow teammates, along with taking part in certain education courses as your hospital or health care unit demands. All these elements are essential to successfully functioning the hospital or clinic you work for.

If you make a career as an anesthesia technologist as per your education and training level, you may be given the responsibility to get the intravenous drugs ready, position patients for the surgery, and ensure they are able to maintain the right posture required for the surgery. Alongside, you will have to collect the blood samples before and after the surgery for advanced monitoring, measure the vital signs like blood pressure, oxygen level, and temperature, as well as check for airway obstructions, if any.

What Are The Advantages Of Being An Anesthesia Technologist?

People end up in the hospital when they are not in their best health. It is time for you to make a difference by giving your best as an anesthesia technologist. Patients need assistance to get up from the best and back on their feet, running and walking again. Taking a career as an anesthesia tech is highly rewarding since you know how you should be implemented to make a difference in the lives of the patients you are accountable to and work as a reliable team member to improve their quality of life.

Coming to job security in this field, the number of jobs for anesthesia tech is likely to grow faster than average in the present and coming days as qualified candidates are highly in demand. This is due to the number of hospitals growing all around the world with the aim to offer the best quality healthcare facilities to all.

There is also a good potential for growth in the medical field. For that you have to go to college, earn a bachelor’s degree, and provide service as a healthcare administrator or nurse. And then, there is the option of being an anesthesiologist. With good dental and medical benefits, sick leave, and paid vacation time, healthcare facilities aim to attract highly qualified and trained candidates to meet their hiring pool and also come up with amazing packages to give other facilities tough competition.

If you are willing to take up a career as an anesthesia technologist, it is important to be ready to work for different staffing agencies hiring employees for serving temporary jobs when there is a shortage of staff. This kind of contract usually lasts for 8 weeks to 12 weeks, and you are mostly paid a good per-hour rate than the offered by any traditional medical facility. If you are lucky, the hiring agencies might pay for your room and transportation.

What Educational Qualification And Training Is Required To Take A Career As An Anesthesia Technologist?

If you wish to become a technologist, there are various paths for you to select. This includes:

  • On-the-job training
  • 12-month certificate course
  • 2-year associate degree

On-the-job training- Some medical facilities offer willing candidates an apprenticeship program that helps them set up a separate path from formal education. Candidates must spend a few months learning how to carry out a task and will be working as a trainee with others before being permitted to perform tasks independently.

12-month certificate program- Technical schools and community colleges offer their students a 12-month certificate program in which they train the students about how to carry out the responsibilities and duties of an anesthesia technician.

Two -years Associate degree– At certain schools, you enjoy the opportunity to earn a two-year associate degree. This will provide you with a better job opportunity to work as an anesthesia technician with more employers willing to hire you at even higher pay.

Once you are done with your education and training, there are a few certificate exams you might have to take at the regional or central level to grab better job positions. However, not all hospitals will ask you for this certificate. Nonetheless, it is better to be safe and secure. During this education-cum-training phase, you will learn about all the tasks and responsibilities you need to do in your day-to-day job. Besides, you will also learn how to protect yourself from any deadly disease likely to be transmitted to you by the patients. Another important thing to consider thoroughly is patient protection before the surgery, during, and after the surgery is done.

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You will be given classes in human biology, human anatomy, anesthesia equipment, pharmacology, anesthesia procedure, medical terminology, CPR, and medical gasses. During your education, you are likely to work as an intern in a hospital to learn certain practical aspects related to the job as an anesthesia technologist.

Where Does An Anesthesia Technologist Work?

An anesthesia technologist can perm in different work settings. Most of the techs perform in a hospital since this is where most of the surgeries are conducted. Techs are also found working in outpatient facilities and physician offices, offering procedures or surgeries that require the patients to undergo anesthesia.

In India, there are numerous opportunities in almost all settings where anesthesia is implemented. You can get a good idea about the demand for anesthesia technologists in a local hospital in your area by visiting its career page or Indeed profile.

What Makes An Anesthesiologist Different From An Anesthesia Technologist?

An anesthesiologist is defined as a physician visiting a medical school and has been vested with the responsibility to administer anesthesia during any surgical procedure. The doctor is even responsible for skillfully treating and monitoring any problems with respiratory functions, blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse rate while the patient is under the influence of anesthesia. On the other hand, a technologist serves as a key person to the anesthesiologist- ensuring all the equipment required for providing anesthesia are cleaned, sterilized, and prepared prior to the surgery. They are the assistant to the anesthesiologist in the operation theatre and are also responsible for replacing and repairing any equipment that needs to be fixed during the surgery. You may be required to assist in CPR during an emergency as well.

What Traits And Qualities Should Be Present In A Good Anesthesia Technologist?

 Anesthesia technologists need to have these qualities- Good communication skills, proper time management, ability to withstand extended work schedule, attention to every minute facts, good customer service ability, ability to organize effectively, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Coping and handling stress is essential. Your career as an anesthesia tech can be stressful and chaotic even at times. In case of an emergency, the patients need to stay calm and even ensure that the rest of the healthcare team members are calm and able to follow all hospital procedures during any crisis period.

How Much Can An Anesthesia Technologist Make In India?

In India, the salary of an anesthesia technologist is likely to vary as per location and the status of the healthcare unit or hospital in which he or she is employed. Education, license, and experience are other important factors in deciding your salary.

Are You A Good Fit To Become An Anesthesia Technologist?

It is a rewarding experience to be an anesthesia technologist. You are going to be a part of an outstanding and experienced team working together to offer the best health care service to the patients undergoing medical procedures or surgeries. With experience, you will learn to effectively maintain and prepare essential medical equipment for administering anesthesia to the patients. You will be playing an important role in the life of the patients.

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10 Best Apps for Students to Download in 2022

The pandemic restricted the students indoors, making e-learning essential. However, for an uninterrupted learning experience, it is significant that the students have more than just study material. eLearning is now a global trend that is here to stay. However, to ensure that students are able to efficiently take away whatever they are being taught, it is necessary that they have access to good apps that aid in the learning experience.

Here are some apps that will help students immensely in their studies:

Coursera – The app allows students to pursue various courses online. There are video instructions available to guide them through their course.

Khan Academy – Available for both iOS and Android, the app allows students to learn from teachers who custom create content for every student they teach.

Oxford dictionary – You don’t have to cart around a heavy dictionary to decipher word meanings when you have an app for it. The Oxford Dictionary has compiled over 150 years of research in one place. There are more than 350,000-word meanings and their uses. Students also get audio pronunciations for 75,000 words that are rare and have different pronunciations.

Document Scanner – With more than 50 editing tools, it is a delightful online document scanning app that allows you to scan, edit and save documents. It also offers other features, including creating PDFs in different sizes.

Google Classroom – Developed by Google, this app allows creating, distributing and grading assignments. Students get to work on the same document with their entire class.

Microsoft Lens – Another amazing app that allows students to convert images to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. It also digitizes handwritten or printed text and saves it to OneDrive/OneNote/any local device. Students can scan classroom handouts or handwritten notes and save them.

Grammarly – The app helps in correcting the grammar of a specific content. Sentence structure, correct grammar, and spellings can be corrected with the help of this app. It is extremely useful for students who are submitting projects, preparing presentations, writing essays, etc., and need guidance on their grammar.

Google Drive – This app is a safe haven for storing all types of content. It is secure and private.

Duolingo – Learning a new language is both exciting and may offer interesting opportunities, especially if the student is looking for a career related to foreign languages. Duolingo is a wonderful app that allows students to learn a new language. There are several effective courses and various stages that take them through the course step-by-step, enhancing their reading, listening, and learning skills of the specific language they want to learn. There are more than 40 languages to learn. The app has billions of users.

Motion – This is an interesting browser extension that can block desired sites such as Instagram or Facebook – which the students think may be a hindrance to their studies. It is highly customizable, and the user can block the sites for certain days or during certain times of the day (which they think is their study time).

These apps are extremely beneficial for students and can help them in their journey of online studies.

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Paramedical Science Course: A Desirable Profession

Pandemic has wreaked havoc in the world, and healthcare service is the worst affected. There is a scarcity in field expertise, human resources, and similar other required skillsets compulsory for a healthcare industry. As the COVID continues to dominate the globe with its infectious supremacy, it is clear that the need for paramedics only rises by the day.

The rising number of COVID patients is a clear sign of having more paramedics to be able to treat their emergencies efficiently.

Who is a Paramedic Professional?

A paramedic is a medical professional who is highly trained to diagnose and treat different health issues and diseases. They use modern medical technologies or equipment along with medication to examine, evaluate and treat patients. Paramedics are often emergency care practitioners. Their services are valuable in ambulances or on first response emergency vehicles.

Paramedic: An Important Asset in the Medical Industry

Paramedics are life-savers of patients who are in life-threatening situations. They are always available for emergency medical assistance and are trained to efficiently handle traumatic situations. They are the first medical professionals to offer emergency care to patients and save their lives. They ensure to treat the patients in a way that they can be safely reached at the hospital to receive medical assistance.

Demand for Paramedic Professionals

The services of a paramedic professional are valuable. The employment of paramedics from 2020 to 2030 is projected to grow by 11%. This growth is significantly fast when compared to other professions. Another report published by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry in 2018 revealed that there would be 4 crore new jobs in healthcare by 2025.

Which Paramedical Science Courses to Consider?

The industry of healthcare requires a myriad of expertise and people adept in various skillsets. If you are considering enrolling yourself in a paramedical science course, then we have a few options which you can select from:

  • Diploma in Radiology & Imaging Technology
  • Diploma in Radiotherapy
  • Bachelors in Nuclear Medicine
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Sc. Medical Lab Technology
  • Sc. Radiotherapy
  • Sc. Radiography & Imaging Technology
  • Sc. in Allied Health Services
  • Sc. Optometry
  • Masters in Paramedical Science
  • Masters in Physiotherapy
  • PhD in Paramedical Sciences


The pandemic has taught us an important lesson – the importance of services provided by the professionals working in the healthcare industry. A paramedic is a significant person who plays a pivotal role in saving the lives of people, and you can be one of them. Besides being a prestigious and well-paid job, a paramedic also has a responsibility to give back to society, and what better than saving the lives of people who are living in this society.

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Agricultural Engineering a Lucrative Career Opportunity

Agricultural Engineering is designing and/or improving modern machines that ease the job of farmers in the fields. The job as an agricultural engineer is basically having combined knowledge of civil engineering, food science, chemical and electrical engineering along with some knowledge of agriculture. With this knowledge, an agricultural engineer aims to improve the adequacy and suitability of agricultural practices.

There are different activities that an agricultural engineer may be involved in. This may include designing a warehouse for food storage or for livestock, agricultural machinery, water supply, similar activities that help in crop production, and more.

The topics covered under Agricultural Engineering include:

  • Mathematics
  • Engineering physics
  • Communication skills
  • Electrical engineer
  • Chemistry
  • Field crops
  • Computer application
  • Operation research
  • Harvest and storage engineering
  • Soil earth
  • Food engineering
  • Agriculture principle
  • Surveying
  • Electrical machines
  • Thermodynamics
  • Biotechnology
  • Strength of materials
  • Mass transfer
  • Structural design
  • Building materials
  • Farm machinery
  • Pumps and wells
  • Power units

Elements of Agric Engineering

  • Agricultural Engineering – Deals with storage of grains and food products.
  • Agricultural Research – Deals with research in the area of agriculture
  • Farm Machinery – Deals with research and development of various farming and harvesting machinery
  • Soil Science – Deals with the study and analysation of soil for agricultural activities.
  • Forest Conservation – Deals with pest control, admixture and developments of crops and plants, crop and seed production, and sustainable production.
  • Food Safety Engineer – Deals with manufacturing processes, analysing the use of stockpile system ensuring healthy and tasty food is produced in a good climate.
  • Water Conservation Engineering – Deals with the construction of preventive measures of water and soil conservation.

Why Pursue Agricultural Engineering?

Agriculture in India plays a major role in offering a dearth of opportunities to the aspirants. As an agricultural engineer, a candidate can select the job role of a researcher, horticulturist, scientist, agronomist, etc.

A career in Agricultural Engineering is both interesting and challenging. There are a lot of potential engineers who want to bring about a change in the field of agriculture. There are immense employment opportunities in both the private and government sectors. Jobs for Agricultural Engineers are available in:

  • Dairy, agro and food industries
  • Agricultural machinery manufacturing companies
  • Irrigation Projects
  • Consultancies
  • Non-government voluntary organizations
  • Water management
  • Manufacturing agricultural implements
  • Agricultural finance corporations and more

Where to Pursue Agricultural Engineering From?

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What are the latest applications of Machine Learning?

In this technologically advanced era, the demand for machine learning experts is growing rapidly as industrialists have already started using this technology for different purposes. As there is a skill shortage in this field, several job opportunities exist.

What is machine learning?

It is a complex technical process that teaches computers to learn from data without being explicitly programmed. This technology also teaches computers to analyze data and get the work done without any human involvement. Though the technology is not new, people are adopting this technology nowadays.

Let’s know about modern-day applications of machine learning.

Machine Learning application in risk analysis:

Several industries use this technology to predict upcoming risks and craft strategies. Risk analysis is a matter of concern, and machine learning is a process to estimate the potential risk of a company. As it helps identify and assess risk factors, companies can create strategies accordingly. From banking to retail sectors, this technology is used.

Machine Learning in Social Media

This technology is also used in social media, especially to detect and respond to several events. Several social media platforms use machine learning technology to understand the users and provide them with relevant content. This technology understands users’ interests, past behavior, and relationships and shows content and results accordingly. Whether it is Facebook or YouTube, almost every social media platform uses machine learning.

This technology is also used in developing chatbots that can make human conversation. These bots are also crafted in a way so they can detect anything negative on social media.

Machine Learning Applications in Marketing:

Marketers use this technology to understand their customers’ behavior and interests to provide them with personalized service and communication. This technology can analyze big amount of data in no time and show the results. It is an amazing marketing tool for marketers, and as it is the primary stage of machine learning technology, there is an opportunity that it will improve, allowing marketers to do their campaigns more efficiently.

Machine Learning for Inventory management and logistics:

Machine learning is usually used in inventory management and logistics to predict future inventory needs, optimize warehouses, and schedule deliveries. This technology helps to predict customer demand and allocate the inventory accordingly. Big logistic companies such as Amazon use this technology for scheduling trucks and routines. As this technology can predict future demand and also helps to optimize the stock levels, companies can easily stock the products that can be in demand to meet customers’ needs.

Machine Learning for the automated business process:

When it comes to business automation, machine learning can be used to predict outcomes, personalize the customer experience, understand how to make business processes, and forecast demands. As this technology is still improving, we can expect it to give us much more than it is giving us today. There are a few ways how business is nowadays using machine learning technology. Some of the key applications are mentioned below.

  • Categorize photos and videos

Machine learning is used to automatically categorize and tag photos and videos so that users can find them easily. Tags and other information are important for search engine optimization. By training the algorithm using images and videos, computers are taught to identify the object, scenes, or images and add suitable categories or tags. Categorizing hundreds of photos every time can be hard if done manually, but machine learning can do this automatically.

  • Identify fraud

Machine learning is used to identify fraudulent behavior that human beings cannot detect. The algorithms can be trained to recognize specific behaviors such as creating a fake account or inputting the wrong pattern more than five times. Once the business can identify the fraud, it can take essential steps. According to the report of a study conducted by IBM, machine learning can identify frauds with 90% accuracy.

  • Predicting consumer behavior

For every business organization, predicting customers’ behavior and understanding customers’ interests are very important to meet the expectations and requirements. Machine learning is used to predict customers’ behavior by analyzing past data so that the company can provide that customer with personalized communication and service. It helps business organizations to understand who the potential customers are.

  • Social media strategies

Machine learning also helps create strategies for social media postings as this technology can figure out what type of content is likely to go viral or what kinds of posts are most shared. It is the main reason why machine learning is becoming popular over the days.

  • Speech recognition

Speech recognition is another application of machine learning that allows computers to understand human speech. Though technology was first developed in the early 1960s, it is becoming more and more popular over days in the recent timeline.

  • Image Recognition

A professional can teach algorithms to identify objects in digital images, and they can be used for different purposes such as cataloging, detecting, or checking different objects. This can be used to add tags on social media or identify objects for security purposes.

Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is another field where machine learning is used. It can be used for identifying malware and malicious activities that can steal data or corrupt computers. Machine learning can identify Malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts that would otherwise go undetected. It has become an important part of security services as it can be used to create models of normal users’ behavior so that weird behavior can be detected. In this field, machine learning is constantly evolving and adopting new technology to prevent modern threats.

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Top Technology Skills To Learn For a Successful Career in 2022

The technological field is continuously changing worldwide, and India is no exception. To match the changes, the industries have to work continuously to adopt new technologies. For this reason, it is essential to counter the skill gap.

Whether it is communication or remote working, we are surrounded by technology in our daily life. Organizers are willing to outstand their competitors by applying product-based strategies and innovative advancements to their advanced applications. These circumstances have opened a door of opportunities for skilled professionals. Here is a list of top 5 tech skills to sharpen your abilities in the field of technology and lead a successful career.

Artificial intelligence

Career opportunities in AI are growing over days as companies need human labors to develop computer programs that can minimize human workload. This technology transforms the strategic and functional prospects of several companies. According to the report of NASSCOM, there was a need for AI professionals in India alone around 800,000 in the year 2021. Though the number has shrunken because of the massive skill gap, it is still growing rapidly. IBM India, 24/7 Customer, Accenture, Nvidia Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, EY, Genpact, Amazon, eClerx Services, and Capgemini are the top 10 organizations contributing to the demands of artificial intelligence professionals in the country. They offer professionals an average salary of 14.7 Lakh INR per year. So, we can say that it is an amazing career path with a high-paid salary that you can opt for.

Data analytics

The continuous growth of data volumes and data analytic complexity has increased the need for adopting database tools. Companies are not only using this data to create strategies but also for making important business decisions. Reports have indicated that in 2020 there were around 1 lakh data science jobs vacant in India. It is also a job with a high salary package, and an experienced professional can expect anything between INR 13-15 lakhs globally. You can become an analytics specialist, data scientist, decision science manager, business analyst, analytics manager, or operations analytics manager and experience growth in your career.

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 Cloud computing

The demand for skilled professionals is increasing in the market. This technology has been gaining momentum since the 2010s. Several companies are switching to the cloud from traditional applications, and that’s why job opportunities in the stream are growing rapidly. According to the reports, India expects more than 1 million cloud computing jobs in 2022. You can become a cloud application developer, cloud network engineer, cloud automation engineer, or cloud security manager. Salary survey reports indicate that you can earn anything between INR 4 – 35 lakh per annum with this occupation, depending on your experience and skill.

Information security

As companies are using computer technology for operating their system, the need for information protection has increased. The advancement of technology has also increased the rate of cybercrime. To protect data and sensitive information, companies pay a good amount of money to cyber security professionals to keep their information safe. According to the New York Times reports, the demand for cyber security jobs was around 3.5 million in 2021. This domain will be a leading career option for a long time, with a huge number of job opportunities for professionals. You can become a security engineer, pen-tester, or security analyst and earn a satisfying salary package per year as these jobs come with average salary hikes of 15-20%.


Though this was first introduced as a concept to support digital currency, it is now witnessing a huge demand in various fields. Though in India, the demand is still at the primary stage, it is increasing rapidly along with the job opportunities for professionals. It is reported that the worldwide spending on blockchain solutions will grow from 15.9 billion by 2023. You can choose a profession among blockchain developer, blockchain software engineer, and blockchain system architect job roles. The salary package of a blockchain developer ranges between INR 2 lakh to 10 Lakh per annum.

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