A Branch Post office is functioning inside the campus, for the benefit of staff and students. It has the capacity to cater to the large number of inward and outward mails on a daily basis. You can avail postal services like Money Orders, Postal Orders, Postage, etc here.

CONTACT NO. : 8763249184


There are three blocks of Staff Quarters such as A type, B type and C type accommodating teaching and non-teaching staff and one Bungalow for the Vice Chancellor and Management Trustee.

MDC Guest House

A Guest House with all modern facilities is functioning inside the college campus. It has the decent capacity to accommodate visiting faculty, University Guests and parents. The guesthouse has got 17 executive rooms, 2 VIP suite, a dining hall and a recreation hall. All the rooms are well furnished, air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled.

Accommodation in MDC guest house is provided on pre informed reservation basis.



The University takes interest in providing ample opportunities and facilities for sports and games activities. It aims at the holistic development of each student and the sports club activities have an important role in this. It takes pride in providing the students with a cemented basketball court, volleyball court, shuttle badminton court, football court, cricket court, athletic field and gymnasium facilities. The college also provides indoor facilities for table tennis, carroms and chess. We feel happy and fulfilled that our students make the best use of the facilities provided.


Many Students consider quality of life as one of the important factors while choosing a College/University. We at Centurion provide you a decent stay and the best possible learning environment. The stay at campus would certainly provide a wealth of experience by developing qualities such as comradeship and social responsibility. We provide services to the students from almost all corners of India .

Students staying at hostels are provided with considerable options of food, for there are many mess halls in the campus. Students can choose North Indian or South Indian menu.

Sl No.Hostel No.Hostel NameNo. of roomsNo.of Beds
1Hostel No-1Mahanadi Boy’s Hostel85 
2Hostel No-2Rushikulya Boy’s Hostel48 
3Hostel No-3Indiravati Boy’s Hostel48 
4Hostel No-4Nagabali Boy’s Hostel48
5Hostel No-5Bansadhara Boy’s Hostel38 
6Hostel No-6MBA Boy’s Hostel38 
7Hostel No-1Mahindra Tanaya Girl’s Hostel78300
8Hostel No-2Baitarini MBA Girl’s Hostel3264
9Hostel No-5MBA GIRL’S HOSTEL 24896