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AI engineering looks very fancy from the outside world but, it needs an analytical approach and ability to solve problems. You must have cost-effective way and efficient solutions. Moreover, AI engineers must have an insight into technological innovations. To become an AI engineer, you must develop these things that include:

Education Prerequisites:

 To fulfill your dream in AI engineering, you need a Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science, Statistics, Data Science, or Finance. The certifications in Data Science and Machine learning will also work.

Master technical skills:

 For persuading your career as an AI engineer, you must have a few technical and non-technical skills. Check out these technical skills:

  1. Programming Languages

Master yourself in Python, Java, C++, Lisp, R, Prolog, etc. Each programming language has different functions of AI, and you can start with one or two then move on. Only the knowledge of these programming languages would be not enough. You might practice some projects that enhance your hardware knowledge too. You must be familiar with the basic algorithms, syntax, and linking.

  1. Perfect knowledge in Statistics/ Algebra and applied mathematics

While finalizing a career in AI engineering, you need to make your exposure with the matrics, vectors, multiplication of matrix, and lots more. At least make sure you have some knowledge of integrals, standard deviations, means, etc. You apply your mathematical knowledge in the areas of Quadratic programming, Partial differential equations, Gradient descent, Lagrange, Convex Optimization, etc.

  1. Natural language processing

Natural Language Processing combines computer science, information engineering, Linguistics, and AI, and processing the large database into one. Therefore, as an AI engineer, you have to extensively work on NLP, including text, audio, or video processing. Moreover, you have good control over the libraries like TextBlob, Sentiment Analytics, NTLK, CoreNLP, and lots more.

  1. Artificial Neural Networks

A neural network is either hardware or software that functions like a human brain. Hence, the neural network is developed to recognize complex numerical patterns with the help of sensor data. So, to become an AI engineer, you must be familiar with some deep neural networks like Translation, Speech Recognition, and Image classification.

  1. Communication and collaboration skills 

When you are sure of playing the role of AI, you must be effective in solving the critical problems of your stakeholders. Also good communication skills and a problem-solving attitude is must to do that.

You can master the above-mentioned skills through practice or choosing any certification course. To pursue your career in AI engineering, add value to your resume by completing any certification course in data science or Artificial Intelligence.

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Career Options and Future Prospects after B. Pharma Course

The pandemic has made everyone realize the importance of the pharmaceutical sector. And this is why this sector is continuously booming. Hence, the students want to pursue careers in the pharmaceutical sector, as there is high career growth. Research published in the Hindu Business Line shows that India is the largest supplier of medicines, i.e., 20%, and the Pharmaceutical sector of India is showing a CAGR of 15.9%.

So, if you are deciding to pursue your career in this sector, keep scrolling to know more about this sector.

What do you mean by Bachelor of Pharmacy Course?

 Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate program that trains students in chemical science and medicines. While studying in this sector, they learn about the human anatomy, action and side effects of drugs and dosages, storage, and quality.

The core subjects of this course are Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Pharmacognosy.

What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in Bachelor of Pharmacy?

 The duration of graduating from this program is four years, and any students who have completed 10+2 with 50% marks from any recognized board or institute can enroll their name for this course. Their subjects in 10+2 must have Physics, Chemistry, and Maths or Biology.

However, students who have completed a Diploma in Pharmacy with 50% marks can take admission in the second year of the Bachelor of Pharmacy program.

What is the career scope after graduating with a Bachelor of Pharmacy?

 After graduating from B. Pharma, students have better opportunities in the medical field. Let’s discuss some of the areas of B. Pharma courses.

  • After completing the B. Pharma course, students have golden opportunities to enter any government hospital like AIIMS as a Pharmacists.
  • Pharmacists can get employed as production and quality manager in the private sector.
  • Person after graduating from B. Pharma can pursue their career as drug inspector. The drug inspector’s role is to look at drug safety, utility, and quality from their manufacturing to distribution and sales.
  • After B.Pharma, there is a great career opportunity in Pharmaceutical marketing.
  • There is a huge demand for a drug store and quality medicines. After graduating from B. Pharma, a person can open a drug store and work as a medicine distributor in different parts of the country.

With the emerging number of diseases, there is a high demand in the Pharma sector. The students have greater success if they opt for this sector.

A Simple Guide to Data Science

With advancements in technology, data science has become a rewarding career option globally. The sectors like Information technology, telecom, manufacturing, retail industry, etc., need a data analyst to collect massive data and record them. Before you pursue your career in data science, first understand what is data science, the skills required to become a data analyst, prospects, etc.

Before pegging down a career in data science, go through this simple guide.

What is Data Science?

 Data science is a multidisciplinary domain that works with a large amount of data to find the insights of big businesses with the help of statistics and analytics. The work of a data analyst is to use their mathematics and programming knowledge to organize businesses’ data. Moreover, data analysts provide solutions to business challenges.

What are the skills required to pursue a career in Data Science?

 Perfection in Mathematics and Statistics:

As a data scientist, you must have extraordinary skills in solving differential calculus, integral calculus, differential equations, algebra, statistics, and probability theory.

Knowledge of programming language in computer science:

If you want to continue in data science, you must be familiar with programming languages like Python, Java, Perl, C++, and R. You should have knowledge of database programming languages like NoSQL and SQL. Some additional skills will add value to your professions, like strong command of some business intelligence tools like Tableau. Skills in solving big data, algorithms, etc.

Career opportunities in Data Science

  1. Data Scientist

As a data scientist, you occupy diverse domains like mathematical and technical acumen to identify a pattern and trends and make a prediction based on that data. A data scientist has vast experience in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, data engineering, and statistics.

  1. Data Engineer

As technology advances, the demand for data engineers has increased as large data collection has become a necessity. A data engineer helps maintain the data pipelines and builds APIs to support the data repositories.

  1. Data Architect

Data Architect works on base data to identify its quality and accessibility and do security checks. Data Architect primarily works for the organization and help in maintaining their data.

  1. Business Analyst

Business Analysts are in great demand as they work with businesses and management to identify the technical solutions for a business problem. They mainly help the businesses in planning their finance and offers unique marketing strategy.

What are the prospects of Data science?

 It helps the e-commerce business predict their profit, losses, sales, changes in buying decisions, review analysis, etc.

  • Banking and finance industry; for data analysis of transactions and fraud management.
  • In the medical field, like analyzing patients’ medical history, medicines supply, shortage, etc.

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What Are Some Of The Biggest Trends In Civil Engineering For 2022?

Civil engineering is similar to any other industry out there, in terms of competitiveness. A Civil Engineer needs to stay updated about the latest trends in the industry, to stay competitive in a domain where transformations, advances, and innovation are constantly happening. This engineering field is continuously progressing with the coming in of fresh perspectives, sustainable materials, new technologies, and better equipment. These are some of the top trends in civil engineering for 2022 to know about.

Industrialized Construction

In recent years, modular prefabricated components assembly is a method that has been growing increasingly popular. Earlier prefabricated technologies were used only in major engineering tasks. Today, however, even small businesses can access this technique – for manufacturing an increasing number of constructive models.

With the help of 3D printers, it can be easier and faster to construct customized pre-molded parts, with no wastage of materials. By using such technologies, it is possible to ensure more durability, better quality standards, faster speed, and an improved cost to benefit ratio.

Automated Equipment

When manual labor is used, the health of workers can be at risk. Based on the person who is employed for work, there can be problems of low service quality, reduced productivity, or even hazards arising during work.

Taking this into consideration, civil engineers are using machines for handling all the physical work and automating the stages of construction. For instance, with the help of artificial intelligence, it is possible to construct walls using machines with extremely reduced error margins. When robotic equipment is used, accident risks for workers can be reduced significantly.

Intelligent Urbanization

Over time, there will be vast changes in the buildings that are constructed as well as the whole urban space where these would be erected. By using new technologies, urban planning capacity would be made more systemic and improved. It can improve the quality of life of dwellers. Today, more than at any other time in history, construction activities are influenced by social goings-on. For civil engineers, it is important to satisfy collective as well as individual requirements.

Drone usage

In the world of construction, drones are being used more and more today. It is very practical to use these in the construction sector, as these equipment are able to:

  • Capture videos and photos
  • Allow initial data collection
  • Make measurements possible even in tough-to-access places

These can be simultaneously useful, for commercial purposes. For example, the video footage and images captured with the help of drones can be used for marketing activities. With drones getting more and more popular and an increasing number of companies producing them, it is expected that their prices would fall drop sooner, and these can be used in construction sectors more affordably.


In the last few years, there has been a lot of progress in the civil engineering sector and many technological changes have been integrated with construction processes. With the help of new materials and technologies, civil engineers can find it better and easier to actualize construction projects of their dreams and make it possible for us to live in a future that was, till recently, regarded as unimaginable

How Can You Crack An Interview More Easily?

It can be overwhelming and undoubtedly stressful to appear for an interview. It is normal to worry about how you can get through them and whether your objective of getting the job will be fulfilled. But there are a few steps that you can take to reduce stress and stay calm during an interview, ensuring that you give it all that you have got.

Practice as much as possible

It is essential to have a lot of practice beforehand, prior to sitting for the actual interview. Substantial practice is required, especially for the more challenging and curveball questions. With repetition, your answers can be more persuasive and you will look more natural while responding to the interviewer’s questions.

You can watch career-related interviews, informative webinars, get career guidance, join a grooming class or workshop – to find out how to tackle your weaknesses and improve on your strengths. This can go a long way to help you while answering interviewers’ questions.

Have a positive mindset

Do you feel scared when you have hang out with friends? The stress factor associated with an interview is related to its outcome. If you take it casually, the stress would be reduced. Think of yourself as a celebrity who is going to deliver a wonderful performance and stun everyone around. When you stay positive, it can be easier for you to make a wonderful first impression. It is important to Be Yourself and not try to show yourself off as someone that you are not. Once you do this, everything can be a lot easier.

Do something light

While you are on your way to the interview listen to some song or an audiobook or something that can distract you or put you in a light wood mood. This can give you happiness and the happy hormones can keep your stress levels down, allowing you to be on your best self during the course of the interview.

Be your best self

Work on your appearance the day before the interview, so that you have to spend very little time preparing physically on the actual day. Before you go out you need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and feel that you are looking like a million bucks. It is important to know about the dress code of the company where you are going for an interview. It depends a lot on the corporate culture and the industry of the company.

Remove all the worries of not getting the desired position and being rejected. It is normal to be rejected and that does not end the world for you. You can find another opportunity, another day. What is more important is to give your best shot to each and every interview.

Go through some motivational quotes

Powerful words have a way to influence the mind as few other things can. There is a reason why generals and commanders still give inspiring speeches to soldiers before going to battle. Inspirational quotes can give you the power, boost your motivation to give your best, and unlock the door to your personal excellence.

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How Will Computer Science And Engineering Be Used In Data Science?

At this moment, computer technology is possibly the well-developed course of academics. An academic program, Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is taught at many universities and colleges. This program includes engineering and scientific elements of computing. The usage of data Analytics in almost every company has led to a major growth of as much as 45% in the general jobs related to data science. Find out how computer science and engineering will be used in data science.


Using data evaluation can help e-commerce companies in boosting purchases, by managing customers into the purchase of items through behavior monitoring, and measuring profits as well as losses more easily.


Data scientists can be involved in improving care delivery and making operations much smoother. They can assist in the optimization of every healthcare operation element, by maximizing the potential of data.

Finance and banking

The transaction data that is available in banks can be used in the control of financial fraud and threat risks. Introducing data science can help manage the private details of clients in a much better way.


When data science is used, it can be much easier to draw insights into how transportation networks can be planned and dealt with. The insights obtained from this recorded data can be more than enough to gain a competitive edge, reduce risks, and make a transportation service provider more reliable.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence intends to develop computer programs even more, which can attain objectives and resolve problems just like humans would. It comes with the scope of developing machines in speech recognition systems, professional systems, playing games, language detection systems, computer vision, robotics, and many more.

The specialization of Computer Science & Engineering in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help students develop applications, software programs, or intelligent machines with a blend of visualization and machine learning technologies.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This is among the modern innovations in the field of IT and computer science and engineering. This specialization involves producing IoT services and products along with intercommunication devices, processors, actuators, and sensors.

The use of Computer science and engineering in the internet of things data science can be used fully for enterprises that can get a real-time glimpse into the workings of structures. It can be easier to get insights into logistics operations, supply chain, overall machine performance, and more. Labor costs can be reduced with the help of automation of techniques. Wastage can be reduced, and service delivery can be improved – which can reduce the cost of production of goods. More transparency can be brought into transactions with customers.


There are tremendous benefits of using data science in the modern world. As many as 94% of graduates entering this domain can find a profitable career for themselves. Those who are experts in statistics can discover more frontiers with data Analytics.

When statistics technology is used, it can be easier for enterprises to realize the production choices of customers. Further, the demand will be higher when it comes to optimizing commercial business processes with the help of data science – whether in manufacturing, shipping, or banking. Anybody who wants to be a data scientist can find many possibilities out there to explore.

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How Can You Reduce Stress Before Your Exams?

When it comes to passing your examinations with flying colors, you need to have complete peace of mind and lots of self-control. Your answers need proper preparation and an in-depth understanding of your study material to crack the test. But, some amount of stress is unavoidable even with the right kind of preparation. Here are some effective tips that can help you in stress reduction before your exams.

  1. Delegate some of your tasks to others

It is important to have a lot of focus and devote much time to preparations for the examination. This is not a time to take care of random things that can take up a lot of your study hours. Naturally, it is important to have a network of supportive people around you, who understand how important this time is. They need to be ready to reduce your stress by undertaking some of your important tasks.

  1. Do not make any last-minute changes to your study plan

It is really significant to have a proper study plan from beforehand and stick to it all through, right up to the day of sitting for the exam. Do not add anything completely different or entirely new from what you have studied already. Any last-minute change can upset your study plans and have a negative impact on your exam.

It could be that you might like to add some sections of a new chapter into your answers. However, that would mean going through that chapter as well and investing some more time into the process. That can be a very bad strategy if you have loads of important chapters left for preparation already.

  1. Evaluate your progress

Many students develop cold feet just one to two weeks before their examination date. However, when you consider your progress almost regularly and are confident of having prepared a lot already, the deadline does not scare you anymore. You can understand that you have come a long way already and it is too late to give up on your plans. With the constant assessment of your progress, you can find out how much is left to cover and also how much you have covered already. This can help reduce your exam stress in no small way.

  1. Take temporary breaks

At times, too much studying and preparation can block your mind and everything can get jumbled up. It can be very scary when that happens. These are the times when you should close your book, get off the study table and take a break temporarily. Go for a walk, have a cup of tea, watch your favorite movie again, go through your favorite book once more, have some exercise, play with your pet, or do anything that you like. It can be a refreshing change that will rejuvenate you. You can go back to your studies feeling more energetic and ready to finish the rest of your study load.

With the help of these useful strategies, it can be easier for you to reduce the psychological stress associated with the examination.

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Top things that you should know about Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering courses are being taught in almost all of the top colleges in India. Before you enroll for a mechanical engineering academic program in an institution, you have to know about some essential things in order to know the domain more clearly.

Do you want to pursue a mechanical engineering course at any of the top colleges in India? If that is true, you are doing a great service to yourself in your academic and professional journey. Before you take admission in any mechanical engineering course, there are some important things that you should know about this domain.

It prepares you for work with heavy equipment and tools

This domain of engineering involves designing, building and using various types of equipment. When you pursue mechanical engineering programs, you can get a basic knowledge of how machines and tools work. With an understanding of the same, you can work with these easily. Whether automobiles, electric motors or aircraft, you can find out how to design and use them.

Ability to improvise and innovate

Engineers with mechanics specialty are able to design a number of things – such as monitoring device, new batteries or even athletic equipment. You can work on electric power plants, air conditioners automobile engines, personal computers etc. To put simply, you can get the ability to innovate as well as improvise various types of devices and machines out there.

Excellent career scope

Mechanical engineering is somewhere at the top of the engineering career fields in India as well as abroad. Candidates who successfully complete a mechanical engineering degree course can get many amazing opportunities to choose from. In the best colleges in India, recruitment events are organized for students. There are walk-in interviews as well – for most of the Mechanical engineering job profiles. The salary packages in this field are decent. If you get the necessary skill sets, you can even bag a government job once you complete a degree program. Some recruiters hire on the basis of marks while others – solely based on skills. When it comes to mechanical engineering, you can find many excellent jobs in the government sector as well as the private sector in India and even abroad.

It lets you prepare for other things

Even while you pursuea mechanical engineering course, it is possible for you to study for government job exams. Thus, there is the scope to get a degree as well as simultaneously prepare for government job exams examinations. This can actually save a lot of time for you. Even if you are unable to clear a government job examination, you can always find a private job where the competition is less.

Career Shift in the Post Pandemic World – Important Strategies to Follow

In the post pandemic era, there are various challenges involved in moving into a new domain. This is particularly the case if you would want to move away from the job industry that you have been in – for at least a few years. However, this also is a great time for you to look for some new opportunities and go for the changes you might have when planning for a long time now. These are some important strategies that can help you.

Consider your unique strengths

In order to start afresh, you must have a clear vision. You can go for useful personality tests such as the Big Five or Enneagram – which can let you find out more about yourself, who you actually are and the kind of things that you value in life. Once you are able to identify all of that, you can align yourself easily with an appropriate professional role.

Do out of the box thinking

It also makes sense to think of some innovative or outstanding job role. This can be a great way to explore a virgin professional territory or field that might not have been attempted before or has been explored only by a few people. You might have more chances of being successful there. It is essential to get organized and have a proper routine. Find out which outstanding domain you would like to enter and be successful in. You must have a proper flow and stay level-headed all through the process of thinking. Out of the box is okay, while impractical is not. Do not think of unrealistic fields.

Think openly

When you think with an open mind, you can easily detect opportunities that you might have not expected or considered. An open mind can let you have clear goals and vision and you can take every single detail into account before you enter a new industry and take up a new profession for yourself.

Carry out some background research

After you have an idea about the possible roles that you might like to explore, it is essential to do some field research of your own. Read up about the field of choice as much as possible and gather plenty of knowledge about the same. Find professionals who are already working in those fields and have important conversation, to take an informed decision about the next step in your career.

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Why is Machine Learning Important in Civil Engineering?

Data analytics and prediction has a vital role to play in the field of civil engineering. It is used for the analysis of data from survey forecasting how long concrete would last and much more. The expressions, rules and terms that are mentioned in the guidelines in IS codes are very complex for implementation in all those activities where a lot of data with many variables source from site investigations and laboratory tests are involved. In order to keep pace with the world and other engineering domains the construction industry is using Machine Learning and other interdisciplinary technologies for data management purposes. Read and find out why Machine Learning is important in the field of Civil Engineering.

Reducing risks of errors

In Machine Learning, computer algorithms are used – which automatically improve upon getting exposed to more information over a period. The errors in data management and prediction can be reduced significantly with the help of this interdisciplinary technology. Even a few years ago, this task involved a lot of accuracy but was also more error-prone due to human agencies involved in the process. With machine learning this has become more convenient.

Use of varied methods

Various methods are used in machine learning for grouping identifying and prediction of data. Decision Tree and Artificial Neural Network are some of the instances of these methods. Students of civil engineering can use concepts of machine learning at the beginning in small sized projects. These can include:

  • Using Sieve Analysis for determining type of oil
  • Knowing about the coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Getting an idea about the compressive strength of concrete, following some days
  • Classification of soil with the use of Plasticity Index and Liquid Limit
  • Using data of a building for energy variables estimation etc.

A few tools may also be used for ML projects like Google Co Labs, MATLAB, Anaconda and Weka. There can also be an implementation of Keras, Tensor Flow, Python and other libraries.

Higher scope of development

In the present age, a civil engineer with an idea about these interdisciplinary domains can be more successful in his profession and can also help the construction industry to develop more. In the previous year, the construction industry witnessed a lot of unemployment and different types of losses due to non-use of interdisciplinary technologies. It is, thus, a good time to begin preparing students of civil engineering right from the roots. The use of interdisciplinary technologies like machine learning should be used in the field of civil engineering.

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