What is the Earning Scope in Paramedical Courses in India?

Paramedical courses are quite popular as an academic stream. These are job oriented medical training programs that help train a person to be a competent worker in the health care sector. There is a growing need for such health care professionals today, especially in accident and trauma care. These happen to be quite training-specific courses and can provide students with the knowledge and training needed to deal with real-life medical situations.

Paramedical Courses – What is the Earning Scope in India?

The Paramedical sector is a fast-growing one, and you can find lots of positions which come with the prospect of high payment. When it comes to career option, paramedics and allied health care happens to be in a lot of demand. But the salary often depends on a lot of other factors – such as hiring organization, experience of the person and so on.

Based on the type of job that one seeks, there is a difference in the salary package. For example, radiology technicians can earn as much as 10,000 INR every month as starting salary. With time and experience, this can be as high as 50,000 INR per month. In the healthcare sector, assistant workers can earn an average monthly salary of 5,000 – to 15,000 INR. Dialysis technicians can earn 20,000 initially, and go on to earn as much as 50,000 INR in the later stages. Lab technicians can earn as much as about 70,000 INR per month with time and experience.

What are the Salary Prospects for Different Paramedical Jobs?

The following are some of the examples:

X-Ray technician

You have to learn about the various kinds of X-Rays that are used, the imaging technologies that are implemented, how to read an x-ray, the kind of x-ray to be used in some specific situation etc. You have to pursue a course such as B.Sc in X-ray technology, or Certificate in X-ray technician, Diploma in X-ray technology, Bachelor of radiation technology or B.Sc in Medical Imaging Technology. Approximately 5.5 lakhs INR is the monthly salary that you can draw as an X-ray technician. Those having diploma or certificate can take home an annual salary of around 360000 INR. The salary in the US can be much higher.

Anesthetic Specialist

To induce numbness or unconsciousness for medical procedures or operations, Anesthetics are needed. You have to pursue courses like PG Diploma in Anesthesia, Diploma in Anesthesia or B.Sc in Anesthesia Technology to be able to become an Anesthetic. As an Entry-level Anesthetic, you can earn approx 1 lakh INR per annum. If you get to be a specialist, such as a Cardiac Anesthetic Specialist, you can earn much more. With time, you can earn as much as 12 lakh INR. The payment is thrice more in the USA than in India.


You have to treat patients with movement training, exercise, electrotherapy etc, and need to pursue programs like Diploma in Physiotherapy or Bachelor of Physiotherapy for that. You can earn approx INR 15000 – 70000 every month. As a personal physiotherapist or sports physiotherapist, you can draw approximately 50000 INR per month.

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What Makes MBA in Marketing Courses So Important?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is among the most popular degrees across the globe these days. This is a 2-year program and lets you specialize in a specific subject, like human resource management, operations management, marketing and finance. In the last few years, such types of courses have become very popular among MBA aspirants due to the many employment opportunities that they offer. Get an idea why MBA in marketing courses are so important.


This type of program has a student-oriented focus and its learning and teaching philosophy ensures that the industry can get the most talented and skilled MBA professionals. Students can have the best graphic communication, oral and written skills. Students can get enough knowledge as well as understanding of the suitable mathematical and scientific basics that are needed for the development of all the professional skills.

When you pursue an MBA program, you can broaden your career prospects as well as improve your salary potential. This is also a holistic learning experience, which can let you develop your soft skills as well as technical abilities. You can establish solid professional connections right in the B-school   which can last all through your own life and give your career a direction at each stage.

Growth scope

They can get the intellectual maturity and professional competence that is needed for achieving personal growth as well as a commitment to have ethical growth. MBA courses have a design-driven curriculum, project-based approach and student centric pedagogy that can help students in learning, innovation, designing and complex problem solving.

When you enroll for an MBA in marketing course, it can be easier for you to work as Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, Media Planner, Brand Manager, Sales Manager or Digital Marketing Manager. After completing such a program, you can get the skills, knowledge and qualification necessary for working in multiple industries – such as academics, hospitality, retail, banking, advertising, consultancy, IT and FMCG sectors. You can choose from many varied job opportunities available in private as well as public sectors.


It is possible for students to have proficiency in the integration of knowledge as well as using their own understanding in spotting all the issues and giving the most effective solutions for the same. They can get an understanding and awareness of various social conditions and cultures. This is what makes it desirable for employers and a preferred choice for students out there.

Standard MBA in marketing courses are structured in such a way that these can make you ready for the coursework of ‘core’ business as well as offer marketing-specific electives which can add to that understanding. The core subjects concentrate on organizational behavior, corporate management, accounting, human resources and finance.

High Salary

Top technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Facebook and IBM hire talented MBA professionals for various marketing positions. The employment responsibilities come with attractive pay scales which can be widely varied and diverse. It is possible to draw a high salary when you complete an MBA degree course and take up work in some top organization.

How to Give Your Tech Career a Good Start This Year?

A career in technology can be quite promising, such as in the domain of network engineering, and it comes with great prestige and salary. Here are some tips that will help you to give a fantastic start to your career in 2021, and have it flourish beyond.

Go through tech blogs

Start reading blogs on tech topics, which have relevance to the particular domain in tech that you have little knowledge about. Whether you are an expert in security, virtualization, cloud, programming, networking etc, you need to look for the best blogs in the topic and subscribe to those. The best of the tech blogs have content that is updated. You can get more knowledge about your field.

Boost your online presence

Many more small business owners, HR managers and recruiting managers are checking the web for screening resumes and finding suitable candidates for their company. They also check the social networking profiles of the candidates on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, or even their personal website. When you have a robust online presence, you can have taken much more seriously by prospective employers in the tech industry.

Know the Public Cloud

The Public cloud is another aspect of being an engineer. You need to familiarize yourself with a few public cloud providers, such as Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure and AWS. In case you are not focusing on any other thing at the moment, obtain some training in Azure and AWS.

Set up a blog

You can share your own ideas and experiences through your own blog. It can be a great way for you to share glimpses into your personality and expand your ideas. When you research about the topic, you can learn even more about the subject that you are writing about. It can ingrain lessons into your mind, the same that you have picked up during your own journey in networking. There is no need to be concerned about writing amazing pieces that might win you awards.

Simply share your thoughts online. Maintain your own personality, and restrict the length of your blog posts to a certain length, such as fewer than 1000 words. Before you publish, have someone go through it once.

Try new things

Do not let your worries come in the way of your success. Take risks and try new things. Do not turn down from a job fearing that you have low skills for a specific tech job. If you get the chance to participate in a conference on tech topics, or hold a presentation on some field of technology etc, grab it. The experiences that you can gather from those events and occasions can come in handy for you.

Keep in mind that such opportunities do not come knocking at the doorstep every now and then. Thus, when you get a chance to prove yourself, grab it with both hands and do your best to show what you are made of. You might just catch the eyes of a hiring manager out there.

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Career Prospect of a B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

Willing to pursue B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering? Just go for it! It is one of the best choices in India as well as across the world. During its academic years, undergraduate students will become conversant with hardware and software by studying various subjects like –

  • Programming language
  • Network security
  • Cryptography
  • Mathematics
  • Internet
  • Cloud computing
  • Database management systems
  • Digital image processing
  • Computer networks
  • Operating system

Students also do projects thorough understanding of the subject and also display their skills that they have acquired during the course of study. After the training, students even the novice ones, become capable of understanding, developing and designing sustainable solutions for societal problems.

A B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering has plenty of career options. Let’s have a look at some of these opportunities…

  • Data Analyst

A data analyst is responsible for converting the raw facts called data into information which helps in drawing inferences and further in decision making. Graduates having knowledge about tools like Advanced Excel, SPSS, Python are capable of communicating, collecting and processing data can become a proficient data analyst. In this digital world, huge amount of data is generated through satellite, mobile devices, sensors and so on. Consequently, demand for qualified data analyst is also generated.

  • Software Developer

A software developer must have knowledge of fundamentals, aptitude for quick learning, must be aware of current affairs and have good understanding of programming language like JavaScript, C#, Swift, C, PHP and so on. Organizations, these days, are operating through their websites as it offers a unique platform for communication with clients or users. Therefore, companies require efficient web developer for designing and developing an attractive and user-friendly web pages.

Game Developer: It is a trending career option for software developers. Advertisement industry, entrainment industry and mobile phone companies look for game developers. Stencil, Twine, Quest, Unity are some essential software used for designing and developing games.

App Developer: An app or application is a personalized software performing specific function on mobile devices. Graduates having good knowledge of user requirement, design of user interface and programming language can excel in this field.

  • Information Security Specialist

Task of an information security specialist is to detect any vulnerability to information security and take correct measure in case of any breach in it. An efficient specialist is required to have knowledge of programming languages like C++, C, JAVA, PH, different operating systems and networking concepts.

  • Software Test Engineer

Every organization uses software for their operation and it is necessary to check the software to ensure its quality. Software testing engineers examine a particular and check whether it meets user requirements. Therefore a test engineer should have thorough knowledge about basic construction of programming language.

So, these are some of the career opportunities available to a  B. Tech graduate in Computer Science and Engineering.

Simple Tips & Guidelines to Build a Career in Business Analytics

How to pursue a career in Analytics? What to do to have a successful career in Business Analytics? These are common questions that students usually ask to an expert. Well, Business Analytics is a wide subject but here we have tried to provide an overview of different aspects of this subject.


Analytics is subject to exponential growth. With increasing amount of data in digital form, there is also a high demand for faster and smarter data based decisions. Job prospect of a person with in-depth analytical skill is bright in the near future. Now, a newbie is usually confused regarding the best way of starting a career in Business Analytics. This difficulty is because of the following reasons –

  • The industry is in developing stage and so, it is not easy to find right guidance.
  • The terms “Business Analytics” or “Analytics” are used loosely and hence; people find it difficult to appreciate and understand its role.
  • The path leading to this field is not usually well laid and structured.


Like any other field, a career in analytics can also be approached in two different ways.

First Approach: Seek Employment in a Company that Provides Training on Necessary Skill

Companies having Analytics and using them on their daily decisions will hire such people. Though this approach is better than the other from future perspective, yet it requires investment and time, especially if the company does not have a structured training. The companies are popular for using some advanced Analytics, these are –

  • Analytic Consultancies – ZS Associates, Fractal, Absolutdata
  • Telecom Companies – Airtel, Vodafone, Idea
  • Insurance, Banking and Financial Services – HDFC, ICICI, American Express, Capital One
  • Technology Leaders – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google

One can enter these companies through internships as well. Thus, it is a good idea to become an intern in one of these companies when you get a break.

Second Approach: Acquire Certification of Business Analytics

These certifications provide the required technical skills but they cannot provide job experience. Hence, one has to take training for that. Some of the options are-

  • There are a number of renowned academic institutes offering certification course to people having work experience.
  • Freshers can also seek admission to various institutes for certification courses. Pursuing these courses increases the chance of employment in the best companies.


Above mentioned approches are some of the ways of beginning a career in Analytics. There are other ways of increasing awareness regarding this field. Here are a few of them –

  • Read about Analytics continuously through different communities and blogs.
  • You can also attend conferences, meet and forums of various industries to understand the subject better.
  • Going for internships is a wonderful way of starting a career because internships give flavor of work before you actually enter the competitive market.
  • Find ways to communicate with people in this industry as this is the best source of information.

Thus, these are some effective ways of starting a career in Business Analytics.

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B.Tech CSE or Mechanical Engineering – Which One Should You Choose?

After graduation, B.Tech in Computer Science (B.Tech CSE) and Mechanical Engineering give to be two of the main options that students can choose from. These are two of the engineering branches that are preferred the most. It is important for students to make a choice between the two. Given that both of these are similar as well as dissimilar in many aspects. Here are some hints on which one can be a better choice.

Career options

If you want to establish a career faster than in any other domain, it is better that you pick the field of computer science. This is due to the fact that lesser academic concepts are needed by computer programmers when they have to bag a job. Most students looking for a career in Computer science tend to do that after they manage to get their Bachelor’s degree. But, to be able to get a nice job in the mechanical engineering domain, a master’s degree is must for students.


When students have to pursue a career, whether in B.Tech in Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering, it is important to have some level of experience. It can be a good idea to begin with an associate degree or an easier or similar level of diploma, for computer programmers who would like to have some expertise and experience. Students may even opt for various basics courses in programming, extended by various institutions out there.

But that is not what mechanical engineers have to do, when they opt for some important degree course – whether Bachelor’s or Master’s level, to get the knowledge and experience that they need when it comes to their preferred subjects.

Average Salary

The average starting salary might be close to 2,00,000 INR per year or slightly more for B.Tech Mechanical Engineering graduates. But those passing out of IIT can expect to get more, given that campus recruitment is conducted there by top companies. Based on your skills, expertise and talent, you can expect even more salary.

For B.Tech CSE graduates, the starting salary might be on the lower side. However, as you begin to have more of work experience, there will be a rise in your salary and growth in your job role. After 2-4 years of work experience, you can expect to bag a higher average salary per annum.


In computer science, the stress is more on the digital side of development and design. However, in mechanical engineering, there is more emphasis on the techniques and physical build of the tools. It would not be tough for students to make a choice between computer science and mechanical engineering in case they are familiar with the differences and similarities as well as the basic concepts of both domains.

BBA or B. Com – Which is a better course after 12th standard?

BBA or B. Com – Which is a better course after 12th standard?

At certain stage of life, one has to take precise decision regarding his or her education and career. A student completing his or her intermediate exam with commerce might be in a dilemma whether to use B. Com or BBA. Before deciding anything, remember that undergraduate level is the base for further studies and career. One’s aim in life is affected by what he chooses in undergraduate. Now, B. Com and BBA are subsidiaries of commerce but quite divergent from each other.

Renowned management institutes offer both these programs. Let’s take a look at both these programs…

BBA Program

Bachelor in Business Administration or BBA shows the practical and experimental side of a business. It deals with varied aspects of business administration, controlling and planning. Students do not need to have any special requirement for pursuing this program. Thus, students from any stream can opt for this program. BBA paves the path for MBA and further studies. This degree has multiple career opportunities and scope.

Career Opportunities for BBA Students

Candidates completing BBA from a reputed institute are eligible for seeking jobs in noticeable companies across the world. Some noticeable job opportunities are –

  • Recruiting Coordinator
  • Finance Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Administration Researcher
  • Career Development Officer
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Research and Development Manager
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Business Consultant

Courses Available for BBA Graduates

BBA graduates can explore opportunities for further studies and can pursue MBA, CS, CA, Event Management, Law and so on.

  1. Com Program

Bachelor in Commerce or B. Com is about imparting theoretical knowledge regarding commerce. It includes industrial policies, administration, economics, accounts and finance. B. Com has specific eligibility criteria and so, everyone cannot go for this course. B. Com Honours students have specialization and enhance their skill in a specific area.

Career Opportunities for B. Com Graduates

Completing the B. Com course, students can opt for various lucrative jobs. Some job profiles are –

  • Business Development Trainee
  • Accountant
  • Economist
  • Auditor
  • Stock Broker
  • Consultant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Company Secretary
  • Sales Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Finance Officer

After B. Com degree, some students choose to get higher studies. They can go for Computer Application, M. Com, Hotel Management, Chartered Financial Analyst, MBA and so on.

Choosing Between B. Com and BBA

Both BBA and B. Com are popular management courses after 12th standard.


Students who are inclined to only management jobs, they should choose BBA degree. On the contrary, those who find interest in finance, accounts and management and willing to work in commerce sector, they should pick B. Com program. So, interest of the aspirant is the first thing.


Skills needed in management sector will be surely different from the skills required in commerce field. Therefore, skill of an aspirant also decides which course to choose.

So, when choosing a program, one has to be very decisive about his abilities, future prospect of the course and colleges can offer to them.

4 Ways a Blog Can Help Management Students

Are you a student of management studies? If you are one, and are looking for some great ways to ensure solid career prospects after the completion of your course, blogging could be one of them. Find out why having a blog can be useful for any management student in at least 4 ways.

Striking a connection

With a blog, you can strike a connection with people who have a similar mindset as yours. A blog offers an online platform that can help balance people’s opinions. You can also get direct comments and feedbacks from readers, apart from being able to get in touch with management experts, companies and managers. All these can positively affect your resume.

You may also invite faculty members to post comments on your blog, which can improve your knowledge as well as your relationship with them.

Improving knowledge

While blogging, you also have to read quite a bit for research through journals and the internet. You can gain much knowledge and explore various topics that can boost your existing knowledge. You can also gain some knowledge of other nations and people, and the cross-cultural experience can be a real eye opener for you.

A blog can also let you communicate better with writing. Constant blogging practices can be useful for improving your language skills as well, and you can convey yourself better to readers. You can also improve your ability to think critically while writing on a specific topic. It can help you think in a critical way on issues or problems experienced in actual life as well.

Digital portfolio development

You can also develop a digital portfolio of your blogs. This can be on current issues, management disciplines etc. You may display your work in that specific domain. You can gain plenty of loyal followers with a blog. It can help you display your achievements easily. You can gain a solid reputation, which can help you a lot once you enter the employment market.

A blog also boosts creativity. It can be easy to create magic with words, which can hold the attention of readers with ease. With regular blogging, you can give your creative writing abilities a boost.

Make income

With affiliate ads or Adsense ads, you can make money from your blog, as you sell e-books, offer expert advice, sell online products etc. The extra money can encourage you and support your academic journey. You need to have a decent traffic coming into your blogs to be able to earn good money from your blogs. However, with constant and dedicated efforts, and with the passage of a few years, it can be easy to earn good money from the same.

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MBA Specializations in 2020-2021 – Which Ones are the Most Popular?

MBA (Master in Business Administration) courses are important for building a successful career in the business world. Know about some of the most popular MBA Specializations in 2020-2021.

MBA in Business Analytics & Big Data

It can be useful for learning about how to analyze and sort data, and have a worthwhile effect on organizations, based on the data. Students can find out about many concepts such as econometrics, marketing intelligence and predictive analysis.

MBA in Logistics Management

Students are trained to be a manager in industrial supply and chain management. The course curriculum is customized to match the set of skills needed for dealing with transportation services, inventory and goods.

MBA in International Business

Students can understand how workings of foreign trade management works, and understand the bets methods to raise exports and imports by conducting, analyzing and generating research.

MBA in Enterprise Management

It offers knowledge associated to ethics, global strategies, workings of multinational business and international finance and operations.

MBA in Marketing Management

It includes advanced research on various marketing concepts, advertising, distribution, selling, promotion, pricing, product design and market research & analysis.

MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM)

This course aims to provide professionals – who would manage organizational workforce – with training and knowledge. It focuses on interview techniques, laws, retention tactics, labor laws, recruitment etc.

MBA in Financial Management

Students can understand important financial business functions such as operations management, data frameworks, promotion and bookkeeping. Professionals can also develop team-building and leadership skills.

MBA in Rural & Agri-Business

Such a course offers a complete insight into topics associated to the global market and the Indian agriculture market. Food processing, supply chain, soil management, farm planning etc are some topics that are taught.

MBA in Pharma & Health Care Management (PHCM)

It teaches students nursing, pharmaceutical administration, research, development etc, as well as advanced pharmaceutical management, advanced business concepts, enterprise management and more.

MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM)

It offers an overview of different subjects such as human resources, operations, finance and other topics that are associated to the tourism industry.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

The course offers the relevant skills, knowledge, network etc that are required for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

MBA in E-Commerce

It offers an advanced understanding of all the important business concepts, such as marketing, finance and general management. Students can also get help with decision-making, problem-solving, leadership, important business management skills and more.

MBA in Supply Chain Management

It offers extensive knowledge to students about planning of product flow to consumer from supplier, control, implementation etc.

MBA in Communications Management

The course teaches about business and communications, and aids students in becoming better decision-makers.

MBA in Artificial Intelligence

The course equips students with quantitative as well as technical expertise. They can have a strategic mindset which can support decision-making abilities driven by data.

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Which Jobs are Available after BE/B.Tech Civil Engineering Course?

The 2nd oldest professional degree after Mechanical Engineering, Civil engineering is used for everything from port constructions, building constructions and road constructions to planning and construction of township, metro rails etc. Are you interested in Civil Engineering, and want to know about the career options that are available after a B.Tech/B.E. undergraduate degree course in this field? Find out about the types of jobs that can be found after BE/B.Tech Civil Engineering Course.


You can begin in this domain as a fresher as a site engineer or some other suitable profile that matches your education and inclination. In case getting a good job proves to be tough for you, it is always recommended that you opt for an internship in a construction or civil engineering company.

You can earn anywhere between 3 to 20+ lakhs every year In India, and 60,000 – 100,000 USD per annum in overseas nations such as USA, Canada and UK.

Public sector Undertakings (PSUs)

You may apply for jobs in PSUs, in case you have technical proficiency. These days, such jobs depend primarily dependent on the GATE score. So if you want good PSU jobs, make good preparations for GATE. Civil engineers are the ones who hold almost all the civil service jobs in PWD (public works departments). It is among the best career options after civil engineering.

In different Government departments, such as the Department of Atomic Energy and Central Public Works Department (CPWD), exams are conducted for recruitment purposes. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC) and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) are among the major PSU companies that hire Civil Engineering graduates.

Government Engineering Jobs

For Class I post in different government engineering departments, you may even sit for various Government exams. You may even prepare for tests such as IES and UPSC. CSIR fellowship is what you need to go for, to be able to get an Indian Engineering Services government job.

Various engineering departments, such as State Public work departments (PWD), hire civil engineering graduates on a regular basis. These tests are quite easier to crack.

Bank Jobs

In India, Bank Jobs are also lucrative options for civil engineers. These days, Bank PO’s happen to be among the most profitable careers. The majority of the government engineering companies are found to post civil engineering jobs. It is among the best career options in civil engineering. There is promise of high salary, career growth and social prestige associated with these jobs.

Today, Civil Engineering jobs are among the most searched and discussed ones in nations across the world. Many people like to take up a career in Civil Engineering after the completion of their graduation program. It is tough to find the best job in this domain. However, with proper information and effective guidance about the subject concerned, it can be easier to find a suitable employment opportunity in the domain of civil engineering.  Before opting for a career in civil engineering, it is essential to have proper knowledge about the domain.