About Department

At Centurion University we believe in imparting skills at early age. Keeping this in mind we offer Bachelor Degree course in Business Administration to train and impart skill to students after their formal 12th class Degree is over

In this program we offer both core and optional subjects related to management. The objective is to shape the career of the younger members of the society by providing them a clear-cut knowledge and helping them to get employed.

The course of BBA may be viewed as an intermediate step towards in integrated master’s course in management. It aims at catering to the demand for the skilled and chiselled management professional in the industry in general and at all levels in the world of Indian business in particular.

The teaching and learning philosophy of the BBA program are driven by the focus on students as learners, and creating a peer-to-peer learning environment which maximizes their potential. Therefore, in every course we teach, independent of the content of the course, we strive to create environments whereby students are motivated to take part as members of this learning community. This objective is achieved through class participation, expository writing, creation of e-learning tools, projects, problem-based learning, and assignments, etc. All the courses are designed and evaluated for rigor in terms of difficulty level, skills acquired, and improvement in communication ability. Another unique feature of the program is the industry interface: Action Learning Project. Groups of three to four students engage with local companies to submit professional quality reports and analysis. This offers students significant first-hand exposure to the real corporate work environment.

  • To acquire basic knowledge of general management concepts, principles and processes.
  • To develop analytical and decision making ability at strategic and operational level in real time business situations.
  • To develop communication skills to listen, understand, write and present business problems and solutions in different areas
  • To understand ethical principles and their applications in business and interpersonal contexts.
Career Opportunity:

After completion of BBA, one can join as a frontline executive in Business Enterprise including manufacturing and services (FMCG, FMCD, telecom, retail, infrastructure, financial services, etc.);or pursue higher education (MBA, etc.); or start own business as an entrepreneur.

  • Management trainee and junior officers in corporates
  • Job opportunities in banking sector
  • Higher education opportunities
  • Job opportunities in NGO sector
  • Entrepreneurial Activities


Seminars & Workshops: