About Department

Aerospace Engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the design, development,
testing, and production of aircraft, spacecraft, propulsion systems, satellites, missiles, and related systems
and equipment. With in-depth skills and understanding of aerodynamics, materials and structures,
propulsion, vehicle dynamics, and software, aerospace engineers develop leading-edge technologies and
integrate them into aerospace vehicle systems used for transportation, communications, exploration, and
defense applications. The core areas of specialization for a team of aerospace engineers include
aerodynamics, thermodynamics, control system, propulsion, celestial mechanics, and electronics. The
University has all the required labs like Wind Tunnel for testing and design tools by Dassault Systémes.
There is a huge career scope in the field of Aerospace Engineering. In this field, the candidates will be
able to lead a great life as the salary is really good. After the candidates qualify this course, they will get a
great job along with an amazing salary package. The scope in this field includes a job at one of the most
renowned organizations.

Career Opportunity:

After successful completion of this programme students would get plenty of opportunities to work in airlines and general aviation as flight planning, ground operations, ramp executive, flight dispatcher, airline safety, airline security, airline commercial and many such roles.

Seminars & Workshops: