About Department

This programme aims to prepare industry ready professionals who are prepared to provide engineering solutions to crop production problems in agriculture. The curriculum for this programme is designed in such a way that it allows for multiple experiential learning opportunities to students so that they can contribute to the development and application of mechanical automation in agriculture. The curriculum includes topics such as trends in automation, optimisation techniques, operational models, Fundamentals of farming mechanization, model formulation and system engineering and simulation and systems analysis of theoretical crop science.

  • Smart Farm machinery
  • Soil and Water Conservation
  • Food Process Engineering


To become leading centre of learning that incorporates the academic excellence and innovative research to make significant contribution in the field of agricultural engineering.


  • Enable students to seek fulfilling careers in agri-based industries, agricultural research or as government employee and Entrepreneurs.
  • Enable alumni to be respectable in society with responsible attitude and expertise in the agriculture area to help the sustainable livelihoods.
  • Empower faculty to have impact on society for the contribution and achievement.
  • Create teaching and learning models with a collaborative platform which could be emulated by other institutions.
  • Be recognized in agriculture sector, improve farmers and agriculture allied sectors.

CUTM is one of the best engineering colleges in Bhubaneswar based on placement records, especially in agriculture engineering.

Program Educational Objectives:

PEO1: Graduate will contest on a global stage to serve their professional career in Agricultural Engineering and related disciplines.

PEO2: Graduate will pursue higher education and/or engage in interdisciplinary research to implement their professional knowledge in inventions.

PEO3: Graduate will develop entrepreneurs and enhance employability.

PSOs: Department of Agricultural Engineering:

PSO1: Graduates will design, modify and direct the manufacture of agricultural machinery and implement for different agricultural production systems.

PSO2: Graduates will have the proficiency to develop farm machineries, value added post- harvest products and water harvesting structures.

PSO3: Graduates will possess the competency to qualify GATE, JRF and Odisha Public Service examinations.




Seminars & Workshops