About Department

The Agricultural Science Department at Centurion affords the opportunity for students to experience a holistic approach to the study of food and fiber production and their association and interaction with societal concerns. At Centurion, our focus is on a sustainable agricultural system.

In addition to taking the core set of agriculture courses required of all Agricultural Science majors, each student must also choose at least 18 hours of courses to include in their Area of Specialization. The chosen courses are designed to prepare each student for a specific career within Agriculture.

The credibility of the department lies in its projects and placements. A graduate from agricultural science can be appointed as a research officer, quality assurance officer, agriculture officer, agriculture loan officer (in banks), production manager, operations manager and farm manager with state agriculture departments. In the private sector agriculture science graduates may find jobs as managers at plantations, as officers at fertilizer manufacturing firms, agriculture machinery industries, agricultural products marketing firms and food processing units among other jobs.


Seminars & Workshops