About Department

Agronomy is one of the important branches of agriculture education and the Department was established in the year 2013 under M.S. Swaminathan School of Agriculture, Centurion University of Technology and Management. The Department is entrusted to laboratory work, research, extension and allied activities are mainly focused on thrust area like organic farming, integrated nutrient management, and integrated weed management varietal performance studies of different crops, intercropping system and also introduction of new crops rather than the teaching by the well-known teachers and staffs.


  • Teaching in different courses under agronomy for B.Sc. (Ag) and Diploma (Ag) students.
  • Conducting research in field as well as in laboratory.
  • Implementation of research findings in poor and marginal farmer’s field.
  • Meteorological observatory and weather forecasting.


406 Journal Articles (2016-2020)
The Faculty members have published 12 Research Papers till date in different NAAS rated national and international journal.

Seminars & Workshops


The faculty members of the department of agronomy are engaged in teaching for undergraduate students under the semester system. The quality of teaching is very good and the students are applying the knowledge into the practical work to understand the soil-water-plant relationships.

Subject offered in the Under-Graduate Studies:

  1. Introductory Agriculture
  2. Principles of agronomy
  3. Water management
  4. Agricultural meteorology
  5. Field crop-I
  6. Rainfed Agriculture
  1. Field Crop-II
  2. Weed Management
  3. Practical Crop Production-I
  4. Farming Systems and sustainable agriculture
  5. Practical Crop Production-II
  6. Organic Farming


The research programme are undertaken in different aspects:

  1. Natural farming and sustainable agriculture.
  2. Water management trials on different field crops.
  3. Nutrient management trials on different cereal, oil seeds and pulse crops.
  4. Meteorological observation and weather forecasting.


Department of agronomy implemented the outcome of the research work into the farmers’ fields for the benefit of poor and marginal farming community for enhancing livelihood security.


Infrastructural facilities

  1. Agronomy laboratory – Provides analytical facilities for soil-water-plant samples
  2. Meteorological observatory – Daily weather report and weather forecasting