About Department:

Clinical Microbiology is the branch of medical science concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. In addition, this field of science studies various clinical applications of microbes for the improvement of health. There are four kinds of micro organisms that cause infectious disease: bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses and one type of infectious protein called Prion.

A medical microbiologist studies the characteristics of pathogens, their modes of transmission, mechanism of infection and growth. Using this information, a treatment can be revised.

Medical microbiologist often serves as consultant of physician, providing identification of pathogen and suggesting treatment option.


Atudying Applied and Clinical Microbiology gives opportunity for specialized study in the field of medical & clinical microbiology. Candidates who successfully complete studies in Applied and Clinical Microbiology course may obtain jobs as

  • Specialized technologist in Microbiology or supervisors of clinical laboratories in hospitals.
  • Laboratory scientists in Biomedical and research institutes.
  • Teachers in training institutes of Medical Laboratory Technology/graduate & post graduate programme of microbiology & related areas.
  • Utilize or apply the concepts, theories and principles of laboratory science.
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan an effect the change in laboratory practice and health care delivery system.
  • Establish collaborative relationship with members of other disciplines.
  • Demonstrate interest in continued learning and research for personal and professional advancement.
  • Be able to interpret or guide the development of medical diagnostics in need locally and cheaply
  • Be able to manage and guide appropriately equipped and staffed clinical microbiology laboratories
  • Be a highly skilled human resource for the emerging pharmaceutical/medical industry
  • Be able to participate in supervised or team-research in universities, industry or government
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge in the fields of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology, with excellent skills to teach and communicate this knowledge
  • Demonstrate independent critical and analytical thinking, both within their field of study, and beyond, for the use of their knowledge for service to others.
  • Be able to guide patient care and the public on the pathology, pathogenesis and clinical manifestation, mode of transmission, prevention and current control methods for infections of public health importance.
  • SoPAHS, under the “Health and Family Welfare Department” has got the approval for a clinical establishment and has inaugurated “Community Diagnostic Centre” (with registration no. 38/2019/Khordha). The diagnostic centre is currently providing diagnostic services in and around its locality.
  • SoPAHS is a NSDC approved skill development training center for a number of paramedics and allied health science courses.
  • SoPAHS and Gram Tarang Employment Training Services (GTETS) in CUTM Bhubaneswar have jointly implemented 3 CSR projects in partnership with Wipro GE Healthcare Institute (GEHCI), SBI Foundation Grant (SBIFG) and Union Bank of India Foundation Grant (UBIFG).
  • A pilot project “Up-skilling & Re-skilling of ANMs in Odisha” for Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) funded by Odisha Skill Development Authority, Govt. of Odisha has been also carried out by SoPAHS and GTETS.
  • SoPAHS is engaged in community based public health & nutrition research projects aligning to UN Sustainable Development Goals 2 & 3 and Situational assessment of Paramedical and Allied Health Science scenario in 3 states (Odisha, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) aligning to health sector industry workforce needs through active participation of students and faculty.
  • SoPAHS and GTETS in CUTM Bhubaneswar, along with GE Health care have also successfully trained students for OTAT technician course.
  • SoPAHS and GTETS with HPCL sponsored skill development training have trained 50 hearing impaired students in MLT course.
  • SoPAHS coordinates, supports and creates interactive opportunities for its students with international University students through University Exchange programs on the paramedical and allied health science.
  • SoPAHS is also providing skill courses to the University students to blend in the culture of interdisciplinary learning into the curriculum.
Seminars & Workshops:
  • Seminar by Dr. Sikata Nanda (Associate Prof., Dept.of SPM; SCBMCH, Cuttack), on “Biomedical Waste Management” was held on 30th August, 2019.
  • A seminar session was conducted on 26th July, 2019, were Dr. Satya Ranjan Sahu; Dr. Sudhakar Reddy; Prof. Sonali Dash briefed students on “Common Diseses in Rainy Season”.
  • Monali Priyadarsini Mishra (Asst. Prof; AMIT College, Khordha) had delievered a seminar on “Diagnostic Bacteriology” on 21st December, 2019.
  • An FDP on “Basic Instrumentation in Medical Diagnostic Laboratory” was conducted on 12th Dec, 2019, which was facilitated by Prof. Sunil Kumar Jha (Dean, SoPAHS; CUTM).