About Department:

The Computer Science and Engineering is more sought degree with a wide scope for employment, research and entrepreneurship. The Department of CSE understand the need of ever changing technology that industry looks for trained professionals. CSE graduates have a wider scope to work in IT and IT enable service industry and sectors as Data Scientist, Data management expert, Data Security Engineers, Embedded Engineers, Mobile Application Developers, Gaming Technologist, Web Developers and software developers/quality Assurance/Testing.


CSE department offers B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering which follows Choice Based Curriculum Systems (CBCS) with a domain focused curriculum that leads to produce technology expert and get awarded certification from industry.


  • Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Technology
  • AR and VR
  • Gaming
  • Software Technology

The Curriculum of CSE is quite dynamic and it gets updated as and when required with industry support and feedback from Alumni. The department has collaboration with leading industry viz; AWS, IBM, Red Hat, UNITY and Dassault Systems in developing curriculum, course delivery and industry certification. The programme has a structure to undertake multiple projects enable the learner to gain programming skill and to learn & apply current technology.

The Department also offers MTech in Data Analytics that enhances the employability of a graduate for better career in industry and academics. It also offers Doctoral programme for research scholars to work on real-time problem and find a solution.

PSOs: Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1. Graduate will be able work on high-end technology at IT Services industries.

PSO2. Graduate can acquire industry certified level of competency and work on real time IT application projects viz; Health/Agriculture/Security/Data Management etc.

PSO3. Graduate can start its own IT service company to provide technical solution


The final year students of Computer Science & Information Technology Department have published, Four papers under International Journal of Computing and Technology, in October 2014 Volume 1, Issue 9, ISSN: 2348-6090. The details of the publication are: –

1. A New Approach of Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks – by D. Bhargav Reddy (110101CSR007 ) and Bitu Kumar (110101ITR011)
2. Improvising Security Issues Using Quantum Cryptography – by Abhishek Pradhan (110101CSR029 ) and Sushree Soujanya Padhi (110101CSR027)
3. Deep Web Technologies – by Sagar Kumar Choudhury (110101CSR023) and Rajesh Kumar Padhi (110101CSR006)
4. Integration of Quantum Cryptography – by Santosh Kumar Das (110101CSR033) and Hari Ram Swamy(110101CSR020)

Web Address: https://ijcat.org/publications.html

Seminars & Workshops:

Code Development Practice:

Computer Science department takes code writing as a core skill development requirement of the students and faculty. This is done through various innovative approaches like boot camps organised for the purpose, code development competitions and live projects.

As a part of the efforts the University is using many software developed by the students .
They include:

1. Open course ware for the tablets
2. Examination Management System of the university
3. Examination on Demand
4. Online Admission Portal

Building software for the industry:

“If a university is a repository for knowledge, then some of this knowledge should spill over to the neighboring community”, said Mohd Yunus.

The CSE department at Centurion University includes a Software Development organization within it, headed by an assistant professor, Sabyasachi Mohanty. The Software Development team has the objective of building software for the University. This goal is driven by the motive to keep our faculty and students aligned to software engineering principles while gaining first hand experience of the rigors of creating real world software. In the process, the software development team also ends up developing useful software for the University.

To aid our software engineering faculty in this, we have partnered with iCalibrator, a software development and training organization with expertise in building products and mentoring young software professionals.

Software developed by students and faculty go towards building Centurion’s intellectual property, and has the potential to benefit other academic institutions as well.

Doing projects together with industry:

Centurion University focuses on partnering with the industry and do projects together. Such projects enable Centurion’s faculty and students to have real world exposure, and sharpen their skills. It also allows industry to create software at low cost.
Centurion students are proud to participate with Mindtree Foundation, and contribute to their Urban Waste Management technology framework. Centurion faculty are participating in creating an examination management software together with iCalibrator. Apart from this software being used within Centurion University, it will also be licensed to other academic institutions.

Foster Parents who mentor you outside the classroom, on both technical and personal issues:

At Centurion University, every student is assigned a Foster Parent. Foster Parents represent the New Age Teacher, presenting themselves as mentor to the student, on all issues academic and otherwise.

Foster Parents undergo training as Mentors in a Mentoring workshop, and learn what they are expected to do as mentors, and what they are not expected to do. This training is designed and delivered by practitioner mentors from the industry and social organizations, and has unique content based on practical experiences.

In an age when the youth are confused with an abundance of choices and find little time from parents to help them navigate through their opportunities and constraints, the Foster Parent initiative is opening up a new relationship and new channel of communication with the student. This is aligned to Centurion’s principle of holistic learning for the student.

Programming Competitions:

Department of CSE organizes number of programming competitions through out the year to celebrate various occasions and to encourage students for programming practice. Some of the competitions are given as follows:
1. On the eve of Engineers’ Day, on 15th September, 2012, a C Programming contest was held. About 400 students participated in the contest, which shows the enthusiasm among students. Faculty members actively supported the whole program.

2. The Infosys Aspiration 2020 Programming contest held every year. More than 500 number of students participate in the contest. According to their choice of programming environment, students appeared for either in C, C++ or Java.

3. Students of the department participated in the TCS Code Vita contest.

4. A one day art exhibition cum contest was held on 12th March 2013 at JITM campus.

5. Since 2009 722 students from JITM have participated in IBM TGMC (The Great Mind Challenge) competition.