B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering College in Bhubaneswar

Centurion University is the Top Electrical and Electronics Engineering Colleges in Bhubaneswar Odisha, which provides B.Tech course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with 100% placement support.

About Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department Bhubaneswar

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is one of the most sought after engineering course in the country. It has immense potential and increasingly exciting future prospects. Electrical and Electronic engineering is broadly known as electrical power engineering & electronic engineering. These engineers are responsible for designing, developing, testing and supervising the production of electrical and electronic equipment and machinery. Broadcast and telecommunication systems, power generation, controls of machinery, lights and wiring in building complexes, vehicles, electric motors, radar and navigation systems, aircraft, control and transmission devices which are used by electric. They may also work in fields related to IT and IT enable services. CUTM is one of the best engineering colleges in Bhubaneswar based on placement records, especially in electrical and electronics engineering.

EEE department offers B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering which follows specialisations/Domains:

  • Industrial Automation (collaboration with FESTO)
  • Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Grid System & Transformers
  • Renewable Energy Applications (collaboration with SELCO and OPTCL)
  • Embedded System

The department also offers M.Tech programme in Power Systems and Control Engineering discipline. The department has excellent product focused lab where Distribution Transformer is manufactured. Students get enough hands-on practice in design, fabrication and repair maintenance of Transformer. The Industrial Automation Lab has been set up by FESTO to give ample opportunity for students to learn automation on Industrial Machines and it undertake real-time project viz; making Robot etc. The students and faculty are working on E-Vehicle designed and simulated using 3D Experience software of Dassault Systemes. The Renewable Energy Application center and research lab has been set up in collaboration with SELCO and OPTCL and also supported by Schneider Electric to work on alternative energy production from wind and solar.

The department undertakes full-time and part-time research scholars to pursue Ph.D. in the area of renewable energy, Electric Vehicle and power systems.

PSOs: Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

PSO1. Graduates can use their skills gained in the domain to work in Industrial Automation/Transformer Manufacturing/Distribution of Power/Renewable Energy.

PSO2. Demonstrate proficiency in use of software & hardware to be required to practice Electrical Engineering profession.

PSO3. Graduates will able to qualify GATE and other PSU examinations.

  1. N.K.Ray got best paper award in international conference “Computational intelligence for smart power system and sustainable energy “organized by organized by Government College of Engineering, Keonjhar on 29-31 July 2020.
  2. Sitaram Behera student of EEE got 2nd prize in Annual Technical Fest “ The Beat Matches” FESTRONIX 2K18 organized by Gandhi Institute for Technology, Bhubaneswar held on 12th-13th March 2018.
  3. Mr. Sitaram Behera, Mr. Milan Prusty, Ms. Darshika Samal, and Mr. Abhinash Barik students of EEE got Outstanding Performance in Prelims round of IoT Challenge 2020 organized by i3indya Technologies held on 26th-27th September 2019.
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The CBCS curriculum provides opportunity for students to undertake multiple minor projects and a Domain project. All projects follow GATE process from Idea to testing and implementation.
Tamper proof Meter System Automated Cooking range Smart Substation with Dashboardw
Automated Vertical Car Parking
Projects undertaken by power system operation and maintenance center
Design and construction of mini APFC panel for laboratory purpose Design and construction of mini APFC panel for laboratory purpose Survey and Design of New substation
Survey and Design of New substation Energy Audit of Own Campus Energy Audit of Own Campus
Projects Undertaken by Transformer manufacturing center
Manufacturing of 16 KVA Transformer Manufacturing of 25 KVA Transformer Manufacturing of 63 KVA Transformer
Manufacturing of 100 KVA Transformer Building 3D Model of 100 KVA Distribution Transformer Building 3D Model of 100 KVA Distribution Transformer

Research Center


The department has created multidisciplinary research centres for capacity building and conduct research in in real-time problem and finding solution in collaboration with Industry and Research Organisations. It also creates value based education for students to pursue industry oriented skill and Domain courses.

Smart Mobility and Machines

Focus Area

  • Product Development
    • Design and Manufacturing
  • Technology Services
    • Maintenance and Services
    • Consultancy
    • Domain Development
    • Publications and Patents

Smart Infrastructure

Focus Area

  • Smart Grid
    • Application of Multilevel inverter for Harmonic mitigation and Power Quality Improvement in power system.
    • Design of Demand Side Management system for power grid

Centre for Chip Design

  • Chip Design
    • Electronic Control Units for Small Commercial Vehicle

Smart Manufacturing

Focus Area

  • Transformer Manufacturing
    • To manufacture a smart transformer and deliver service in making transformer and quick maintenance.
Digital Simulation Laboratory
Digital Simulation Laboratory Hybrid Solar and Wind Integrated System Standalone wind turbine system
Industrial Automation (collaboration with FESTO)

Industrial Automation Lab

Elevator Control System
Transformer manufacturing Workshop

Transformer Design Process

Transformer Manufacturing Workshop
Renewable Energy Labs with Schneider Electric
Standalone Solar System Renewable Energy Applications Roof top Solar System
Ground Mounted Solar System