About Department

The Department of Entomology is one of the eight departments established in 2013 under the umbrella of M. S. Swaminathan School of Agriculture, Centurion University of Technology and Management. The Department is entrusted to impart knowledge and give practical training on Entomology and allied activities along with teaching by highly qualified, experienced and devoted teaching staff members.


  • To impart teaching and practical demonstrations in entomology at degree and diploma level
  • To impart trainings on sericulture and apiculture
  • To provide pest/disease advisory services to farming community



Seminars & Workshops


The faculty members are engaged in teaching to undergraduate students under the semester system. The department is well-equipped with modern facilities such as smart class rooms, digital projectors, conference room, laboratory, self-learning educational materials and relevant books available at central library with online facilities. The department is genuinely committed to provide up-to-date teaching aids to strengthen the student’s subject knowledge and sharpen them to confidently face the competitive exams.  In addition, students acquire practical knowledge about insect pests and management.


Under-graduate students get training through agricultural extension programs like Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) that provide them to an in-sight in to farmer’s way of cultivation. Students also acquire hands-on-training in agricultural industries through internship program in last semesters. These programs improve their knowledge at field and industry level. The Department trains students in sericulture/apiculture for their vocational studies.

Advisory services

The department is developing infrastructure to offer advisory services in pest and disease management to farmer’s community to overcome various problems associated with agricultural crops.

Courses offered (Under-Graduate Level)

  1. Insect morphology and systematics
  2. Insect ecology and integrated pest management
  3. Crop pest, stored grain pest and their management
  4. Economic entomology (sericulture, apiculture and lac culture)
  5. Introductory nematology and crop nematode management

Offered (Diploma Level)

  1. Principles of entomology and economic entomology
  2. Crop pests and their management


Infrastructural facilities

The department is well-equipped with facilities required for students to collect insects and place them in display boxes. Stereoscopic microscopes are used to identify the insects for their morphological structures. Pesticide appliances are available to manage insect pests. Cobb’s wet sieving, decantation apparatus and Baermann’s funnel are also available to learn the process of extraction of nematodes from soil.