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School of Forensic Sciences under Centurion University of Technology and Management aims at creating much required experts in the field of investigative science with the application of advanced scientific techniques. The aim of the course is to develop a platform wherein various scientific means and methods are applied so that social justice can be brought about within our society.

It is not a hidden fact that the number of criminal cases over the world are on the rise and in most of these cases justice gets delayed due to lack of proper forensic proofs. One of the major causes is shortage of adequate number of forensic experts. School of Forensic Science is the one and only of its kind in eastern India to create young, dynamic, technically efficient experts in the field of investigative science. The School has entered into an academic collaboration with Gujarat Forensic Science University, the first and only university across the world dedicated to forensic science to provide quality education and infrastructure to its students with significant responsibility.


Our aim is to be a distinguished centre of excellence aiming to create a peaceful society by imparting need based quality forensic Science education/Training to the Prospective students and allied professionals and to make the institute an inclusive centre of excellence for forensic education, research and Training services by intensifying criminal investigation process, thereby strengthening justice delivery system. We aspire to be an institution dedicated to touch human lives with the aim of intensifying the field of investigative sciences to ensure a diminished rate of criminal record in the society by strengthening the justice delivery system leading towards to prosperity, integrity and peace.

Program & Pedagogy:

B.Sc. Forensic Sciences (3 Year):

It is a three year undergraduate program. It is a crime and laboratory based profession. Expertise of experts are used in aiding justice delivery system. This programmes helps in developing skill and interest in the field of forensic science from an undergraduate level.

It is a three year undergraduate program. It is a crime and laboratory based profession. Expertise of experts are used in aiding justice delivery system. This programmes helps in developing skill and interest in the field of forensic science from an undergraduate level.

M.Sc. Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics (2 year):

It is a two year postgraduate program. With the rapid expansion of the internet, cyber-crime and malicious software deployments are on the increase. There is a need for security professionals who can protect assessed and information by securing networks and computer systems. The master of cybersecurity and digital forensic develops skills in discovering and recording digital forensic evidence of crimes and malicious behaviour by extracting data from networks, hard drives, cell phones and other digital devices.

M.Sc. Forensic Sciences (2 year):

It is a two year postgraduate program which applies the disciplines of science to answer questions of legal interest. One needs to study the various principles and theories that are applicable in forensic science. The program is divided into four semesters where last semester comprises of dissertation. Following specializations are offered from third smester:

Specialization subjects in M.Sc. Forensic Sciences:

Forensic Biology(Serology and DNA Division):

BSc Biology (Botany and Zoology) Biochem / Microbio / Biotech/ B.Pharm students are eligible for this course. Forensic Biology is again subdivided into Biology, Serology and DNA Division. In recent years forensic biology has emerged as one of the most important branches of forensic sciences. Latest development in DNA Profiling has revolutionized the forensic science to achieve speedy and precise investigation process.

Forensic Chemistry (Toxicology):

BSc Chemistry and Biochemistry/ B.Pharm. students are eligible for this course. Forensic Chemistry and Forensic Toxicology deals with medico legal cases involving explosives, fire, Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. and many more poisons. This is core area of forensic investigation, as majority of cases are reported due to use/effect/exposure to chemical substances. The examination of such evidences is based on skilled chemical and instrumental analysis.

Forensic Physics (Ballistics):

BSc Physics students are eligible for this course. A number of areas in physics is of key importance to scientific investigation starting from traditional aspects of examination and identification of glass, soil, Paint, tyre marks, tool marks to modern techniques involved in respective areas such as integrated ballistics identification system, comparison microscope the collisions of vehicles., the physics of explosions, crime scene photography and videography, blood stain patterns analysis, voice analysis, audio, audio video tape authentication and three dimensional crime scene scanning and reconstruction.

Forensic Questioned documents and Finger Prints:

BSc any branch (Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Maths) students are eligible for this course. The discipline of forensic document examination is frequently associated with white collar crimes related to hand writing and signature frauds, forgery in cheques, wills or any legal deeds, currency, passport, visa, credit or debit card. Armed with sophisticated technology, forensic document examiners can peer into visible and invisible marks on a document to extract an abundance of details that may verify authenticity or provide additional information crucial to the investigation.



It is the first ever university department to have academic collaboration with Gujurat forensic Sciences University, which is the world’s only university dedicated to Forensic Science Programs by which students are able to access to world class laboratory facilities equipped with high end sophisticated instruments and gain a real-time skill and knowledge from the expertise of the area.
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