The Department of Horticulture was established in 2013 with five different courses in B. Sc. (Ag.), Production Technology of Vegetables, Production Technology of fruits, Production Technology of Flowers, Production technology of Spices, Aromatic, Medicinal and Plantation Crops, and Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables. The objective to establish the department was to initiate education and training in horticulture courses i.e., vocational training, star program for farmers etc., to conduct need based research for the development of horticulture in Odisha and to disseminate the technology for growing horticultural crops and post harvest management of horticultural produce. The department possess a well-equipped laboratory for under-graduate students.


  • Technology development for improving horticulture production and post harvest management including processing and value addition.
  • Germplasm management.
  • Capacity building for entrepreneurship/self employment.
  • Training for vocational students and farmers.
  • Establishment of medicinal plant gardens
  • Growing organic nursery
  • Propagation of fruit crops
  • Human resource development in the area of Horticulture.

Seminars & Workshops


The faculty members of the department are engaged in teaching for undergraduate students under the semester system. The quality of good teaching for the students to equip themselves with the sound knowledge of the subject and applying it into the practical arena in the direction of understanding the dynamics of propagation, nursery raising, gardening, landscaping, value addition etc., has got the prime importance.

Subject offered in the under-graduate Studies (B. Sc. Ag. & Diploma Ag.)

  1. Production Technology of Vegetables
  2. Production Technology of Flowers
  3. Production Technology of fruits
  4. Production technology of Spices, Aromatic, Medicinal and Plantation Crops
  5. Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables
  6. Vegetable culture and Nursery Management
  7. Commercial floriculture and Ornamental Gardening
  8. Fruit culture and Propagation
  9. Agroforestry, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Extension Work

  • Farmers training- Star program
  • Students training- Vocational program
  • National Skill Development- Food processing
  • Exhibition and Seminar
  • Preparation of organic


Infrastructural Facilities

  1. Horticultural Lab– Provides practical knowledge about crop cultivation
  2. Post Harvest Technology Lab– Making value added products from fruits and vegetables
  3. Poly House and Green House- for cultivation of vegetable crops
  4. Shade Net House-Growing of organic nursery and their multiplication