Bachelor of Fine Arts
Centurion University is introducing a new program, Bachelor of Fine Arts, where students will specialize in Animation, in association with iNurture, the leading education service provider in the field of Animation education in the country. Students with an artistic bent, and interested in technology must consider this course. This course is the intersection between technology and film making. Being a new discipline, there are plenty of emerging opportunities for students who do this program. Films, gaming, and education content are three areas where animation expertise will play a big role in future.
This is a comprehensive degree course that teaches the complete animation process from "script to screen". The course is tailored to hone the conceptual, visualization and craft skills of the students through theory and practice.
Unique Features:
  • Strong Conceptual Foundation
  • Practical Orientation
  • Industry relevant subjects
  • Option of Electives
  • Emphasis on Experimentation and Exploration
  • Proven Course-Delivery Techniques
  • Eminent faculties
  • Online study Materials and E-content
  • Students will be able to Imagine, Visualize and Create
What world offers on B.F.A.-Animation program?
The animation industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. Besides movies, online content and TV shows, animation has made its way into Advertising, Education, engineering and Pharmaceuticals where animated content is used to make information engaging and innovative.
According to a report by auditing firm Price Waterhouse Coopers, the animation industry is likely to expand by 23% in the next four years. India boasts of the 2nd largest entertainment industry in the world. Increasing number of studios in India is creating content for the domestic market and dependence on outsourced projects is gradually. A number of animation studios have set up hi-tech studios equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software to execute domestic projects. Animated movies like Tin Tin have appealed to movie lovers across age groups which is indicative of the growing popularity of animated movies in India. Also Indian animation productions are 60% cheaper than their US counterparts.
>Due to the rise in the inflow of outsourced work, the need for animators with right technical Know-how is essential. Various companies are training fresher's at their own cost so as to meet the demand supply gap. Another problem faced by the industry is that there are huge gaps in the education and the implementation of the same on live projects. To cater to this need of skilled and trained professionals for the animation industry iNurture Toonskool Animation Academy offers the full-time degree program in Animation.
How well students' competencies are focused?
  • B.F.A. in Animation as it is called structured to cover duration of three years to experience and explore script to screen concept.
  • The first year is to introduce and provide a strong foundation to drawing, Animation principles, Storytelling and Digital medium and film language.
  • Second year training is given through imparting skills in the chore subjects such as Preproduction, Modeling Texturing, Animation and Post production.
  • In third year Students put on electives which gives knowledge in any one core area such as Modeling, Animation, Rigging and Lighting and are guided to work on a project in group. This makes them experience the complete film making process independently and learning application of the skills they learnt.
  • There are value additions introduced as electives to further expand the knowledge in additional skills.
  • Material animation, film appreciation, Clay and cut out animation, Rotoscopy, Motion graphics etc nurture the creative ideas of the students as well as to give opportunity to experiment. This also provides skills required for additional and expanded job opportunities.
  • What innovations are practiced in pedagogy?
  • Our expert team has designed the course material in such a way that it is available to the students for a 24x7 learning experience.
  • The instructor-led training materials meet international quality standards, are relevant, industry-recognized and make comprehending and understanding easy.
  • The web-based training services are offered through our learning management solutions. With the help of this we provide our end-users a complete solution by incorporating all E-learning features like E-learning content, discussion forum, FAQs and articles into a single capsule.
  • The E-learning materials developed are voice based and are incorporated with interactively, easy navigation techniques, vibrant graphics, animation based explanations, simulated demonstrations and practice based scenarios.
  • Unique curriculum which gives scope to explore and experiment
  • Gives exposure to the students to the professionalism and the Industry environments from the very beginning.
  • Extensive study materials, guidance and external Reference links.
  • Exposure of the students' works to the Industry through Animation Festivals.



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