Diesel Engine operation & maintenance

Course Objective:- The objective of this subject is to provide hands-on technical training to students with focus on awareness of safe forklift operation principles by identifying basic key features on the lift, recognizing the technical components of forklift operation, listing safe load handling and driving practices, stating general safety rules, and inspecting and maintaining lift equipment.

Intended Learning Outcomes:-
 Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to:

   Identify Diesel engine  types and differences.
   Identify basic key features of the diesel engine.
   Identify essential controls found on the diesel Engine.
   Identify safety features of the engine operation.
   Minor maintenance of  diesel engine.

Programme Outcomes:
 This subject contributes to the following program outcomes through practical training.

   Programme outcome 1: This subject contributes to the programme outcome through mechanical as well as the operational knowledge of functions of a diesel engine. Manoeuvring the diesel direction and around obstacles will be taught and practiced. The learner will be able to carry out minor maintenance of the diesel engine.

    Programme Outcomes 2: This subject contributes to the programme outcome through practical training in student groups. Students should be able to practise and demonstrate their team work skill, realise the needs for leadership, critical thinking ability and creativity through working with others to realise the projects that are encountered in practical training.

    Programme Outcome 3: This subject contributes to the programme outcome through induction and practical training in a recognized professional training centre. Professional practice, ethics and responsibility as demanded by the society can be observed through the process in training and the operation of the training centre.

 Assessment Methods:

Assignment / Project




Report &Logbook


Explanation of the appropriateness of the assessment methods in assessing the intended learning outcomes:

Assignment / Project

Project will be designed to facilitate students to reflect and apply the knowledge periodically through operating diesel individually and carrying out minor maintenance.


Test will be designed to facilitate students to review the breadth and depth of their understanding on specific topics through viva and written test.

Report &Logbook

Report writing will be designed to facilitate students to acquire deep understanding on the topics of the training and to present those concepts clearly



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