Gas Cutting,  TIG/MIG Welding

Course Objective:- The course objectives are to develop an individual’s practical skills, to enable them to reach the levels required by the chosen Standard ensuring a full understanding of the TIG welding process and the associated safety requirements.

Intended Learning Outcomes:-
 Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to:
1. what is welding
2. Types of welding
3. Welding Techniques 
4. Change of polarity
5. Welding defects
6. Welding Inspection
7. Safety recommendations
8. Engineering Tools

Programme Outcomes:

This subject contributes to the following program outcomes  through practical training. 
Programme Outcomes 1: Build skills toward industry standards. Build skills toward state and national welding certifications.
Programme Outcomes 2: This subject contributes to the programme outcome through practical training in student groups. Students should be able to practise and demonstrate their team work skill, realise the needs for leadership, critical thinking ability and creativity through working with others to realise the projects that are encountered in practical training.
 Programme Outcome 3: This subject contributes to the programme outcome through induction and practical training in a recognized professional training centre. Professional practice, ethics and responsibility as demanded by the society can be observed through the process in training and the operation of the training centre.


Assessment Methods:-

Assignment / Project




Attendance & Notes



Explanation of the appropriateness of the assessment methods in assessing the intended learning outcomes:

Assignment / Project

Project will be designed to facilitate students to reflect and apply the knowledge periodically through assigning them to make designer window grills.


Test will be designed to facilitate students to review the breadth and depth of their understanding on specific topics through viva voce.

Attendance & Notes

Notes writing will be there to facilitate students to acquire deep understanding on the topics of the training and to present those concepts clearly.



AIU membership

UGC Approval

AICTE Approval

NAAC Accredited A Grade

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