Operations on Lathe & Milling Machining- Conventional


Repair of Home Appliance

Terminal competency  :
 The participant will be able to:

1.   Observe the safety precautions while working
2.   Test line cord for continuity with test lamp/multimeter
3.    Prepare a heating element for a heater as required specification.
4.   Replace the old element for heater, kettle, non –automatic electronic iron, room heaters etc., with a new one
5.   Dismantle and reassemble an electric iron, heater, kettle,
room heater, toaster, hair dryer, mixie etc.
6.   Install a ceiling fan and the regulator.
7.  Check a fluorescent lamp chock, starter and install it.



Course contents:


Underpinning Knowledge (Theory

Practical Competencies

Safety precaution

   Safety precaution

Install, service and repair all kinds of electrical home appliances

   General repair of heating iron, kettle, ceiling fan, table fan, washing machine etc.,

   Test the fan capacitors.

   Clean and lubricate the bearing of ceiling and table fan, and check the speed.

   Regulator of both fan.

Repair and rectification of an automatic electric iron, servicing and repairing of mixer, ceiling and table fan.

   Measure the insulation resistance between the terminals and body of the appliance

   Check the oscillator mechanisms of table fan

Assemble and install a fluorescent6 lamp.

   Select the fuse size according to the load of circuit

Thermostat heat controls of Automatic electric iron,
steam iron, spray irons.
Understand home appliances like heater, iron, kettle ceiling fan, table fan, washing machine etc.

   Dismantle and reassemble automatic iron, ceiling fn table fan cooking range, storage heater, washing machines, and wet grinders etc.

Maintenance of decorative serial lamp for a required supply voltage

   Determine the number of lamps to be connected in series for particular supply voltage for making decorative serial lamp.

Assemble, connect and install a twin fluorescent lamp with accessories

    Check the internal connections of cooking range selector switch and circuits. connections in different temperature arrangements

Repair and service technique of cooking range, storage water heater, washing machines, wet grinders. Replace the heating element in a soldering.

   Check the simple mechanical timer, small water pump of washing machines and regular service and faults.

    Repair of house wiring.


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning:








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