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Augmented and Virtual Reality: Dassault Systemes

Prototyping facility is a prerequisite for development of products, visualization and concept modeling. The University in partnership with Dassault Systems India has developed a Future Nexus Lab for Design and Manufacturing. The Lab is equipped with a Design Thinking and Managing Innovation Through GATE Process, PLM Tools on Dassault Platform (Design and Validation using Dymola, Catia, Simulia), Process management (Using Enovia), Product development and workstations.

Aim of the facility

To enable students to gain basic, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of design techniques, Hands on experiential learning on 3D modelling software (CATIA), Project Management (Enovia), Travel Factor & Wire harness (Dymola) and Product Simulation & validation (Simulia).


To provide hands on knowledge, experiential learning and practice linked pedagogy on the following:

  1. To familiarize the student with Industrial Product Life Cycle Management Processes
  2. Teach Dassault tools for PLM
  3. Develop digital prototypes of the products and validate them and innovate for design efficiency.
  4. The Design Process: New Design and Adaptive Design
  5. 3D modelling and conversion to Standard Tessellation Language
  6. Reverse engineering


  1. A Digitally Validated Innovatively and efficiently designed product
  2. Experience with 3 D experience platform Catia- Simulia- Dymola and Enovia tools
  3. PLM cycle management
  4. Process Quality monitoring through GATE process
  5. Able to create a new design and an adaptive design
  6. Ability to convert a part drawing file to STL and vice versa
  7. Ensuring quality of end prototype using different visual inspection techniques

Caters to

BTech, MTech, Skills for Success (SFS) and Domain Courses, Diploma, ITI and World Skills participants and for the incubated companies.

The lab serves as state-of-the-art facility for research scholars: PhD and Research fellows.

The students will be able to Design a complex product for all industry. The companies can use it to their end use for developing prototype with variegated materials available.

Market Linkages

The goal of the Lab follows as:

  1. Train the student for World Skills
  2. Assist idea stage and other startups in concept design and prototyping.
  3. Augments students’ skill sets
  4. Promote entrepreneurship