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Centurion Coffee Connect


When Gen Z talks about coffee being the answer to everything, they aren’t really wrong. Coffee is not only a beverage but that revitalizing and luscious refreshment drink that has been greatly liked by students and others alike. To make the campus more lively, comfortable, and pleasant for its students, faculty, and staff, Centurion University came up with an endeavour, Centurion Coffee Connect (CCC) which is operated under the famous Scottish Cafe Pvt. Ltd, brand. CCC was established as a start-up in the Bhubaneswar Campus of Centurion University in Odisha. To add to the coffee are many modes of entertainment as well, ranging from delectable food to refreshing drinks, and fun activities.

Aims and Objectives

The first and foremost agenda towards coming up with CCC is to provide its customers with a pleasant and immersive experience that will attract more people further aiding in retaining the customer base as well as building strong customer relationships. subsequently, to achieve these objectives, it constantly caters to cost efficiency and sustainability in its service. This ensures that the brand name stays intact while attracting more folks to it. The mission is to create and offer unique coffee flavours in a relaxing atmosphere towards the highest satisfaction of their customers. They strive to create a welcoming space for coffee enthusiasts that helps them to escape the hustle and bustle of the regular workday.

Products/ Services Available

CCC has a plethora of items to serve its customers. ranging from different kinds of coffee like espresso, mocha, americano, latte, and cappuccino to a variety of snacks like sandwiches, pizzas, sundaes, and many more.


The cosy corners are just perfect for meetings, conversations, book readings, or just spending some quality time with your loved ones. The focus is to deliver the best experience through ethically sourced, locally grown coffee.

Products/ Services Available

To begin with, Centurion University has taken care of the majority of in-house requirements as can be seen from the photographs. Besides the production for in-house requirements, the Wood Engineering Unit also manufactures furniture on order for other institutions in the open market.


The skills learned in the Wood Engineering Unit have changed the lives of many youths and their families, especially the differently-abled (hearing impaired) students who, with the help of the acquired mastery of these skills could earn their livelihoods with dignity. The Unit is called ‘wood engineering’ and not just a ‘carpentry workshop’ because what the students learn here is much more than basic carpentry skills. They learn to design, adapt, innovate and produce modern, need-based futuristic furniture, which not only is high in demand in the market but also provides the means of the highest satisfaction and confidence to the students.

Future goals

The Wood Engineering Unit is leading the way to creating employability/ employment/ entrepreneurship/ enterprise management in an all-inclusive environment using hands-on knowledge, experience-based learning and practice-linked pedagogy.

Adherence to SDGs

Every Unit in Centurion University including the Wood Engineering Unit works hard to maximise the use of the existing resources and minimise waste with its innovative methods and infrastructure. This Unit has worked on various ways to upcycle waste material into exciting and practical designs of furniture for in-house use as well as for the market. The future lies in reducing waste and ensuring that every effort applied is towards the sustainability of the planet.