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Computer Numerical Control, Machining Workshop and Mini Tool Room


Centurion University, established through CUTM Act no.4 of Odisha, is the first university which included skill training and vocational education in its Statute and Act. Right from its inception, the University designed the curriculum of its courses to deliver skill-building training to all cadre students, right from school dropouts to PhD. The DNA of Centurion University is competency-linked Degrees/Certifications.


The Mini Tool Room and Machining Workshop genesis can be traced back to February 2006, when Central Tool Room & Training Centre, Bhubaneswar signed an MoU with the-then Jagannath Institute for Technology & Management (JITM), which is the sponsoring body of Centurion University for a partnership for the production of high precision components for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Indian Space Research Institute and others.  The workshop was also used to impart skill training for vocational and degree programs.

In 2009, with sponsorship from Axis Bank Foundation, the workshop was equipped with the latest models of CNC Milling, CNC Lathe, CNE EDM, and CNC wire, among others. In 2011, Centurion University, through its social entrepreneurship outreach Gram Tarang Employability Training Services Pvt Ltd (GTES), established a state-of-the-art, full-fledged Mini Tool Room and Training Centre (MTRTC) at its Mother Campus at Paralakhemundi in PPP mode  with the Government of Odisha. The facility conforms to the ISO 17000 group of standards and other procedures set by manufacturers.

Aims and Objectives

The Mini Tool Room aims to impart short and long-term skill training programs in addition to engaging students in the production of high-precision components for the market.

The hands-on learning enables students to gain an in-depth understanding of engineering, design, NC code generation, part programming, and machining on both traditional and non-traditional machines. The production operations offer the students practical learning opportunities to enhance their practical skills, knowledge, capacity and competence.

Products/ Service Available

The Mini Tool Room has been manufacturing high-precision components for aeronautics, besides a number of other products as per the market demand. Best of all the Mini Tool Room produces confident, skilled and competent graduates whose employability has been enhanced through the hands-on experiential learning received during their courses.


Students can obtain real-world learning experience by helping with the production process in this teaching and production facility. The training course is up to date with trends and technology. They develop their expertise by using high-precision meteorological equipment. The training programme ensures the development of competent professionals who may choose to pursue entrepreneurship in the future towards enhanced employability.

Future goals

  • The tool room envisions doubling its production capacity in a span of 3 years with a yearly increment of respectively 30%, 40% and 30%
  • It has also planned to train 1,000 students with no formal education in the area of CNC and conventional machining towards enhancing their employability and entrepreneurship abilities.

Adherence to SDGs

The Machining Workshop and Mini Tool Room are aligned with the goals of SDG 17, owing to the partnerships mentioned earlier. Adhering to SDG 4, the unit produces professionals by offering training programs in which the trainees get the opportunity to gain hands-on learning experience. This enables them to engage in several production-related projects and learn from industry experts. Owing to this immersive, practical learning, the trainees gain confidence and precision in their work. According to SDG 9, the unit works to develop highly precise components while advancing infrastructure and industry with innovative and helpful ideas.