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Fish Processing Technology Laboratory

The university has set up an action learning laboratory on Fish Processing Technology. The laboratory is outfitted with a range of equipment and technologies in order to handle, preserve, process, and produce value-added fish products and by-products in a hygienic manner.

Aim of Fish Processing Technology Laboratory

To enable students hands-on experience using hygienic fish processing and preservation techniques in order to produce high value-added fish products and byproducts.



The following are the objectives,

  1. To study the characteristic of fish, its nutritional quality and relation to spoilage.
  2. To study about different fish preservation techniques to reduce post-harvest loss.
  3. To develop different value-added fish and shellfish product.
  4. To develop fish processing waste into valuable fish by-products.
  5. To explore different area for better utilization of by-catch and low value fish.



The following are the outcomes,

  1. Understand the preservation techniques to reduce spoilage in fish and minimize post- harvest loss.
  2. Different processing methods for fish and shellfish.
  3. Different by-product from fish processing waste.
  4. Development of low-value fish and by-catch into high value product.

Market Linkages

The knowledge base enables the students to up- skill in the area of Fishing technology and it opens avenue for entrepreneurship.