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Food Processing Laboratory

Food Processing Laboratory is research cum experimental lab of the Department of Agricultural Engineering of the University. It has been setup with an objective of giving hands on training in food product development and demonstrate food processing principles and preservation methods to the students of Engineering and Science disciplines.

Aim of the action learning laboratory

To facilitate the students to understand the principles of food preservation and provide them with hands-on working in the food processing domain.


The students will be gaining experience and knowledge in the following techniques:

  1. Determine engineering properties of food materials.
  2. Determine the nutrient composition of the food.
  3. Determine the vitamin C, antioxidant, and acid content of food products.
  4. Prepare value-added products from fruits and vegetables.
  5. Operate all kinds of dryers and perform drying kinetics studies.
  6. Identifying different types of packaging materials and their properties.


  1. Development of deep understanding of the concepts of food preservation and skill to apply them in industries/research.
  2. Able to independently handle the sophisticated equipment related to food processing.
  3. Learn to follow SOPs and safety guidelines while working in laboratory.
  4. Develop skill for preparation of value-added food products.
  5. Able to perform chemical analysis of food products.

Caters to

Tech Agriculture, B.Sc Agriculture, M.Sc Zoology.

Market Linkages

The lab is used by the food processing domain students outside the campus to get hands-on training in food processing. Students working in lab are also exposed to visits to Gram Tarang Foods to get industrial experience and carry out internships/projects. It can be used for drying and packing of fresh fruits and vegetables.