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Instrumentation Analysis Lab

This lab educates the students to take the measurements in an analytical and logical way. This laboratory enables the students to carry out the measurements automatically and objectively. Students are made familiar with the analytical instruments to work out composition, characterize the samples, separate the mixtures, and yield useful results.

Unique features

  1. This laboratory deals with the process of identification, quantification, and purification of a substance
  2. It deals with the separation of components of a solution or mixture, or determination of the chemical structure of unknown chemical compounds
  3. It also ascertains quality assurance and quality control of products (pharmaceuticals, Food, Herbals & Cosmeceuticals) reaching the market.

Aim and objectives

Instrumental analysis investigates the use of scientific instruments to study systems. Typical topics included in this area are spectroscopy, nuclear spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, crystallography, electrochemical analysis, thermal analysis, separations, and Microscopy.


They ensure that a particular product complies with all of the specifications concerning the quality of medicinal products, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, nutraceuticals, medical devices, cosmeceuticals, and food supplements.

Caters to

Apart from being custodians of the quality of marketed products, pharmaceutical Analysts also have a vital role in the preclinical and clinical development of new drugs and pharmaceuticals, in environmental studies, and in disease diagnosis.

Market Linkages of the School of Pharmacy

The facility through the rigor of the training enables the students to choose the path of entrepreneurship and create employment. The school has developed 4 different cosmetic products with natural ingredients, the formulation technology will be transferred to Ganesh Pharmaceuticals which will be marketed by Naturals.