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Protected Cultivation (Green House)

Under the unit consists of four polyhouses measuring around 100 sqm each; two out of them have established gerbera plants and the other was prepared for the cultivation of parthenocarpic cucumber. However, this unit also consists of 10 small polyhouses measuring around 10 sqm each, aiming to represent different exotic crops cultivation through automation. Recently, one of the polyhouse was automated and work is progressing as destined. On the other hand, this unit additionally consists of open field and a portion which is presently half of the field was occupied with tube rose and sweet corn where as other half of the field was laid with mulching beds for the cultivation of vegetables.

Aim of the action learning laboratory

To enable students to get both basic and in-depth understanding different types of polyhouse, application of nutrients, water use efficiency and micro climate system.


Students will be able to do hands on, on the following,

  1. To acquire practical knowledge on production of year-round and off-season production of cut flowers and high value vegetable crops.
  2. To learn the maintenance and functioning of poly house.
  3. To acquire practical knowledge in cultiva- tion of seasonal vegetables using mulching films.


  1. Students shall learn the production technol- ogy of gerbera-a high-tech cut flower under protected environment.
  2. Students shall acquire the skill to produce colored capsicum under protected environment. Students shall gain hands on experience in the cultivation of seasonal vegetables and cereals under poly mulching.

Caters to

B.Sc.(Ag.), M.Sc.(Ag.) and B.Tech.(Ag.) Skills for success and domain courses. The lab serves as state-of-the-art facility for research scholars: PhD and Research fellows.

The students will be able to carry out Agricultural Experiential Learning Programme (AELP) for promoting professional skills and knowledge through hands on experience, building confidence and ability to work in growing the crops in a controlled environment. This means that the temperature, humidity, light and such other factors can be regulated as per requirement of the crop. This assists in a healthier and a larger produce.

Market Linkages

The students will be able to choose path of entrepreneurship or excel in their job profile in some big companies.