Certificate in ECG Technician (New from Jan 2021)

Certificate in ECG Technician (New from Jan 2021)

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    6 Months

About the Programme

Electrocardiogram (ECG) technicians use special equipment and medical techniques to record the electrical impulses transmitted by a patient's heart. Data acquired by electrocardiogram technicians assists physicians and cardiologists in diagnosing medical conditions in patients. An ECG technician, also called as cardiographic technician, uses electrocardiogram machines to run diagnostic tests to measure a patient’s heart rate, monitor cardiac rhythm.

ECG technicians have, as their most basic qualities, aptitude for working with machines and interest in making people healthy. They must also be logical, precise and protective of confidential medical information. Beyond these, the most crucial skills for those who work as ECG technicians, according to Cheryl Passanisi, author of "Electrocardiography Essentials," are communication skills, both written and verbal. ECG technicians must communicate clearly and concisely with patients, doctors and other medical staff. They must also know the appropriate medical terminology to explain information accurately to patients.

Course Fee
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Eligibility Criteria

10th Standard And Centurion University Entrance Exam (CUEE) Score

Career path you can choose after the course
  • Cardiovascular Technologists
  • Technicians
  • Vascular Technologists

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