Master of Agriculture Science In Seed Science & Technology, New Program

Master of Agriculture Science In Seed Science & Technology, New Program

  • Program Code

  • Level

    Post Graduate

  • Duration

    2 Years

About the Programme
The students under this programme can perform their research on various aspects of seed production, seed invigoration, seed priming, pelleting, developmental pattern etc. The nature of physiological and biochemical activity can also be pursued in grain filling period as well as seed deterioration at the stage of storage considering various agricultural and horticultural crops. The protocol for large scale multiplication of varieties, production of hybrid seed and standardization of breeding and molecular aspects will also be included in the programme. Course Objectives:
  1. To strengthen Post-Graduate teaching, research and development related to Seed Production Technology and impart training for entrepreneurship in commercial seed production.
  2. To ensure basic research related to the genetic purity, seed storage and testing under laboratory conditions.
  3. To create awareness on Seed Biology, seed Physiology, Seed Pathology, Seed Entomology, Seed Processing and Seed marketing activities in different field crops thereby improving the productivity. 4. Characterization of improved varieties/hybrids using morphological, biochemical and molecular markers for varietal identity, quality control and marketing.
Facilities: The Department is well equipped with seed testing, seed sampling, seed germination instruments which are the ground for Seed Technology. Also, the students will have exposure to different crops right from sowing to harvest under field and polyhouse conditions.
Industry link: To impart vast knowledge to the students, Department is collaborated with ICAR- Indian Institute of Vegetables Research, Varanasi and ProFarm Pvt. Ltd., Telangana. We connect students to several private firms to acquire future opportunities.
Course Fee
Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
Couse Code Course title Credit hours Page no.
SST 501* Seed Developmental Biology 2 (1+1) 70
SST 502 Seed Dormancy and Germination 2 (1+1) 72
SST 503* Seed Production Principles and Techniques in Field Crops 3 (2+1)   74
SST 504* Seed Production Principles and Techniques in Vegetable Crops 3(2+1)   76
SST 505 Seed Production Techniques in Fruits, Flowers, Spices, Plantation and Medicinal Crops 3 (2+1)   78
SST 506 Seed Production Techniques in Forage, Pasture and Green Manure Crops 2 (1+1)   80
SST 507* Seed Legislation and Certification 3 (2+1) 82
SST 508* Post Harvest Handling and Storage of Seeds 3 (2+1) 85
SST 509* Seed Quality Testing and Enhancement 2 (1+1)     87
SST 510 Seed Technology of Tree Species 2 (1+1) 89
SST 511 Seed Industry and Marketing Management 2 (1+1) 91
SST 512 Seed Health Testing and Management 2 (1+1) 93
Major Courses (minimum 20 credits from above courses including *marked Courses) 20
Minor Courses 08
Supporting Courses 06
Common Courses 05
SST 591 Seminar 01
SST 599 Research 30
Total Credits 70
*Compulsory Major Courses
Couse Code Course title Credit hours Page no.
Minor Course
MMBB 0501 Principles of Biotechnology 3+0 96
MMBB 0504 Techniques in Molecular Biology-I 0+3 97
MMBB 0509 Plant Tissue Culture 2+1 98
MMBB 0517 Stress Biology and Genomics 2+0 99
Supporting Course
STAT 0502 Statistical Methods for Applied Sciences 3+1 101
STAT0511 Experimental Designs 2+1 102
Common course
PGSS 0501 Library and information services 1+0 104
PGSS 0502 Technical writing and communications Skills 1+0 104
PGSS 0503 Intellectual property and its management in agriculture 1+0 105
PGSS 0504 Basic concepts in laboratory techniques 1+0 106
PGSS 0505 Agricultural research, research ethics and rural Development programmes 1+0   107
Eligibility Criteria
B.Sc. Agriculture with OGPA of 6.0 (5.5 for SC & ST candidates) from any recognized University.
Career path you can choose after the course
The students will be nourished with practical skills which will be productive for their future as Seed technologist in R&D sectors, entrepreneur in seed production, quality control officer in public/ private firms.

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