Master of Agriculture Science In Soil Science, New Program

Master of Agriculture Science In Soil Science, New Program

  • Program Code

  • Level

    Post Graduate

  • Duration

    2 Years

About the Programme
M.Sc. (Ag.) in Soil Science course is adopted by following ICAR curriculum. CUTM believes in digitalization of agriculture and in the direction, the department focuses on UAV-based image capturing through hyper spectral camera and soil analysis, soil mapping by GEE and storage of soil test data in Kalgudi app, application of nano nutrients to crops. Further, the department provides service to the farmers by testing the soil. After completion of M.Sc. (Ag.) in Soil Science, students can opt to carry out research on physico-chemical and biological soil properties and crop nutrient management. The lab is equipped with digital soil testing meter, UAV and hyper spectral and multispectral camera along with other instruments. The department has qualified faculty and supporting staffs.
Course Fee
Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
Couse Code Course title Credit hours Page no.
Major Course
*SOIL 0501 Soil physics (2+1) 08
*SOIL 0502 Soil fertility and fertilizer use (2+1) 09
*SOIL 0503 Soil chemistry (2+1) 11
*SOIL 0504 Soil mineralogy, genesis and classification (2+1) 12
SOIL 0505 Soil erosion and conservation (2+1) 14
SOIL 0506 Soil Biology and Biochemistry (2+1) 15
SOIL 0507 Radioisotopes in soil and plant studies (1+1) 17
SOIL 0508 Soil, water and air pollution (2+1) 18
SOIL 0509 Remote sensing and GIS technique for soil and crop studies (2+1) 19
SOIL 0510 Analytical technique and instrumental methods in soil and plant analysis (0+2) 20
SOIL 0511 Management of problematic soils and water (1+1) 22
SOIL 0513 Soil Survey and Land use Planning (2+0) 23
SOIL 0514 Introduction to nanotechnology (2+1) 24
SOIL 0591 Master’s Seminar (1+0)  
SOIL 0599 Master’s research 30  
AGRON 0504 Principles and practices of water management 2+1 25
AGRON 0511 Cropping system for sustainable agriculture 2+0 27
AGRON 0512 Dryland Farming and Watershed Management 2+1 28
PGPP 0504 Physiological and Molecular Responses of Plants to Abiotic Stresses 2+1 30
PGPP 0507 Photosynthetic process crop growth productivity of growth, concept of yield and crop modelling 2+1 33
Supporting Course
STAT 0502 Statistical methods for applied sciences 3+1 36
STAT 0511 Experimental designs 2+1 37
STAT 5012 Basic Sampling Techniques 2+1 38
STAT 0522 Data Analysis Using Statistical Packages 2+1 39
Common course
PGSS 0501 Library and information services 1+0 41
PGSS 0502 Technical writing and communications Skills 1+0 41
PGSS0503 Intellectual property and its management in agriculture 1+0 42
PGSS0504 Basic concepts in laboratory techniques 1+0 43
PGSS0505 Agricultural research, research ethics and rural Development programmes 1+0 43
Eligibility Criteria
B.Sc. Agriculture with OGPA of 6.0 (5.5 for SC & ST candidates) from any recognized University
Career path you can choose after the course
Postgraduate in Soil Science is eligible for the posts of Agriculture Research Scientist under ICAR, Asst. Professor in central/state agricultural universities, and subject matter specialist in Krishi Vigyan Kendras and also get exciting offers from various multinational companies as scientists or marketing experts.

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