Technical Intern Training Program

Technical Intern Training Program

The aim of Japan’s TITP is to bring about a shift in areas of skill and technology in the developing nations and to co-operate towards “human resource building” for Japan’s harmonious growth with the international community. The program also aims at creating social inclusion for skilled workers’ and providing better opportunities for further skill enhancement by providing an exposure in the following areas:

  • Japan’s customs and work culture
  • Efficient processes of various industries and high-technological capabilities
  • Skill acquisition opportunities ranging 3-5 years

Centurion University has been certified by the Indian government as a Sending Organization and is expected to play a role in the following areas:

  • To implement training for technical interns in India, as prescribed under the TITP stipulations.
  • Provide Japanese language and culture knowledge in order to ensure the technical interns work smoothly in their 3-5 years’ stay in
  • Collaborate with the Monitoring Agency in Japan to implement training most suitable to the needs of the Receiving Organizations.
  • Collaborate with the Implementing Organization to arrange the necessary documents and immigration permission(visa et). Also, provide support to arrange for flight tickets et

The following criteria must be met for an Indian youth to be selected for the TITP.

  • Grasp of intermediate level Japanese, communication ability and language comprehension ability equivalent to the JLPT N5 Lev
  • Ability to adapt to a foreign culture, its’ customs and flexibility in food preferences
  • A minimum of 1 year work experience
  • To be above 18 years and under 33 years of age

Centurion University will screen candidates aged 18-24 years old, gauge their adaptability and then train the most suitable candidates for working in Japan.

  • Candidates shall be selected from a base of Industrial Training Institutes(ITI)graduates
  • Care giver trainees shall be selected from a base of candidates with basic knowledge in care-giving and then shall be trained for Japanese Language N4 level

Payment for TITP Course

Payment for TITP Course Amount (INR)
On Registration 50,000 + GST (18%)
On Acceptance of Employment (receipt of offer letter) 1,00,000 + GST (18%)
On receipt of Visa and Ticket to Japan 1,00,000 + GST (18%)
Total 2,50,000 + GST (18%)

Business Opportunities in India

A Technical Intern, upon return to India, will have a lucrative career in his home country as well, i.e. with jobs awaiting him/her at various Japanese companies based in India.

There is a strong presence of Japanese companies in the following sectors in India:

  • Automotive: Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Honda
  • Two-wheelers’ industry: Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki
  • Consumer Durables:Panasonic, Daikin, Unicharm et

Also, there are numerous ongoing regional development projects under the Official Development Assistance (ODA) and infrastructure projects, where the TITP candidates can be employed upon their return from Japan.

  • Mumbai – Ahmedabad Highway Project (deploying Bullet Train)
  • Delhi – Mumbai Freight Corridor
  • Highway Project in North-East Region of India
  • Metro Projects in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai

Note:As of 2019, about 1,400 Japanese companies have ventured into the Indian market and this number is growing year by year.

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