Skill Training Assessment & Rewards scheme (STAR)

Standard Training Assessment & Reward implemented by JITM,Centurion University


  1. To encourage skill development for youth by providing monetary rewards for successful completion of approved training programs.
  2. To encourage standardization in the certification process and initiate a process of creating a registry of skills.
  3. Increase productivity of the existing workforce and align the training and certification to the needs of the country.
  4. Provide Monetary Awards for Skill Certification to boost employability and productivity of youth by incentivizing them for skill trainings.
  5. Reward candidates undergoing skill training by authorized institutions at an average monetary reward of Rs10,000-15,000 per candidate.
  6. Benefit 10 lakh youth at an approximate total cost of 1,000 Crores.

We got affiliation for STAR scheme with only five sector skill council which is given below with candidates details.

Sl. No. Sector Skill Council Total no Candidates
1 BFSI 987
2 TSSC 280
3 ASCI 500
4 RASCI 295
5 ASDC 2000

Total no of candidates enrolled for STAR scheme = 4062