Standing Invitation for Faculty Positions @ CUTM

Faculty members are the core strength of Centurion University of Technology & Management (CUTM). Skill integrated higher education and entrepreneurial outreach makes CUTM unique and an exciting place to work. We are driven by the challenge of empowering un-served and under-served segment of society. We welcome passionate individuals to be part of the life transforming process.

If you are:

  • Driven by passion for learning and teaching
  • Work in dynamic, uncertain and high-paced environment
  • Do things and make them happen
  • Open to ideas from anywhere and
  • Able to energize everyone who comes in contact with you
  • Then CUTM is the place for you.

Interested candidates possessing excellent academic background and industry experience with commitment to top quality teaching-learning methods, proven credentials for innovation and carrying out outstanding research & development are invited to apply for faculty positions. Candidates from industry with proven track records will be preferred.

CUTM offers innovative and collaborative approaches to play a sincere, supportive and motivational role in helping students achieve their educational and career goals. CUTM encourage an open–door policy to insure strong and progressive learning environment. We at CUTM strive to keep faculty members motivated via training programs, workshops and opportunities to work in cutting-edge technologies to fuel professional growth and fulfillment.

Basic Qualities/ Experience:

  • Good and consistence academic record and communication skills
  • Urge to learn and grow
  • Accept challenging work and be self-driven
  • Possessing specialized and technical skills
  • Working in teams and leadership qualities
  • Experience in large projects design and development/ implementation
  • Teaching/ Industry experience at a reputed University/ Industry

Applying for faculty positions:

Interested candidates are invited to send a detailed curriculum vitae with a cover letter addressed to the Registrar through email: [email protected] with the subject line: Curriculum Vitae for // School