B.Tech CSE or Mechanical Engineering – Which One Should You Choose?

After graduation, B.Tech in Computer Science (B.Tech CSE) and Mechanical Engineering give to be two of the main options that students can choose from. These are two of the engineering branches that are preferred the most. It is important for students to make a choice between the two. Given that both of these are similar as well as dissimilar in many aspects. Here are some hints on which one can be a better choice.

Career options

If you want to establish a career faster than in any other domain, it is better that you pick the field of computer science. This is due to the fact that lesser academic concepts are needed by computer programmers when they have to bag a job. Most students looking for a career in Computer science tend to do that after they manage to get their Bachelor’s degree. But, to be able to get a nice job in the mechanical engineering domain, a master’s degree is must for students.


When students have to pursue a career, whether in B.Tech in Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering, it is important to have some level of experience. It can be a good idea to begin with an associate degree or an easier or similar level of diploma, for computer programmers who would like to have some expertise and experience. Students may even opt for various basics courses in programming, extended by various institutions out there.

But that is not what mechanical engineers have to do, when they opt for some important degree course – whether Bachelor’s or Master’s level, to get the knowledge and experience that they need when it comes to their preferred subjects.

Average Salary

The average starting salary might be close to 2,00,000 INR per year or slightly more for B.Tech Mechanical Engineering graduates. But those passing out of IIT can expect to get more, given that campus recruitment is conducted there by top companies. Based on your skills, expertise and talent, you can expect even more salary.

For B.Tech CSE graduates, the starting salary might be on the lower side. However, as you begin to have more of work experience, there will be a rise in your salary and growth in your job role. After 2-4 years of work experience, you can expect to bag a higher average salary per annum.


In computer science, the stress is more on the digital side of development and design. However, in mechanical engineering, there is more emphasis on the techniques and physical build of the tools. It would not be tough for students to make a choice between computer science and mechanical engineering in case they are familiar with the differences and similarities as well as the basic concepts of both domains.

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