How to Give Your Tech Career a Good Start This Year?

A career in technology can be quite promising, such as in the domain of network engineering, and it comes with great prestige and salary. Here are some tips that will help you to give a fantastic start to your career in 2021, and have it flourish beyond.

Go through tech blogs

Start reading blogs on tech topics, which have relevance to the particular domain in tech that you have little knowledge about. Whether you are an expert in security, virtualization, cloud, programming, networking etc, you need to look for the best blogs in the topic and subscribe to those. The best of the tech blogs have content that is updated. You can get more knowledge about your field.

Boost your online presence

Many more small business owners, HR managers and recruiting managers are checking the web for screening resumes and finding suitable candidates for their company. They also check the social networking profiles of the candidates on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, or even their personal website. When you have a robust online presence, you can have taken much more seriously by prospective employers in the tech industry.

Know the Public Cloud

The Public cloud is another aspect of being an engineer. You need to familiarize yourself with a few public cloud providers, such as Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure and AWS. In case you are not focusing on any other thing at the moment, obtain some training in Azure and AWS.

Set up a blog

You can share your own ideas and experiences through your own blog. It can be a great way for you to share glimpses into your personality and expand your ideas. When you research about the topic, you can learn even more about the subject that you are writing about. It can ingrain lessons into your mind, the same that you have picked up during your own journey in networking. There is no need to be concerned about writing amazing pieces that might win you awards.

Simply share your thoughts online. Maintain your own personality, and restrict the length of your blog posts to a certain length, such as fewer than 1000 words. Before you publish, have someone go through it once.

Try new things

Do not let your worries come in the way of your success. Take risks and try new things. Do not turn down from a job fearing that you have low skills for a specific tech job. If you get the chance to participate in a conference on tech topics, or hold a presentation on some field of technology etc, grab it. The experiences that you can gather from those events and occasions can come in handy for you.

Keep in mind that such opportunities do not come knocking at the doorstep every now and then. Thus, when you get a chance to prove yourself, grab it with both hands and do your best to show what you are made of. You might just catch the eyes of a hiring manager out there.

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