How To Take Up A Career As An Anesthesia Technologist

Are you waiting to start a career in the field of medical science but confused about which option to opt for? Do you want to be a part of the healthcare team helping patients prepare for the surgery, or want to try out the nursing fraternity for the operation room? If you want to make your career choice highly demanding in this field, being an anesthesia technologist is certainly a good option to opt for. In this article, you will be getting an idea of how to become an anesthesia technologist and along with unfolding more facts hitched to it.

What Is The Role Of An Anesthesia Technologist?

Technologists are responsible for working in the operation theatre under a certified and registered nurse anesthesiologist or an anesthesiologist, often referred to as CRNA, to help them with administering anesthesia. In the words of WebMD, anesthesia is a measure used by anesthesiologists to manage and control pain to help the patients during surgery or medical procedure using the medicine. The application of anesthesia helps control the patient’s blood pressure, blood circulation, heart rate, and oxygen level.

As an anesthesia technologist, you will be preparing the patient and required surgical equipment along with the operation theatre for the anesthesiologist in charge. If you opt to take a career as an anesthesia technologist, a lot of your tasks will be lined up before and immediately after the surgery. Before the surgery, it is the responsibility of the technologist to stock the supplies in the OT, such as the intubation kits, laryngoscope blades, resuscitation bags, and more, as required during surgery. You will have to ensure that the equipment is properly placed in the room so that they are handy to the anesthesiologist. The anesthesia technologist will clean, sterilize, and also prepare the equipment. You will also assist the ward boy in transporting the patient to the operation room and back to the cabin.

After the surgery too, you need to clean and sterilize all the surgical equipment, break down the waste, and reassemble all the reusable equipment needed by the anesthesia team during the next surgeries. An anesthesia tech is also accountable for recalibrating the equipment and fixing the operation theatre for the upcoming surgeries in line. You will also be required to carry out a list of administrative tasks, which includes checking the inventory, ordering supplies needed, repairing the equipment, completing the patient charts and documents as required, training students and other fellow teammates, along with taking part in certain education courses as your hospital or health care unit demands. All these elements are essential to successfully functioning the hospital or clinic you work for.

If you make a career as an anesthesia technologist as per your education and training level, you may be given the responsibility to get the intravenous drugs ready, position patients for the surgery, and ensure they are able to maintain the right posture required for the surgery. Alongside, you will have to collect the blood samples before and after the surgery for advanced monitoring, measure the vital signs like blood pressure, oxygen level, and temperature, as well as check for airway obstructions, if any.

What Are The Advantages Of Being An Anesthesia Technologist?

People end up in the hospital when they are not in their best health. It is time for you to make a difference by giving your best as an anesthesia technologist. Patients need assistance to get up from the best and back on their feet, running and walking again. Taking a career as an anesthesia tech is highly rewarding since you know how you should be implemented to make a difference in the lives of the patients you are accountable to and work as a reliable team member to improve their quality of life.

Coming to job security in this field, the number of jobs for anesthesia tech is likely to grow faster than average in the present and coming days as qualified candidates are highly in demand. This is due to the number of hospitals growing all around the world with the aim to offer the best quality healthcare facilities to all.

There is also a good potential for growth in the medical field. For that you have to go to college, earn a bachelor’s degree, and provide service as a healthcare administrator or nurse. And then, there is the option of being an anesthesiologist. With good dental and medical benefits, sick leave, and paid vacation time, healthcare facilities aim to attract highly qualified and trained candidates to meet their hiring pool and also come up with amazing packages to give other facilities tough competition.

If you are willing to take up a career as an anesthesia technologist, it is important to be ready to work for different staffing agencies hiring employees for serving temporary jobs when there is a shortage of staff. This kind of contract usually lasts for 8 weeks to 12 weeks, and you are mostly paid a good per-hour rate than the offered by any traditional medical facility. If you are lucky, the hiring agencies might pay for your room and transportation.

What Educational Qualification And Training Is Required To Take A Career As An Anesthesia Technologist?

If you wish to become a technologist, there are various paths for you to select. This includes:

  • On-the-job training
  • 12-month certificate course
  • 2-year associate degree

On-the-job training- Some medical facilities offer willing candidates an apprenticeship program that helps them set up a separate path from formal education. Candidates must spend a few months learning how to carry out a task and will be working as a trainee with others before being permitted to perform tasks independently.

12-month certificate program- Technical schools and community colleges offer their students a 12-month certificate program in which they train the students about how to carry out the responsibilities and duties of an anesthesia technician.

Two -years Associate degree– At certain schools, you enjoy the opportunity to earn a two-year associate degree. This will provide you with a better job opportunity to work as an anesthesia technician with more employers willing to hire you at even higher pay.

Once you are done with your education and training, there are a few certificate exams you might have to take at the regional or central level to grab better job positions. However, not all hospitals will ask you for this certificate. Nonetheless, it is better to be safe and secure. During this education-cum-training phase, you will learn about all the tasks and responsibilities you need to do in your day-to-day job. Besides, you will also learn how to protect yourself from any deadly disease likely to be transmitted to you by the patients. Another important thing to consider thoroughly is patient protection before the surgery, during, and after the surgery is done.

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You will be given classes in human biology, human anatomy, anesthesia equipment, pharmacology, anesthesia procedure, medical terminology, CPR, and medical gasses. During your education, you are likely to work as an intern in a hospital to learn certain practical aspects related to the job as an anesthesia technologist.

Where Does An Anesthesia Technologist Work?

An anesthesia technologist can perm in different work settings. Most of the techs perform in a hospital since this is where most of the surgeries are conducted. Techs are also found working in outpatient facilities and physician offices, offering procedures or surgeries that require the patients to undergo anesthesia.

In India, there are numerous opportunities in almost all settings where anesthesia is implemented. You can get a good idea about the demand for anesthesia technologists in a local hospital in your area by visiting its career page or Indeed profile.

What Makes An Anesthesiologist Different From An Anesthesia Technologist?

An anesthesiologist is defined as a physician visiting a medical school and has been vested with the responsibility to administer anesthesia during any surgical procedure. The doctor is even responsible for skillfully treating and monitoring any problems with respiratory functions, blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse rate while the patient is under the influence of anesthesia. On the other hand, a technologist serves as a key person to the anesthesiologist- ensuring all the equipment required for providing anesthesia are cleaned, sterilized, and prepared prior to the surgery. They are the assistant to the anesthesiologist in the operation theatre and are also responsible for replacing and repairing any equipment that needs to be fixed during the surgery. You may be required to assist in CPR during an emergency as well.

What Traits And Qualities Should Be Present In A Good Anesthesia Technologist?

 Anesthesia technologists need to have these qualities- Good communication skills, proper time management, ability to withstand extended work schedule, attention to every minute facts, good customer service ability, ability to organize effectively, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Coping and handling stress is essential. Your career as an anesthesia tech can be stressful and chaotic even at times. In case of an emergency, the patients need to stay calm and even ensure that the rest of the healthcare team members are calm and able to follow all hospital procedures during any crisis period.

How Much Can An Anesthesia Technologist Make In India?

In India, the salary of an anesthesia technologist is likely to vary as per location and the status of the healthcare unit or hospital in which he or she is employed. Education, license, and experience are other important factors in deciding your salary.

Are You A Good Fit To Become An Anesthesia Technologist?

It is a rewarding experience to be an anesthesia technologist. You are going to be a part of an outstanding and experienced team working together to offer the best health care service to the patients undergoing medical procedures or surgeries. With experience, you will learn to effectively maintain and prepare essential medical equipment for administering anesthesia to the patients. You will be playing an important role in the life of the patients.

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