Job Skills having Secured Future in Post- COVID Period

COVID 19 pandemic situation has taught people many things one of which is the power of technology. In this situation, people have seen how powerful today’s technologies, like big data and cloud, are. They have also exposed the risk to cyber security and have helped businesses to visualize innovative ways of using data effectively.

With implementation of social distancing and lockdowns, industries have come to standstill because people have to stay indoors. In such a scenario, technology has acted as a savior. People have started working from home and shopping online from the comfort of the couch and government has started monitoring with the help of technology and targeting action to prevent the spread of virus. Thus, it is quite evident that this pandemic will bring digital transformation.

There are certain areas where job opportunities might also open up in the coming months or year.


With the spread of COVID 19 pandemic, huge number of people is now working from home and therefore, there is substantial increase in data usage all over the world. As a result, job openings are growing steadily for AI/ML engineers, data scientists, data analysts and data engineers. This demand is expected to rise more quickly.


Public Cloud is the backbone of IT infrastructure. During the last few months, migration to Cloud has become the top priority. Cloud migration is likely to increase more in this pandemic situation. Hence, there will be greater demand for cloud IT admins and cloud architects.


In recent times, when remote working has become the norm, cyber security is the first priority. With this norm is likely to persist post-COVID period also, company data can be at risk, if they are not properly secured. People usually use person Wi-Fi networks which are increasing threat levels. Thus, demand for ethical hackers and security architects, is likely to accelerate.


Businesses have now become more digital thereby making digital channels the mainstream for different sectors like healthcare, education, retail and the like. Growing demand for digitalization is likely to spike the need for business analysts.


More and more people are now consuming information and data online. That is why, digital marketing has emerged as the lifeline for companies seeking to increase their ROI, reduce their marketing spends and follow customers online. This will again, lead to high demand for CRM, SEO and content experts, digital marketing specialists, email marketing professionals and PPC practitioners.

COVID 19 pandemic has completely changed the life of people to new normal. Work front has shifted to digital. While numerous jobs are at risk due to economic downturn, tech and digital jobs are likely to experience growth in the coming years.

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