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AI engineering looks very fancy from the outside world but, it needs an analytical approach and ability to solve problems. You must have cost-effective way and efficient solutions. Moreover, AI engineers must have an insight into technological innovations. To become an AI engineer, you must develop these things that include:

Education Prerequisites:

 To fulfill your dream in AI engineering, you need a Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science, Statistics, Data Science, or Finance. The certifications in Data Science and Machine learning will also work.

Master technical skills:

 For persuading your career as an AI engineer, you must have a few technical and non-technical skills. Check out these technical skills:

  1. Programming Languages

Master yourself in Python, Java, C++, Lisp, R, Prolog, etc. Each programming language has different functions of AI, and you can start with one or two then move on. Only the knowledge of these programming languages would be not enough. You might practice some projects that enhance your hardware knowledge too. You must be familiar with the basic algorithms, syntax, and linking.

  1. Perfect knowledge in Statistics/ Algebra and applied mathematics

While finalizing a career in AI engineering, you need to make your exposure with the matrics, vectors, multiplication of matrix, and lots more. At least make sure you have some knowledge of integrals, standard deviations, means, etc. You apply your mathematical knowledge in the areas of Quadratic programming, Partial differential equations, Gradient descent, Lagrange, Convex Optimization, etc.

  1. Natural language processing

Natural Language Processing combines computer science, information engineering, Linguistics, and AI, and processing the large database into one. Therefore, as an AI engineer, you have to extensively work on NLP, including text, audio, or video processing. Moreover, you have good control over the libraries like TextBlob, Sentiment Analytics, NTLK, CoreNLP, and lots more.

  1. Artificial Neural Networks

A neural network is either hardware or software that functions like a human brain. Hence, the neural network is developed to recognize complex numerical patterns with the help of sensor data. So, to become an AI engineer, you must be familiar with some deep neural networks like Translation, Speech Recognition, and Image classification.

  1. Communication and collaboration skills 

When you are sure of playing the role of AI, you must be effective in solving the critical problems of your stakeholders. Also good communication skills and a problem-solving attitude is must to do that.

You can master the above-mentioned skills through practice or choosing any certification course. To pursue your career in AI engineering, add value to your resume by completing any certification course in data science or Artificial Intelligence.

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