Rewarding Career Options for B. Tech Graduates in Computer Science

  1. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering is a great career choice for students in India and across the world. At the undergraduate level, students learn different subjects like programming languages, network security, cryptography, computer network, the internet, cloud computing, digital image processing, operating system and database management systems and become conversant with hardware and software. During the course, students acquire skills and showcase them through projects. Even novice students are capable of understanding, designing and developing sustainable solutions.

Now, there are a number of career opportunities for B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering students like –

  • Data analyst
  • Software developer
  • Database administrator
  • Game developer
  • Networking engineer
  • Testing engineer
  • Information security specialist


Software developers are required to have sound knowledge of the fundamentals, current affairs and programming languages such as JavaScript, C#, C, Swift, Java, PHP and so on. Organizations now mostly operate through websites since it is a good platform for communicating with clients and users. Thus, every company needs a web developer who can develop and design attractive and user-friendly web pages.

There are app developers and game developers in this category that has great demand in the entertainment and advertisement industry.


A data analyst is required to have knowledge about tools like Advanced Excel, SPSS, Python and R. He should have the capability to collect, process and communicate data. He is the person who can convert data into information from which inferences are drawn and then, they are finally used for decision making. Satellites, mobile phones and sensors in this modern digital world generate enormous data for which qualified data analysts are required. Hence, this leads to high demand for proficient data analysts.


A database administrator is responsible for handling different administrative aspects related to data. He has to assign varied access controls amongst diverse data users, execute suitable data storage, implement data recovery at times of accidental losses and update the permissions of the database. This database professional should have powerful inter-personnel and technical communication skills.


Every organization needs engineers for checking their software. Hence, they need a software testing engineer who can examine the basic requirements of software. A testing engineer should have a thorough understanding of the basic constructs of programming language to do his job effectively. Software testing engineers should have comprehensive knowledge of either IBM Performance tester, IBM Rational Functional tester, Jmeter, selenium and so on to prosper as a testing engineer.


An information security specialist is responsible for checking vulnerabilities to information security and take proper measures accordingly. A proficient information security specialist should have knowledge about programming language, such as C++, C, JAVA and PH, networking concepts and different operating systems.


Every organization needs a qualified networking engineer because the networking system in any company plays a vital role in transferring information from device to device. With CCNA certifications, engineers can gain sufficient practical and theoretical knowledge to establish network on the basis of an organization’s requirement.

Thus, it is evident that a B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering has multiple career opportunities to ensure a secured future. Students can pick according to their interests. Visit today the best engineering college in Bhubaneswar.

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