Top Highest Paid Jobs for a Prospective Career in Agriculture

What does a job in agriculture means to you? Toiling in the sun and waiting for the crops to mature? Gone are those days! Now, agricultural sector has also developed in many ways giving rise to numerous opportunities. Hence, people nowadays have a good career option in agriculture as well.

Still wondering whether it is true or not? Have a look at some of the highest-paying and most demanding career options in agriculture.

Agricultural Operations Manager

Agricultural operations manager is the person responsible for maintaining processes in large scale agribusinesses like mills and grain manufacturing. The managers not only ensure smooth functioning of daily operations but also look after leading staff and inventory. Operations managers are required to have basic know-how about agriculture and excellent communication and organization skills.

Food Scientist

Do you know who creates the nutritional info printed at the back of every pack? It is the food scientist. A food scientist is the person who gathers information about a food and marks it safe. He also determines for how long one can preserve processed foods. Food scientists and other scientists work together to ensure that agricultural food so produced is safe.

Agronomy Sales Manager

Agronomy sales manager is the driving force of agricultural industry. These professionals will give training to a team who will educate farmers at different places regarding taking care of their crops and land. They also sell and promote fertilizers, soil and seeds.

Agricultural Engineer

An agricultural engineer plays with machines. He designs agricultural machinery and equipments, test them to make sure they work properly and also, ensure that the machineries are made abiding government regulations.

Agricultural Economist

Agricultural economists perform different tasks. They work as market analyst, researcher, land appraiser, consultant and business advisor. They have to deal with everything and anything related to agricultural market – right from advising clients and developing forecast to predicting crop growth and determining land price. An economist should have multi-tasking skill.

Agricultural Lawyer

Agricultural lawyers mitigate any kind of dispute relating to land while adhering to government regulations. At times, these lawyers might have to deal with intellectual property, insurance and agricultural infrastructure. Since their job is stressful, they are highly paid.

Asides these, there are other scope of career in agriculture. A job in the agricultural sector ensures a stable career yet something that will create a different for the future generation.

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