What are the Career Prospects in Operation Theatre Technology?

Operation Theatre Technology happens to be a detailed technical work in the domain of health science. This field includes various professionals, such as Operating Room Assistants, Surgical Scrubs, Operating Theatre Technicians (OTT) and more. Although they might be seen as medical professionals of less significance, they actually play a vital role in the team of operation unit. They have to work alongside nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeons, so as to offer superior care to patients at the time of operation. After the successful completion of Operation Theatre Technology, you can take up various types of careers in the industry:

Operation Theatre Technician

As an Operation Theatre Technician, your job is to monitor the situation in the surgical room and constantly evaluate the needs of the surgical team and the patient. Members of surgical teams can operate in two capacities, sterile and non-sterile. All through the process of operation, the region close to the patient is known as the ‘Sterile field’.

You need to ensure, as a technician, that all the processes in the surgical theater is as flawless and secure as possible. The main job of technicians is to care for all the operation theater management and work that includes looking after operative instruments, and preparing anesthesia table, instrument table, operation theater table and dressing table. They also take care of all the drugs that are needed for operation, drapes, anesthetic gases, sterilization equipment, linen etc. They have to bring non-sterile as well as sterile tools to the operation theater.

Scrub Technicians

In the sterile field, scrub technicians can offer retraction and suction as engaged. You have to hand over sponges, important instruments and other things to the surgeon. Anybody who is operating in the sterile field needs to scrub as well as wear a gown and sterile gloves.

Technicians who operate outside the sterile domain are regarded as circulating, which indicates that they can help other members of the team in supervising the importance of the process and the patient. They offer sterile instruments and additional supplies, as needed at the time of operation. They can help the scrub technicians in maintaining a proper count of sponges and pads that are in usage.

Surgical Technicians

They are responsible for arranging and cleaning the surgical room before as well as after the process. This ensures that the space is stocked well with sterile disposable items as well as instruments. They need to have the aptitude and knowledge that is important to ensure superior care of patients all through the process of operation. They are always on the watch to ensure that the operations in the sterile room are seamless. They have various tasks to perform.

In Operation Theater Technology, the pay scale tends to vary in the basis of various factors. These include the status of the hospital, knowledge of the professional and the type of qualification that he has. People who are fresh graduates are able to draw at least 15 – 20k INR per month. The more that they are able to gain in terms of experience, the higher their salary is.

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