What are the Top Challenges in Computer Science Engineering Profession?

The computer science engineering course is a booming sector in India as well as in most other parts of the world. Technology is bringing about a sea change in how industries and organizations across the globe are operating. There are many jobs in this sector that have a high growth potential, but there are a few challenges involved with this profession. Know about the biggest challenges that computer engineers face at some juncture or other in their careers.

Low skills development, low employability:

Access to jobs after education is not very easy for every computer engineer. A survey conducted on 1, 50,000 engineers in India revealed that while 97% wished to work in core engineering or software engineering, just 3% possessed the programming skills required for employability in the software sector. However, only a few Computer Engineering colleges in the country provide the requisite skills to students for employment.

But the scenario is changing rapidly, and at least some Engineering colleges in Odisha have good training opportunities and an up-to-date curriculum. And you can self-teach yourself to be a programmer due to many online videos and other resources available today.

Constant updating of knowledge is necessary

Remember that Computer programming is evolving continuously. There is a new framework, programming language or library coming up every now and then. You have to educate yourself outside usual working hours, devote more time and continuously update your skills. Otherwise, you will stagnate and lose the competitive edge that is necessary for better jobs. Unless you go on updating your learning, you cannot move on to better jobs and salaries.

Knowledge of business is crucial for team-leading

Many computer engineers face this problem sometime or other in their profession. Even if you are the best and most skilled programmer, you have to ultimately go on to lead a team of engineers, be a CTO or design data structure. However, without an understanding of how the business aspect works, you cannot understand your customers and their requirements, how to monetize products and more. The knowledge of the business aspect of computer engineering jobs is crucial. Otherwise, you will not be trusted with product building from scratch or leading teams.

Overall, the career of a computer engineer can be rewarding – especially in the present scenario where the technology is fast expanding and evolving. But you must also be aware of the challenges of this profession to plan ahead and be successful in this career.

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