What Jobs Can You Take Up After B.Pharm Course?

An undergraduate degree course, Bachelor of Pharmacy college in Odisha is for people who do not want to be a physician but are interested in making a career in medicine. Students have to study everything – whether it comes to pharmaceutical engineering, drug dosage, medicinal chemistry or more. After Class XII, B Pharma is a good course to enroll in. These are some of the jobs that you may consider taking up after completing a B Pharm course.,Hence ,Centurion University is known as the Top B.pharm Colleges in Bhubaneswar Odisha .

Quality Control Associate
You may also find work as a Quality Control Associate after getting a B Pharma degree under your belt. As a Quality Control Associate, you have to be involved in the development, maintenance, revision and application of quality standards of materials that are processed fully or partly. You may even assist in defining as well as applying techniques that are proven to be useful for the testing, analysis and inspection of testing methods while keeping a record of all things.

Clinical Research Associate
You may take up the job of a data validation associate, CRO, clinical research associate or medical underwriter after you complete a B Pharma course. With a B.Pharma degree, you can give the right push to your career.

R&D Scientist
This involves research and development for taking care of the technological or scientific confusions related to advances in technology or science. You may work as a scientist in R&D-Pharmacy, and use your sharp skills and knowledge to handle higher responsibilities. The R&D division is what mainly drives the pharma industry. Research is essential for discovering new drugs and analyzing the safety and effectiveness of the same. Thus, R&D scientists are in high demand in pharmaceutical companies.

Drug Inspector
You will be in charge of supervising the quality, safety and utility of a medicine, right from the time it is produced to when it is delivered to a drug store. You need to be committed and honest to the profession, and show your patience. It is also important to have good knowledge of different salt combinations, so as to understand how the same can impact human health.

Scientific Writer
You may even become a scientific writer if you do not wish to take up a technical job or work as a researcher. When you work as a scientific writer, your job will have you cover various pharmaceutical domains that are witnessing a lot of advances these days. You have to come up with well-written medical articles, features and news.

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