What is the Scope after B.Tech Agricultural Engineering in India?

Agricultural Engineering is a top engineering discipline. This is a course which aims primarily in creating and developing equipments and tools needed for creating farming methods. One who is educated in such a discipline of engineering can do a lot to improve the agricultural industry. When you pursue a B.Tech in Agriculture course, there are various job opportunities and career options that are easy to opt for, and include:

Agriculture Research Scientist

You can find employment in different types of research organizations. As an Agricultural Researcher, you have to carry out experiments and activities that can help boost agricultural productivity. It is important to use all the resources that are available and improvise all the techniques that are used to make and produce goods. Today, there is more demand for such types of professionals in order to satisfy the constantly growing requirements of people. You can become successful as an agricultural scientist if you are good at research.

Food Safety Applications Engineer

You have to supervise the production and services at poultry farms, and ensure that everything goes off in a smooth way. It is important to note that your job role can also include food products packaging. As a Food Safety Applications Engineer, you will be in charge of supervising the manufacturing processes, how storage systems are used, how edible items are exactly made and then packaged according to the safety and hygiene standards that are in place. You may find employment in food production facilities or similar industries, after graduating as a Food Safety Applications Engineer.

Plant and Soil Scientist

To be able to find work as one, you need to complete studies in agriculture engineering. You have to be involved in an active way in soil experimentation, for the analysis of soil nutrition and texture, to ensure that agricultural activities are most successful. This is an important job and you will find it highly satisfying to know that you are doing a lot to ensure higher agricultural safety and productivity.

In India, after you complete B.Tech in Agriculture Engineering, you can find many Government jobs – such as IBPS Agriculture Field Officer (AFO), Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer and more. You may even become a subject matter specialist or scientist at IARI (Indian Agricultural Research Institute). Once you get a B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering, it can be easier for you to pursue M.Tech from any of the major colleges in India or from any overseas country. Many candidates are found to sit for the GATE examination for M.Tech academic courses that are offered at any of the major Indian institutes. If you like, you can even pursue MBA in Agri-Business from any of the eminent international or Indian agriculture institutes.