Career Prospect of a B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

Willing to pursue B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering? Just go for it! It is one of the best choices in India as well as across the world. During its academic years, undergraduate students will become conversant with hardware and software by studying various subjects like –

  • Programming language
  • Network security
  • Cryptography
  • Mathematics
  • Internet
  • Cloud computing
  • Database management systems
  • Digital image processing
  • Computer networks
  • Operating system

Students also do projects thorough understanding of the subject and also display their skills that they have acquired during the course of study. After the training, students even the novice ones, become capable of understanding, developing and designing sustainable solutions for societal problems.

A B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering has plenty of career options. Let’s have a look at some of these opportunities…

  • Data Analyst

A data analyst is responsible for converting the raw facts called data into information which helps in drawing inferences and further in decision making. Graduates having knowledge about tools like Advanced Excel, SPSS, Python are capable of communicating, collecting and processing data can become a proficient data analyst. In this digital world, huge amount of data is generated through satellite, mobile devices, sensors and so on. Consequently, demand for qualified data analyst is also generated.

  • Software Developer

A software developer must have knowledge of fundamentals, aptitude for quick learning, must be aware of current affairs and have good understanding of programming language like JavaScript, C#, Swift, C, PHP and so on. Organizations, these days, are operating through their websites as it offers a unique platform for communication with clients or users. Therefore, companies require efficient web developer for designing and developing an attractive and user-friendly web pages.

Game Developer: It is a trending career option for software developers. Advertisement industry, entrainment industry and mobile phone companies look for game developers. Stencil, Twine, Quest, Unity are some essential software used for designing and developing games.

App Developer: An app or application is a personalized software performing specific function on mobile devices. Graduates having good knowledge of user requirement, design of user interface and programming language can excel in this field.

  • Information Security Specialist

Task of an information security specialist is to detect any vulnerability to information security and take correct measure in case of any breach in it. An efficient specialist is required to have knowledge of programming languages like C++, C, JAVA, PH, different operating systems and networking concepts.

  • Software Test Engineer

Every organization uses software for their operation and it is necessary to check the software to ensure its quality. Software testing engineers examine a particular and check whether it meets user requirements. Therefore a test engineer should have thorough knowledge about basic construction of programming language.

So, these are some of the career opportunities available to a  B. Tech graduate in Computer Science and Engineering.