Physiotherapy – Can It be a Rewarding Career Option of Today?

Life means action and movement but, for performing this movement you need to be in good physical condition. You must have heard about physiotherapy. It is one of the streams of medical fraternity that deals with physical ailments and their cure. Its main aim is to give relief from physical impairment with the help of physical and mechanical guidelines and techniques. Physiotherapy can do a lot in a less time span.

Physiotherapy Training in an Institute

Centurion University of Technology and Management is the institute that offers DPT (Diploma in Physiotherapy), BPT (Bachelors in Physiotherapy) and MPT (Master’s in Physiotherapy) in Physiotherapy programme.In MPT, this University has 4 specializations – Sports physiotherapy, Cardio respiratory, Neurosciences and Ortho-physiotherapy. The institute gives ample exposure to practical world for better knowledge of the field.

Physiotherapy students at CUTM get the privilege of visiting physiotherapy OPD of hospitals everyday. For enhancing their learning process, the college provides its students with demonstration labs that is well equipped with all necessary equipment and mechanical tools used in hospital industry. Third year and fourth year students get the chance to offer service to patients and assist in various training agendas at physiotherapy unit of a hospital. This enables the students to become more vigilant and get the opportunity to implement their theoretical knowledge into practical application.

Practical exposure together with bookish learning makes students more judgmental and provides fruitful treatment in an accurate manner. Fourth year students and master’s students can practice under the supervision of their superiors.This facility in CUTM makes students familiar with hospital culture and environment. Again, students doing specialization in Sports Physiotherapy can assist national level and state level players. This one-to-one mode of treatment to player students gives students an insight to the actual atmosphere they have to face. This also educates students to apply their skills perfectly in sports physiotherapy sector.

Modern lifestyle has given rise to different kinds of physical problems like trouble in spinal cord and neck, slip disc, paralysis, frozen shoulder and similar other health hazards. Such disorders have now become quite common. But, how to heal them? The only way to treat such disorders is through physiotherapy. Spa’s, resorts, wellness centers and hospitals always have high demand for physiotherapy services. Hence, professionals trained in physiotherapy have great job openings and handsome salary package.

Employment Options for Physiotherapists

An individual having relevant degree in physiotherapy can apply in various organizations and industries.

  • Hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Healthcare centers
  • Corporate houses
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Universities
  • Defense establishments
  • Orthopedic clinics
  • Sports and fitness centers

Pros of Aspiring a Career in Physiotherapy

Firstly, physiotherapists are well paid than others in healthcare industry. Moreover, with changing lifestyle and health conditions of people, need for physiotherapyservices has increased and so has the demand and future of physiotherapists. This job sector is such that professionals do not have to necessarily associate with some institution or organization. He can start his own practice and open up his own clinic. In other words, he can start his job anywhere. Thus, physiotherapy is a prospective career option.