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When we think about entrepreneurs, we usually think about MBA and BBA graduates, but the fact is, that several things can make engineering graduates outstanding entrepreneurs. The engineering field is not only limited to the IT sectors; nowadays, engineering graduates are also coming up with new ideas to run their own companies. If you are wondering what the extra advantages that make engineers better entrepreneurs are, here we will discuss some. Before moving further, let’s learn about some Indian engineers who have made their identities as successful entrepreneurs.


Famous engineers who are successful entrepreneurs in India!

  1. Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal | Co-Founders, Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in India that Sachin and Binny Bansal established. Both of them graduated in computer engineering from IIT Delhi.


  1. Vijay Shekhar Sharma | Founder, Paytm

Paytm is one of the most famous UPI platforms in India that is trusted by billions. This amazing application was developed by Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who completed his graduation from Delhi College of engineering, and now he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India.


  1. Bhavish Aggarwal & Ankit Bhati | Co-Founders, Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs have simplified the process of booking a cab, and Bhavish Agarwal and Ankit Bhati developed this idea. Bhavish pursued his BTech degree in computer science from IIT Bombay, and Ankit completed his B.Tech in mechanical engineering and his M-Tech in CAD and automation from IIT Bombay.


  1. Deepinder Goyal & Pankaj Chaddah | Co-Founders, Zomato

This is undoubtedly a platform that everyone knows about. This platform was developed by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chadda. Deepinder completed his integrated masters in mathematics and computing from IIT Delhi, and Pankaj also completed his studies at IIT Delhi.


Only a few of the entrepreneurs belong to engineering platforms, and if we look at the international level, we have examples like Bill gates and Elon Musk. Have you ever imagined why engineers are making the best entrepreneurs across the globe? It is something more than bouncing ideas. During the 4 years of engineering, they develop some amazing skills that will help them to make a business work in the future. Let’s look at the 10 reasons engineers can make great entrepreneurs.

  1. Engineers are great innovators

The first reason is the ability to bounce unique ideas that can be helpful to people. They can develop some logical and innovative ideas that make them great entrepreneurs.


  1. Engineers can grab the opportunities

Engineers can find out the opportunities and also have the ability to use them. Because of their practice of studying in a competitive environment, they know how to use the opportunities to succeed. This quality is needed in entrepreneurs.


  1. Engineers never give up easily

Engineers have the mindset to keep going without losing hope. Even if they face failure, they come up with new tactics in no time. This emotional strength is very much needed to run a business.


  1. Engineers know how to plan

They are experienced in working on several projects, and that’s why they know how to plan things properly. They also know how to stick to a plan besides having backup ideas.


  1. Engineers know how to work with a team

During their student life, they mostly work on projects as groups, which is how they can work in a team. To become a successful entrepreneur, one needs to know how to keep the team together and also, the person should know how to work with the team


  1. Engineers are trustworthy

Engineers who are experienced in working with their team members know how much trust matters. They are amazing team players as they know how to trust their team members and be truthful. They are usually excellent at building relationships with the customers or the clients, which is a necessary quality of an entrepreneur.


  1. Engineers can make practical decisions.

They are usually rational and can look at things from a practical point of view. It helps them to remain calm and think rationally in any critical situation. It is essential to calculate the feasibility in every single step to properly set up a business; in that case, rational thinking is highly needed. While setting up a business, it is crucial to think rationally more than emotionally.


  1. Engineers want to grow their knowledge

Knowledge is important in every field, and if you have enough knowledge, you can develop new strategies to reach your goals. They are always up to learn new things. That’s why they become successful entrepreneurs.

  1. Engineers have great problem-solving skills

They come with excellent problem-solving skills, and during their 4 years of engineering, they develop some crucial skills that are very much needed to start and run a business successfully. This is another reason why engineers can make great entrepreneurs.


  1. Engineers have a good technical knowledge 

In the era of technology, every field needs enough technical support, and this is where engineers have the privilege. Engineers have a good hand in the technical field. That’s why they know how to solve the technical issues of their businesses and how to make the business a success.


Ending words

Entrepreneurship is all about skills, and if we talk about engineering students, we can see that during the 4 years of engineering, they develop several crucial skills that can make them amazing entrepreneurs. You can also consider this career option if you are an aspiring engineer. CUTM is one of the top engineering colleges in Bhubaneswar that can offer you in-depth knowledge about this field so that you can build yourself in the future.

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