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“The structure of our thinking is determined in our youth by the ideas which we meet at that time or by getting into contact with strong personalities from whom we learn” – Warner Heisenberg


The aforementioned is as valid for a thought as is for a business as all businesses have their roots in a mere plan. Some of the best ideas and products do not see the light of the day because their makers are apt to develop them but inept at promoting them. Companies often do not fall apart because they do not offer a service that is much needed but they are unable to reach their desired audience.


This a GAP that is most felt by any innovator or entrepreneur during the early days of development and this is the widest GAP that exist in the market. Making the entrepreneurs meet the right investor for seed fund, doing market research on right lines, developing product on user’s need based and finally reaching the paying customers, all the activities require mentorship. Even more than money, its the right direction that decides the fate of an entrepreneur/innovator/inventor/businesses